P2 Homework w.b. 25.2.19


Well, we had such a fun science week! We had our ‘Ready, Teddy, Go!’ workshop on Monday where we learned all about forces. Then we have been working in teams for our STEM activities – designing an umbrella and an egg basket from a range of materials. P1 and P2 were put into groups on Wednesday and were given a range of materials to choose from to make an egg basket that would transport mini eggs safely down a zip line – this was A LOT of fun! To end the week, we created our own volcanoes on Friday and it was very exciting when the ‘lava’ overflowed everywhere.

We will be continuing to look at energy and electricity next week. Additionally, P1/2 will be doing a joint topic ‘Fairyland’ in the coming weeks.

Homework for the coming week:

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages to be read that night. I am looking to incorporate more independent reading time in the class, so children are more than welcome to bring their own books in for this. If anyone has any pre-loved magazines/comics etc. that they no longer need then P2 would really appreciate these being added to the class library!

Spelling: This week we will be learning the ‘ay’ sound. The spelling list will contain words with this sound, for example, May, away, Monday. We are practising writing in cursive, please encourage your child to practise some of their words in cursive handwriting if they want to.

Maths: Children are continuing to learn about money with me and Mrs Wallace is moving onto learning about measure this term. This week the children will have a money worksheet to complete for homework. As this is an additional task the children will have until Monday to complete it. If you wish to do this over the weekend, please could you take it out of your child’s bookbag as I leave them in school on Friday so I can organize homework for the following week. Thank you.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Miss Lauren Waller



P7 News and Information 18.2.19

*SCIENCE WEEK* We kicked off science week with a workshop called Fizz, Boom, Bang – pupils created fizzy, colour changing solutions and can identify different pHs of solutions. Photos below

Pupils will be encouraged to work within set times, unfinished work is going to be sent home regularly.  We are looking at presentation of work as a lot of work is now profiled for High School.

Pupils MUST be learning how to tell times and know their times tables as quickly as they can answer “what is your name?”  Test your child, can they do this for all times tables? They NEED this skill for high school.

HOMEWORK Unfinished maths booklets have been sent home for Thursday,  Pupils also have the following maths and literacy work to complete.  Please check and sign.

P7 Homework 18.2.19-11g543x

Please can pupils also cover their jotters

In class we are learning about being kind and are reading the novel Wonder.  Pupils should also always have a book of their choie to read at home and in school.

A key theme emerging from parents night is about being nice to everyone – including on social media.  The majority of parents saying the class group chat is a cause for concern – may I remind you to regularly check your child’s phone as prank calling and cyber bullying are crimes.


P1 Homework : 18/02/19


Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the half term.

Homework for this week:


This week we will be reading and having whole class learning activities based on the book ‘The day the crayons quit’.

We will be assessing the children’s progress with their reading and their recognition of the key words this week. Whilst we are doing this we will not be sending home reading books as homework.

Phonics: Please help your child complete the following sheets in their red phonics book:

Tuesday – ue – the sound heard in cue, queue, barbecue

Wednesday – er –  the sound heard in flowers and number

Thursday- ar – the sound heard in far, car, bar

Science Week:

For science week this week P1 will be investigating forces and electricity. We had a Ready, teddy, go! Science workshop on Monday where the children were predicting the affect of the following forces on a variety of objects:

Pushing, pulling, sinking, floating and friction.

Please can you help your child find a small toy to bring into school which shows one of the above forces for Tuesday. This should only be a small toy – a small car, a rubber duck, a small ball.

We will also be discussing the every day use of electricity and how to stay safe when using electrical appliances. Your child will have a worksheet to search for electrical items in the house. Please can you help them complete this by Friday.

Thank you,

Miss Maley, and Mrs Hunter


P3 Homework w/b 18/2/2019

Hi all,

This week in school is science week! It was kicked off today by the fabulous company Generation Science who took the kids for a brilliant workshop all about forces. The kids enjoyed this immensely.

Our science focus for the rest of the week will be centered around the body. In particular the skeleton!

As usual homework will go out on Tuesday and be returned the following Monday.



This weeks spelling pattern is controlled vowels.  We are focusing on ‘er’ , ‘ir’ and ‘ur’ as in fern, girl, burn. When a vowel comes before an ‘r’ the vowel sound is changed. ‘er‘ makes the /r/ sound, and so do ‘ir‘ and ‘ur‘. When the /r/ sound is at the end of a 2 or more syllable word, the sound is usually spelled with the ‘er‘, but there is no rule of when to use ‘ir‘ and ‘ur‘. The corresponding spelling list for this is spelling list 19 which is only titled ‘er’.

Copy the spelling words in one of the ways suggested on the spelling menu and write 3 sentences.


No maths homework this week.



As we begin to round off our Scottish Inventors topic I would like the children to do a short 2 minute talk about a Scottish inventor after having conducted their own research at home. Children can if they wish use a powerpoint and notes. They may also discuss one of the inventors they have learned in school but are encouraged to research their own inventor at home.

I appreciate this takes some preparation time so children will also be given their IT time in class to research this. The speeches will be heard in small groups and will take place on Thursday the 28th  of February and on Friday the 1st of March.


As it is science week we will have another non fiction week! This will comprise of reading and research activities.

Hedgehogs –

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday –  p13-24

Thursday – Research a favourite dinosaur.

Friday- Create a poster for your researched dinosaur and become a dinosaur hunter!

Pandas – Your Body, Inside Out

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday – p13-24

Thursday – Pick a favourite section and research that area of the body further.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched body part/system

Orangutans – 

Tuesday – p1-12

Wednesday – p13-24

Thursday- Research facts about one other planet in the solar system.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched planet.

Tigers – Zoom Out

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday- Research facts about one other planet in the solar system.

Friday – Create a poster for your researched planet.

Polar Bears – Grans Birthday and Animal Life Cycles (Polar Bears will receive two books this week. Check book bags for a note.)

Child Reading : Gran’s Birthday

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p9-16

Thursday- Share Animal Life Cyles p1-12 with parent/sibling

Friday – Share Animal Life Cycles p13-p24 with parent/sibling


PE Days – Tuesday and Wednesday

Miss Ramsay

ps- Just a quick reminder that toys should not be brought to school unless it is a Friday Golden toy. Thanks 🙂

P2 Homework w.b. 18.2.19

Hi all,

I hope you had a fun and restful holiday and are ready to return for the new week! We are learning lots of fun things this week as it is SCIENCE WEEK!

This morning (Monday), the children have a science workshop and we will be following this on throughout the week through learning about energy and electricity.

Homework for this week; 

Reading: Every group is receiving a new book so please check your child’s green reading records for the pages. Please encourage your child to read a wide variety of genres, this can be anything from non-fiction to joke books! If they have a book they are really enjoying then they can bring it into school to read during calm time.

Spelling: We are learning no new sounds this week, instead we will be revising all of the ones we have been learning in P2. However, the children will receive a spelling list of the days of the week to practise.

Writing: Before the holidays, the children were learning about instructional writing and we wrote a recipe for making a jam sandwich. For Monday, the children have their own recipe template and they can make up their own recipe for something or can write one that they know works. We might try and make some of the creations next week!

Thank you so much for all of your support so far in P2. I hope you all have a lovely week,

Miss Lauren Waller

P6 Home Learning & News W/B 18.2.19

Hi all,

Welcome back!

This week is designated Science Week.

On Monday, P6 will have a visiting science workshop and the topic is called Fizz, Bang, Boom! Over the week, we will remind ourselves about fair testing, develop lots of science skills and finish off some of the bridge work from before the holidays.

Homework this week:

Spelling – There’s a new spelling list this week plus hear and here.

Pupil Talk – Well done P6. Everyone overcame their initial nerves to deliver a talk about a Scottish pioneer. These were interesting and very informative. This term, as part of our Talking and Listening development, we’ll have a go at holding debates about different topics. More info to follow next week which will involve some reading and research at home.

Writing500 words. The annual Radio 2 writing competition is upon us and closes on the 8th March so there’s not much time for us budding authors to get our stories written. I’d like this to be a flexible home/school task whereby children will get ample time in school to work on this and can  save their text onto USB sticks. I can also email stories back and forth so that these can be worked on at home too. Of course, not to forget good old paper and pencil written stories!

Reading – Everyone will read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day in class.

Ski-ing –  Wednesday. Children should bring their ski-ing gear with them to change into at school before we leave on the bus (after break). Please note that children should bring a packed lunch as we return to school after the dining room has closed.

Mandarin – P6 will continue to  learn Mandarin from a specialist teacher.

PETuesday  and Thursday

Thank you,

Sara Brunt







Loanhead Poems

As you know Black Diamond came into school to record our pupils performing their Scots poems. They have now went live on the internet and thought you might want to hear. We are all so proud!


They can be found at:

P2 Homework w.b 4.2.19

Hi all,

Parents evening is this week, Wednesday 6th (5:30-8:30) and Thursday 7th (3:30-5:30). Please return your slip if you have not already, they were put into children’s bookbags. If you are unable to make the appointment, then please let the school office know and they can sort something for you.

Homework for this week:

Reading: All of the reading groups have moved up a stage, so the books may be a little more challenging, to begin with, but they are all ready for the move up. Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages they have to read that night.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘wh’ sound, for example, whisper and whale. The spelling list this week contains words with this sound and tricky words.

After the holidays, I will alternate each week between numeracy, phonics and writing homework. For example, one week will be a writing task and the next week will be a phonics task etc. With this extra task, the children will have until the following Monday to complete it.

Just a reminder that we break up for the holidays this Friday 8th February at the normal time, 12:25pm.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday evening,

Miss Lauren Waller