P5 Homework and information 9.10.19

This week pupils will have spelling homework and reading every day as usual.  Please remember to look in their blue homework diaries for their homework.  Spelling words (issued Monday and due Friday) should be written 3 times and sentences written for each word (in their purple jotter).  These can be silly sentences or stories too!

Maths – No maths sheets home this week but pupils should continue with their SUMDOG challenge – their log ins can be found in their blue homework diaries.  Also pupils should continue number bonds (quick fire recall) and times tables – being able to recite and answer random facts out of order.  Your help with this is much appreciates as we continue to work on short division where multiplication knowledge is essential.


HOPETOUN HOUSE payment and slips have been handed out (trip date is Oct 30th)

HARVEST ASSEMBLY – This friday, P1 and P2 are collecting for Womens’ Aid, all donations to be in school by Fri mornning.

Once again, we look forward to seeing learners and parent/carers at our learning trio meetings on Thursday.

Have a relaxing break and remember pupils  return to school on Wednesday 23rd October.


Primary 5 all have spelling words due in for Friday.  These should be written 3 times and then included in sentences or a silly story.

As always, pupils have reading every night.

Maths – Pupils will have a maths sheet on dividing which is due for Monday 7th of October.  They must still work on their times tables and mental addition and subtraction.  Your help with this is much appreciated.

Many children are still coming to school with no PE kit or indoor shoes.  Please can these be brought in daily and can water bottles contain ONLY WATER.

Please can you check your child’s hair for Head Lice as we have had reports of some cases throughout the school.

Many thanks

Head lice

Hi all,

It’s that time of year again where head lice makes an appearance! Could I ask that parents are aware of this and are checking their child’s hair if they suspect their child has them.

Please ensure it is treated at home until all head lice have cleared to prevent them from spreading. The best time to check for head lice is when your child’s hair is wet and by using a fine nit comb.

Thank you!

P5 Info 23/9/19

I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of September!  Mrs Cumming and I look forward to seeing you at the Learning Trio meetings to plan next steps for pupils.  These are 27th September and 10th of October.

Please can we remind pupils to only have WATER IN WATER BOTTLES for class time, flavoured water and juice does not follow our healthy schools guidelines.

HOMEWORK: PLEASE NOTE pupils have reading every day.  Homework and reading should be recorded in homework diaries (small blue jotter).

SPELLING – Pupils should write their words 3 times and then include them in sentences, a silly story etc. DUE FRIDAY

MATHS – Pupils should continue to use SUMDOG and really focus on times tables development and mentally adding and subtracting numbers within 100.

Primary 5 Information week beginning 9/9/19


This week in numeracy we will be looking at doubles and halves within 100 (and beyond) as well as consolidating place value to a million.  For numeracy homework pupils have a times tables challenge card and there has been a learn its letter sent home (click here) to explain what areas of metal maths P5 should be working on and revising.  We encourage at least 10 minutes of metal maths every night to really boost numeracy skills and confidence.


Pupils have reading homework most nights, it is important to hear your child read and discuss their reading with them.  Each group has spelling words to learn for Friday and their dictation test is on Monday.

Please remember to check your child’s homework, we encourage cursive handwriting and best work both at home and school.  If possible please sign their homework diaries.

SCHOOL PHOTOS – TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY – Depending on time taken etc.

Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th of September are a Holiday and In service day. Pupils resume on Wednesday.

Primary 5

All the children appear to have settled back into school quickly and are ready to get on with learning. We welcome Liam into our class this year.

Miss Amy Clements is a teaching student on a placement with us until February.

Just to remind you Mrs Cumming will be in class on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Hinton on Wednesday and Thursday, we will alternate on Fridays.

Please ensure that your child has their reading book and diary every day as reading will take place daily (with the occasional exception) with homework given.  All children should have a T-shirt and shorts for PE to be kept in school.

Monday: Music with Miss Grigor and spelling homework given out to be returned on Friday.

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Mandarin

Thursday: PE with Mrs Duncan and Numeracy homework given out to be returned the following Wednesday.

Friday: Assembly

Literacy and Numeracy will be taught every day. The class will also be continuing to learn French, Topic, Science, Health and Wellbeing, Maths, Religious and Moral Education, Handwriting, ICT and problem solving.

Every child will be given a times tables challenge card. This is to help them learn their tables and will be awarded certificates on successful recall of times tables facts. Please make sure your child has this with them every day. If your child feels they are ready to be tested on a times table they should let us know.

Next week: The school photographer will be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

We look forward to working with you and your child this year.


Karen Hinton and Lisa Cumming

P5 Homework and Health Week w/b 27.5.19

P5 Homework:

Spelling Homework

Spelling homework will continue to be taken home on a Wednesday afternoon and returned the following Tuesday morning. Please make sure this is checked by an adult.

Pupils will write their spelling words on a new page of their jotter on Wednesday each week. At home they should use:


to write out their new spelling words, three times, in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory.

Reading Homework

P5 are now on week 4 of their second round of Literacy Circles and are demonstrating some great comprehension skills during book group meets. New reading pages are written at the back of their spelling jotters with relevant role cards to be completed for their book group on Wednesday 29th May.

Maths & Numeracy Homework

Please continue to practise times tables for the ‘Times Table Hot Seat’ testing this week. We have been working our way through these over the year and are now ready to show off our talents – good luck!

Pupil Talk Homework

Pupils have all received their chosen dates and times of their second round of Pupil Talks (see slip). There has been time allocated during the school week to designing Powerpoints but this is not an expectation as posters and props work just as well. Please ensure you support your child in being prepared for their talk date as it really means a lot to them. Thank you!

Health Week plan:

08:50 Warm up in the playground to music

( Mon,Tues and Wed)


SPORTS DAY starts at 1pm. Weather permitting. Mrs Donnelly will make a decision by 12 noon if weather is going to be problematic for the events to proceed. Spectators welcome.



2PM BIKE RIDE  for those who applied.




BIKE to school BREAKFAST @08:30.

Tennis  (tbc)



SUMMER FAIR starts at 11:30am.  P5 pupils, UNLESS PICKED UP, will remain under Mrs Roy’s care until 12:25pm and then they can make their way home as usual. Please stress to your child that they do not leave without checking in with Mrs Roy first so they can be ticked off the register. Thank you!

A busy week ahead but should be lots of fun!

Thanks for your support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy