P2 News and Info14.11.22

Week Beginning 14.11.22

Reading – Please read with your child every night.  The first 2 nights ensure work knowledge and understanding.  The next 2 develop fluency and accuracy.   By Thursday children should  be reading more fluent without sounding out.

Each group has an activity home for their reading book.  This is due in on Friday.

Spelling – The spelling words are in your child’s jotter and should be written out 3 times using, LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK.  The previous week’s score should be written in their homework diary.  Children have been learning vowels so I have asked them to go over the vowels in blue pencil.

Maths – On Sumdog I have set a Home Learning challenge that ends on Friday.  It is called “November home learning challenge”

Children are consolidating time to half past and O’clock on analogue clocks.  They are also looking at how to read and write 3 digit numbers.

Please remember to check the school website for any important info .


Children in Need  -We are not marking Children in Need this year but welcome families to do so in their own time at home 🙂

NATIVITY– We plan to start rehearsals this week.  We are excited to be performing out Nativity in school again.  P2 have more speaking parts this year and children have been asked what roles they would like. More information will follow but we plan to perform to parents on Dec 12th at 2pm (all will be confirmed soon)

CHRISTMAS FAIR – We are thankful to have our school fundraiser once again this year. More information will come out regarding donations that we are asking for as well as help needed,

🎖️ Primary 2 Info 7/11/11 🌸

This week in Literacy we are continuing to look at vowels and using “a” or “an” correctly.  Our spelling words should be written in homework jotters 3 times and adults should help children to learn them throughout the week.

There is reading homework for all groups.  As well as fluency and expression, we are looking at asking questions from the text, trying to deeper our thoughts about the books and make connections.

In Numeracy we are continuing to make numbers using concrete materials to show Hundreds, Tens and Ones and adding these together.  Our student, Mr Aitken, is teaching each group Time – focussing on O’clock and half past times.

We are revisiting Dinosaurs topic after a break and are looking at Remembrance and The Poppy Story this week.  If the weather allows, we plan to walk to Loanhead Parish Church to see their poppy display and look at the war memorials.  Poppies are on sale this week, suggested donation is £1.  We will have a Remembrance assembly on Friday which will be led by P7.

We will also begin discussions about the P1/2 Nativity performance this week, look at roles and begin learning songs.

We are continuing Zones of Regulation and each child will revise their strategy toolkits.  We are also looking at Jealousy and how this makes us feel/behave and strategies to help.

As the weather gets cooler and wetter, please can children come to school with suitable footwear and coats.  They should also all have indoor shoes to change into that are kept in school.

P2 info 31/10/22

Halloween Disco – 1st Nov – please see separate letter and parent council communications.

This week, Mr Aitken, our PGDE student will join us for 5 weeks.  We look forward to welcoming Mr Aitken into Team P2.

Spelling and Reading Homework this week, please see yellow diaries or separate notes if the diary was not returned.  Parents should help children learn their words for the spelling test on Friday – not just copy the words and hand it in.

In Maths we are looking at number families, equal grouping and counting in 10s and 2s.

In writing we are looking at planning and writing instructions, using VERBS and OPENERS.  We are also working hard on our handwriting and letter sizing and spacing.

In digital, we are continuing to look at simple coding and programming and learning how to “debug” our sequences and problem solve using the online activity rodocodo


The first week back after October break is a busy one for our charity work.  Please see below (and previous posts/Newsletter).
Loanhead Primary will be gratefully receiving donations for Womens Aid for our Harvest collection. They are a wonderful charity who are always truly grateful for everything we can give. This year we are looking for donations of the following items:
  • Dried/Canned/Non-perishable food (pasta, tinned vegetables etc)
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Shower gel/soap/shampoo
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
Please can all donations be brought to school by Friday 28th October.

🩹 Blythwood Care SHOEBOX APPEAL 2022

This year Loanhead Primary school are excited to, once again, work with Loanhead Parish Church to support the Blytheswood care Shoebox Appeal.

Shoeboxes can be filled for boys, girls, teenagers, men and women of all ages. The essential items include underwear, socks and tights, hat, scarf, gloves, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, sweeties (not chocolate) and a wee toy for a child. The essential items must be new. Other items are then included – stationery, toiletries, make-up, sewing stuff, kitchen utensils etc.

If you can donate an empty shoebox, just  a couple of items or even a pre filled box this would really help make a difference this winter.

Donations should come in to school by 26th of October.  If possible can Shoebox lids and bases be individually wrapped, elastic band around it and with a checklist inside? This is so they can be checked.

Go to https://blythswood.org/shoeboxappeal/ for more information or to download a checklist. Checklists are also on the letter home and can be obtained from the Office.


Primary 2 information 11.10.22

Week beginning: 10.10.22

Spelling words – “ar” sound (to be written in jotter)

  1. at
  2. yes
  3. slug
  4. arm
  5. hard
  6. scarf
  7. card
  8. are
  9. all
  10. farmyard


Spelling – write out the spelling words 3 times then write 3 sentences using 3 of your words.

Reading: Reading should be every night.  I have also included key words.  Children should know up to the end of the next stage of reading. E.g. if their reading book is stage 4 they should know stage 4 and 5.

In numeracy we have been looking at showing addition sums using concrete materials.  So laying out 6 objects and 7 objects and counting them, talking about how many altogether etc.  We have also been looking at doubles, halves to 10/20 and counting up in 2s to 100 (even numbers)

Learning trio times will be out this week unless you have alternative meetings arranged


CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX APPEAL – A P7 is organising this.  Donations to go to the office by 26th October – all donations will make a difference to someone this winter.  Letters will come home this week.

P2 News and Info 3/10/22

🚲 This week is Bike to School week.  Children are encouraged to enjoy cycling, or scooting, to school every day.  On Friday we have a “Bling your Bike” competition where there will be prizes for the best decorated bikes.

📚 Homework is in the homework jotters and there is a maths activity, reading and spelling homework.  Information will be in the yellow diaries as well as in Jotters.  Our spelling sound is “qu”.


Learning Trio requests are due back on Tuesday.

We have been enjoying gardening over the past couple of weeks and we have also been doing some short lessons on Google Classroom to get use used to it., many children are able to log onto their Chromebooks and access and assignment in out Google Classroom.

Mrs H