P1 week beginning 7.5.18

Hope you all had a nice long weekend!

This week  in literacy we are continuing to look at rhyme and have covered “an” and “en” sounds. The children have had homework based on these. We are also looking at poetry writing and will be looking at acrostic poems tomorrow.

In numeracy we having been looking at subtraction and counting backwards from 20 to 0. This is something that many children are finding difficult so would be good if children could continue to practice this at home.

Tomorrow, we will have a workshop from the SSPCA. This will be from 9.00 9.30 for primary one to three.


  • Reading- new reading books were issued yesterday, children should continue to read these every night.
  • Common words- this week the common words are put, saw, no and go. These are in the green jotters.
  • Words in tins- children should continue to practice these.
  • Rhyme –  both tasks were issued on paper and should be completed in green jotters. 

    an- Yesterday our rhyming sound was “an”, can you think of 6 of your own “an” rhyming words and make a sentence using at least two of them. Please use your green jotters for this.

    Example- The man was in the van.

    en-  Today our rhyming sound was “en”, can you think of 6 of your own “en” rhyming words and write these using rainbow or bubble writing. Please use your green jotters for this.

Thank you for your cooperation

Miss Cummings.


P1 Week Beginning 30/04/18

Hi All,

From now until the end of May Miss Cummings is the class teacher although I will be around helping out.

Sounds:  This week are  at,  in and og. The focus of this is rhyme. Homework will be coming out this week for this.

Reading: Please see the red cards as usual for reading and continue to revise all the words in their tin.

Spelling: All children have 4 new words in their green jotter, as usual thy don’t have to be done in the jotter – which ever way they want to learn them so they enjoy doing them.

PE has changed to a Wednesday morning.

Assemblies will alternate between Friday mornings and Thursday afternoons to allow for the future P1 to join in as part of their transition program.

Mrs Cumming


P1 Week Beginning 23/04/18

We had a lovely trip to the beach – what a nice way to start our first week back.

Reading: All children will have new reading books this week, please see the red card as usual and continue to help them learn their words in their word tins.

Numeracy: Last week we were learning about ordinal numbers (first, second, third…1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) they will have some homework connected with this.

Literacy: We are finishing the consonant blends this week so will be learning ‘sp, st and sw’.

Please see the green book for this week’s common words…again these can be learned however suits your child, it does not need to be completed in the jotter.

Show and Tell: This term we will be doing a more formal Show and Tell. Each child will be told when they are to do Show and Tell, what it is to be about and what is expected. As this is about early presentation skills I will be talking to them about: Speaking clearly, a minimum of three sentences, looking at the audience and being able to properly show the subject of their Show and Tell. I will be sending a rota home with the dates each child will do theirs and the subject. Please help your child to learn how to present their Show and Tell.

PE is on a Tuesday Morning and Monday afternoons this term.

Please make sure your child has their indoor shoes at school, their PE kit, and as the weather is getting warmer, a water bottle.

From Monday 30th April Miss Cummings will be taking responsibility of the class until the end of May.

Lisa Cumming


P1 Homework 17/04/18

Welcome back – I hope you all had a lovely spring break.

This week I will not be giving out reading books as it is such a short week with our outdoor learning on Wednesday. Instead I will be sending home a list of phonic words that children should initially sound out if they are stuck with them and then be able to read them instantly without sounding out. These are short words that can be easily sounded out. Please cut up the list to help them learn them – you can do a few each night, you do not need to do them all every night.

Wednesday 18th April: We are having another outdoor learning session, this time to the beach. If you have not returned the permission form please do so. REMINDER: Children will need wellies, comfortable clothing, waterproof jacket and trousers if possible, sun cream, sunhat, packed lunch (if not ordered from school), change of clothes, water and a snack.

Our topics this term will be ‘Our Senses’ and ‘People who Help Us’

It will be a busy term….I can’t believe we are in the final term already!


P1 Week Beginning 26/03/2018

Well I cant believe we are at the Easter holidays already.

This week I am only sending reading homework home so please see their red cards as usual.

Monday is Epilepsy Awareness Day so to show are support for this the children and staff have been asked to wear something purple if you are able to.

On Tuesday the class will have their last gymnastics session – this has been a great experience for them and they have all enjoyed it.

Thursday is the last day of term. We will be learning about the Easter story and having some spring / Easter crafts during the morning. The pupil council have organised a fun carrot hunt for the children in the morning. In the afternoon we are walking to church for an Easter Service.

I have noticed that the size of the toys that the children are bringing in for Golden Time is increasing. I am happy for them to bring a ‘small‘ item from home if they wish. (NB. The care of the toy is the child’s responsibility.)

I will send home PE kit for washing and indoor shoes for size checking as I have noticed that some of the class have grown!

Have a lovely Spring break and see you all in April!


Lisa Cumming


P1 Homework 19/03/18

Reading: Please see the red card as usual and continue with words in the word tin.

Phonics: We will be learning ‘sc’, ‘sk’ and ‘sn’ this week.

Spelling: Please see the green jotter for the words for this week. These words are really helpful for their writing and reading.

As we have been learning about ‘Toys’ this term particularly toys from the past. I am asking the children to speak to parents/ Grandparents /Aunties and Uncles etc about the toys and games that they used to play when they were young. I will send home a sheet this week for them to gather some information, they will need some help from you to complete this.

If any of you have any toys that were yours when you were a child if you are happy for us to see them please could you send them in (we will be very careful with them).

The children seem to be really enjoying their gymnastics sessions – I think next week is their last session.

Many thanks

Lisa Cumming


P1 Homework 5/3/18

It’s nice to be back after the snow…it sounds like the children have had a great time in the snow. I have heard all about sledging, snow-boarding, igloo making, snowball fights and lots of snowmen!

Reading: Please see the red card as usual.

Phonics: We are continuing the consonant blends, this week we are learning ‘cl’, ‘fl’ and ‘gl’.

We had a dance session today provided by an external company which the children all enjoyed. It involved using a story to dance to. The children all used their excellent listening skills and followed the instructions well.

World Book Day will take place this week as it was postponed last week due to the weather. Please send in any book reviews or review competitions tomorrow (Tuesday) if possible.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming

P1 Homework 26/02/2018

Reading: Please see the red card as usual.

Phonics: We are continuing with our consonant blends. This week it is ‘gr’,  ‘tr’ and ‘cl’.

Numeracy: We have been working on data handling in class and learning about using tally marks and pictograms to gather and display information. We will be continuing some work on this.

Thursday is World Book Day. Mr Buchan has arranged various activities that will take place in school to highlight and encourage a love of reading. There is no requirement to dress up. All children will bring home a voucher for a £1 book.

Friday: We have a drama workshop and production about the Elves and the Shoemaker which I think the children will enjoy.

Thank you to those who have sending in the items mentioned last week…keep them coming they will always be of use.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming