P1 Homework wk beg. 9th Jan 2017

Happy New Year to you all!

I hope that you have had a restful winter break and the children are all ready to be back at school!

Literacy: This week please recap all the sounds that we have been learning and spend some time making words with the sounds that the children have learnt already and spelling words using the sounds. e.g. ch o p = chop,      sh i p = ship, p ai n = pain.

Reading: Reading books will be sent home every day. Words, sounds, sentences and activities will come home throughout the week.

Topic: From now until the end of January we will be looking at all things Scottish which will include some Scottish poetry to celebrate Burn’s Day. I will be asking the children to talk to you about any rhymes or songs and particularly play ground games that you or the Grandparents played when you were young.

In February we will begin a ‘Fairyland’ topic which we will be doing with P2 – this will continue until the Easter holidays.

French: We will be learning more French this term, we have been doing the register in French so we will add to our vocabulary.

PE will continue to be on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Please ensure your child has shorts and a T-shirt to change into. Please leave this at school all week. We will also be continuing Scottish Country dancing with P2.

Library will be on a Tuesday every 3 weeks starting towards the end of January.

P1 Homework 12/12/16

This is the last week of homework until we return to school in January.

Sounds: We are doing ‘sh’ and ‘th’ this week. Children will have their usual worksheet and other work later in the week.

Reading: All children have a new reading book. Please continue to revise all words that they are given as this will help with fluency of reading. They have all been given word box 2 words to learn. These words can be sounded out and built back up. Please use the letter cards the children have to help them make the words.



Wednesday 14th: School Christmas lunch. If your child has not ordered a lunch please provide them with a packed lunch from home.

House Christmas sing-off: All children will be involved in this – singing with their ‘house’. There will be a couple of rehearsals for this.

Christmas Party 20th December: P1 and 2 will have their party together. The cost of this is £1- please send this to us in a named envelope. Children are welcome to bring party clothes to school to change into. We will have a special visitor at 2:15 – please join us for the excitement.

I will hold auditions for the campus talent show on 20th December. Only 2 children from each class will be put through to the final. If your child would like to take part please help them with their act. If they require music or costumes they will need to provide this themselves. If you need mats etc please let me know in advance.

Campus Talent Show Final: 22nd December.

Friday 23rd December: Xmas Jumper Day and Church.

Last day of term all finish at 12:00pm

This will probably be my last post until January unless I have forgotten something! Please encourage your child to continue to revise their sounds and get involved in reading books of their own choosing.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P1/2 Nativity 12/12/16

Primary 1 and 2 will perform their nativity play on Monday 12th December. Parents and carers of P1 and P2 are invited to the performance but please note: only 2 adults per family. Well behaved toddlers who can sit on an adults knee are welcome. Doors will be open from approximately 1:15pm and the performance will start at 1:30pm.

Parent helpers P1 and P2 for Christmas Fair

Primary 1 and 2 are responsible for the second-hand toy stall at the Christmas Fair on Friday 2nd December. We  urgently need some parents to come in and help  with sorting and pricing the toys for the stall.

If any parents are available to come in on Thursday afternoon, anytime from 12:45pm, please let Mrs Cumming or Miss Brunt know.


P1 Homework week beginning 14/11/16

Sounds: This week we are working on reinforcing the more difficult sounds learnt over the last two weeks – ai, oa, ee, or and ie.

Homework will consist of a mixture of work related to the sounds and word building work. Please continue to practice the words that have been coming with their reading books.


We will be moving on to the months of the year and how they fit in with the seasons.


Author visit: P1 – P4 will have a visit from an author, McNicol and Jackson of ‘Badger the Mystical Mutt’ stories, on Tuesday 15th November.

Friday is Children in Need day, the children can wear something spotty if they would like to.

We are holding a school Christmas Fair and as part of this P1 and P2 are responsible for the second hand toy stall. Please remember to send in any good quality, clean toys for us to sell..

Finally the Nativity is well under way – you may have been hearing the songs at home! The children all know the part they are playing, we have consulted with the children and held simple auditions to help us decide which parts they should have.

P1 Homework 7th Nov. 2016

Sounds: This week the sounds are two letter sounds which can be trickier to learn. It is important to remember to help your child learn that the two letters make one sound. Please continue to help your child learn to read and make the words from the Word Box 1 list.

Maths: We are learning about the seasons and the sequence and names of the four seasons.

Numeracy: We are learning to count backwards from 20, to help with this it might help to do it in stages e.g to count back from 12 then from 14 etc.


Poppies are still for sale daily…please send a minimum of 20p if your child would like to buy a poppy.

Curriculum Evening on Thursday: this is on internet safety. Parents are invited into school on the Friday morning at 9.00am to observe internet safety or personal safety being taught in the classrooms.

Assembly: Parents are invited to stay for the Rememberance  Assembly after observing learning in the classrooms on Friday morning.

Nativity: The children are now beginning to learn the songs for the Nativity, we will also be giving out the parts for the Nativity this week. The children have all decided if they would like to have a speaking part or not and auditions have taken place.

Woodland visits. Please make sure you have returned the permission form for the visit on Weds 9th and Monday 14th. If you have not been given a permission form yet these will be handed out over the next week.



P1 Homework week Beginning 31/10/2016

Sounds: This week we are starting the 4th set of sounds which include digraphs (two letters together making one sound). It is important that the children understand that they do not need to sound out both the letters. For example, on Monday we are learning ‘ai’ as in ‘rain’ so the children don’t need to sound the ‘a’ and the ‘i’ individually. We will learn that ‘when two vowels go walking the first does the talking’; so ‘ai’ will actually say the name of ‘a’ being A. This can be trickier for the children and may take longer to learn so please don’t worry.

We are moving on from the days of the week to ‘seasons and the months in each season’.

Topic: We are finishing off our dinosaur topic this week. As part of the topic we are doing some African drumming and using other percussion instruments.

Events: For the next five weeks small groups of five children from P1 will go with some children from St. Margaret’s P1/2 on an Outdoor Education excursion which is led by Sean Fallon (Outdoor Education Leader). We will be doing forest skills. Letters will be sent home on a weekly basis to the children involved. I apologise for the short notice this week but if your child has a letter please could it returned by Wednesday morning at the latest.

We will be talking about Guy Fawkes and firework safety and doing some related art work on Thursday.