P3 Homework w/b 10.9.18

Hi all,

Our sound this week is silent K therefore spelling homework is from the silent K list on the spelling sheet.  This week we have also been working on descriptive writing so where possible in your child’s final sentences can you encourage them to use WOW words (descriptive vocabulary) as far as possible.

The homework grid I mentioned last week I have decided to hold off on until further notice.

Reading homework for this week is as follows:


The Lie Detector

Chpt 1+2 for Wednesday

Chpt 5+6 for Thursday

Chpt 7 for Friday


Hard to Please

P1-14 for Wednesday

P15-p21 for Thursday

p21 -End for Friday


Survival Adventure

P1-p14 for Wednesday

P15-22 for Thursday

p22-End for Friday


Victorian Adventure

P1-p14 for Wednesday

P15-22 for Thursday

p22-End for Friday


The Laughing Princess

p1-8 for Wednesday

p8-p17 for Thursday

P17 – End for Friday

Polar Bears

Village in the Snow

p1-8 for Wednesday

p8-p17 for Thursday

P17 – End for Friday

We have also been doing lots of work on our two times table in class and understanding that 2 x 4 ,for example, means 2 groups of 4. Revision of this at home is optional but greatly appreciated.

Due to staffing there have been some changes in p3’s timetable and they will now take part in PE with me on a Wednesday and on a Thursday morning with Mrs Wallace. In addition to this we have also managed to secure a music spot with the amazing Ms Grigor on Friday!

Also a quick little reminder that individual and sibling photographs will be happening on Wednesday. Get ready to strike a pose p3!

Miss Ramsay

P3 had some special visitors!

Last Monday P3 had some special visitors!

As part of the Human Body topic we have been looking at senses, one of which is sight. We have been thinking about what it would be like to not have our sight.

Pat, Dennis and their guide dog Todd came to visit us. They told us all about what it is like to be blind and how they live a very normal life with the help of Todd and some other nifty technology.

We also looked at some braille and we also learnt that you should only clap a guide dog if you ask the owner and it has it’s harness off.

Thank you Pat, Dennis and Todd!

Primary 3 Homework (Week beginning 08.02.16)

Spelling Homework for Friday

  1. Write words out 3 times each in columns using look, say ,cover, write and check.

spelling 8th Feb

There is no other additional spelling task. However, it would be great if pupils could start thinking about ‘truly terrific’. Children should know about this but more details will follow shortly.

Maths Worksheets for Friday

Children should all have received their individual sumdog password home. If you could keep this safe that would be great. Over the next week and during the February break it would be good for children to explore sumdog, getting used to how to use it. As well as being fun Sumdog should enhance maths skills!


Reading homework will be on reading records. Please sign to say children have read. Children should be reading 20 minutes every night. This should be their reading homework plus other reading for enjoyment.

Reading homework in P3 will now be only verbal, no written tasks. Children who have key words should be practising at home regularly.