P7 News and Homework 22/1/18

Primary 7 all have reading homework this week as well as the expectation for ALL to learn their Burns poem.  Pupils have been making some personal targets in Maths and writing so that they can make small steps to progress. They have their test this week on Fractions, decimals and percentages and should continue to revise this as well as all their times tables/division stories.  We are working on Algebra and negative numbers this week.

P7 Maths Homework

We have revised our class charter and have the 3 rules to be SAFE, READY and RESPECTFUL.  Ask pupils what these mean.  Our main focus this week is to be ready – not late, have proper resources, ready to listen and learn.

As the final part of Scottish month we will look at The Enlightenment period and pupils will have a famous Scot to research and present on – this will go towards Listening and Talking assessment.  They will be given time to start this research at school and are lucky to have access to a well resourced local library after school if need be.

The Scottish Enlightenment home learning

P6 Homework 19/1/18

Reading – All pupils have reading homework and an activity to complete.

Numeracy – All pupils have a worksheet to complete for Friday 26/1/18.

Pupils have also chosen a poem by Robert Burns to learn for Friday 26/1/18. I will also give them time to practise in school. Thank you Mrs. Hunter.

P1 Homework 22/01/18

Reading: Please check the red card for reading homework.

Phonics: We are revising the past six sounds, these can take longer for the children to learn as they need to recognise that it is two-letters but one sound (the children often want to sound each letter individually). Please help your child identify them in their reading or when out and about and you see a word which has one of these sounds in it: ch, sh, th, qu, ou and oi.

Numeracy: We are learning about doubles to 10 and what double means. Please help your child by asking them questions about these doubles e.g. show me 3 fingers…now double it. How many now? So double 3 is ? 3+3=6.

Scottish Poem: The children have all of this week to learn their poem in Scots. We have talked about saying it with expression and putting any actions in of they want to.

Outdoor Learning: This week all the children will be taking part in Outdoor Learning again on Thursday and Friday. Their previous permission slips will cover them for this week. If you haven’t completed one yet I will send these home on Monday, please return them by Wednesday. Usual clothing applies: No need for school uniform but warm clothes (not jeans if possible), waterproof outer clothing, wellies or boots (that you don’t mind getting dirty), hats, gloves, change of clothes, snack and a water bottle.

Water Bottles: The children get really thirsty during the day please ensure that you send your child with a water bottle so that they remain hydrated. If they don’t drink enough they will get tired.


P2 Homework W/B 22.1.18

Hi all,

Let’s hope that this week is a bit warmer than last week although the snow must have been great fun for the children!

Homework this week:

Spelling – List 21 ‘igh’

Reading – Please check book bags as usual for reading book updates and there is also now an extra week to practise the poems sent home last week.

Numeracy – there’s no set homework this week but, in class,  we will be working on place value to 100 and ‘bridging decades’ which follows on naturally from ‘bridging 10’. So, for example, 50 + 12 is the same as saying 50 + 10 + 2.

PE is on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Sara Brunt


P4 Homework 16/01/18- contains information about the poetry recital competition.

Welcome back. I hope you had a lovely holiday.

Spelling – No Spelling this week.



Some children have a particular system that they are following and the pattern of this should not should not change.

See Reading Records:

On TuesdayThursday for J.K Rowling-  Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records.

On Tuesday, Thursday for Julia Donaldson-

On MondayWednesday, Thursday for Roald Dahl and Jeff Kinney

Enid Blyton- Given on Tuesdays- Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records.

David Walliams- Given on Tuesdays- Learn to be a  summariser and word detective activity sheet- in reading records.


Additional Reading

On Thursday this week I will be handing out some Scottish Poems by the Author J.K Annad for the children to read at home. We have discussed these in class and have looked at Scots language.

In the last week of January there will be a poetry recital competition and two children from each class will be chosen from heats to enter the final. There will be more information on the date of this to follow.

If your child wishes to enter into this competition please help them to learn their poem. Even if they don’t want to take part, please take some time to read with them and enjoy the poems together.

If you can think of a different poem in Scots or with some Scots elements please feel free to teach them that one.

P3 Sum Dog Mistake and Update

I made a mix-up transferring the children across from P2 to P3 on Sum Dog.

The user names and passwords that came home yesterday (Tuesday 16th) were the wrong ones.

New ones have now been sent home. Apologies for the confusion.

Please use these new login details. The old ones may still work, but those profiles will not be participating in our class activities and challenges.

Again, if you ever need a reminder of your child’s details then please just let me know.

Apologies again for the mix up.

Mr Buchan

p3 Homework from 16th January

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 16th January

This term our spelling homework will change slightly, focusing on common words. We will still work through sounds in class. In numeracy we will finish probability and move back to addition and subtraction. Around the school Scottish month also continues. The children are making maps of the country and will learn some poems for a school competition.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Learnits – New flashcards came home last week and the old ones are also still relevant.

Sum Dog – This is an online platform for practising maths skills. I am hoping it will be familiar to many of you from last year. Login details will come home today, but if you need a reminder at any point then just let me know.

Each week I will set a challenge on Sum Dog which focusses on relevant skills. The children will have a go in class this week, which should get them back in the way of it.

To access on a computer you login at www.sumdog.com. To access on a tablet or phone you can either go through that site in your web browser or download the Sum Dog app. The new 3D app enables a few more games, but 2D should still work.



Pages from class books to be read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.


Scottish Poems

The children have all chosen one of three Scottish poems to bring home and learn. We will also practise these in class, with two from our class going forward to represent P3 in a school competition on Thursday 25th January.

While many of the children will relish this opportunity to perform, others may find it nerve-wracking! In class our practice will be non-threatening. No-one will have to recite in front of the class if they do not feel comfortable. Having said that, being able to memorise and recite something is a useful life skill, and so even if your child is not keen on the competition element of this, please do encourage them to learn and say their poem.



really                          swimming

we                               present

Edinburgh                 with

Highlands                  our

For practice: look, say, cover, write and check.