P6 Homework and Update W/B 17.9.18

Hi all,

Here follows the homework and news for the week ahead.

Spelling – continue as normal with a new list of words.

Reading – We are over midway through Kensuke’s Kingdom in class and will  work on specific reading comprehension skills this week. Please encourage your child to read something else for pleasure at least 5 times per week. Thanks.

Numeracy SUMDOG – National Contest results .Congratulations to a P6 pupil ( identity to be revealed on Monday!) who came 559th in the National Maths Contest last week! To put this into perspective, 78,624 pupils across Scotland took part, answering between them over 20 million questions! So, to beat over 78, 000 other students in one week is pretty impressive! This person answered 926 questions with an average speed for each one of 2.6 seconds.  Well done!

This week, back to a new challenge within the class! Kee-eeeeep Maths-ing P6!

Other news

RUGBY continues on Monday. PE with myself on Thursday. Last week P6 loved an ‘island survival’ themed PE session, linked to Kensukes’ Kingdom so we’ll develop that this Thursday .

S.T.E.M ( Science Technology Engineering Maths) P6 will have at least one  session per week working on these aspects. Currently we’ve been exploring chain reactions with objects, the classic one being a row of dominoes knocking the next one over. We’ll try and develop this in the next couple of weeks and build up the challenge level. Even the simplest task involves much discussion about forces , observations, making fair tests, recording results, improving designs and so on. P6 seem to love this and vital life skills of co-operation, teamwork, perseverance, talking and listening were very much in evidence. Children were also including Word of the Day vocabulary in their explanations eg. The timing was crucial…we had to improvise…we had to show discipline!

 P6 Meetings and P6’s Got Talent!

The final 40 minutes of the week on a Friday have been set aside for a class meeting. Here we can discuss the week that’s gone by and update all for the following week ahead. We also have a slot for anyone who wants to entertain us by showing off a hidden talent! This is a low key affair, it’s not meant to be anything grand but we’ll pick the ‘acts’ before each Friday so a wee bit of  practice can take place.


 Uniform – a gentle reminder that children should be wearing school uniform – our colours are green and black.  Not all children are coming into class with indoor shoes. I’ll try and check up on this further, especially as the weather is wetter and muddy footprints over indoor floors are not desirable!

Thanks for your support,

Miss Sara Brunt

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