Spelling homework P7 8.2.16

Spelling Homework.

Please look at all words…Read, Cover, Write and check at least once.

Complete an activity from the active spelling sheet.

Complete sheet 13

For Monday 22.2.16

Primary 7 Homework 5th February 2016


All groups have reading homework as noted by pupils. Task – To predict what will happen next in the story for Wednesday 10/2/16.

Group reading The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips to read the next two chapters for Wednesday 10/2/16.


Maths worksheet – mental addition of decimals for Friday 12/2/16.


P7 Homework 29th January 2016


Pupils to create a wordsearch including all 10 spelling words for Monday 1st February.


All Reading Groups have homework for Wednesday 3rd February.


Pupils to complete a worksheet for Friday 5th February – Addition and subtraction of decimals.


Pupils to find out the names of the four main islands in Japan for Tuesday 2nd February.