P2 Homework W/B 25.1.16

Scottish Week is here! This week, we will be reading about Katie Morag, reading, writing and learning short Scottish poems, learning some Scots vocabulary and songs, finding out a wee bit about Edinburgh Castle and trying some Scottish Country Dancing in PE.


Tuesday – Drumming on a ‘cajon’ box ( pronounced ca-hon)

cajon drum

Thursday and FridayPE as usual

Homework: Given out Monday or Tuesday as normal

Reading – all pupils will get a new book this week and a Scots poem home to read. Thanks to all who completed the reading task about Tim Peake last week. We will continue to talk about the ISS this week and maybe even ‘tweet’ Tim some of our work!

Spelling/Handwriting -the focus sound is igh. There are not many igh words on the handwriting sheet so we will work on more igh words in class.

Numeracy: an addition sheet will be sent home. Strategies to try are:

  • Count on from the biggest number first so with 4+8, try 8+4 instead. Use a number line or even fingers if needed!
  • Use ‘Learn its’ knowledge to answer sums eg. 6+7 is the same as        6 + 6 + 1

Sumdog Challenge: this week is a P2 Fractions Challenge. I’ve limited the target to just 30 questions. I will go over this task in class as the questions may prove challenging! Still, with our ‘have a go’ attitude, we can encourage the children to participate and hopefully learn lots more about the concept of fractions.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt



P2 Homework W/B 18.1.16


This week, we will do a mini-topic about Tim Peake on the ISS and his historic spacewalk. Can you hand in any small junk ( boxes, tubes etc) so that we can build our own mini space station? Preferably Monday/Tuesday for this please.


Reading homework: Everyone will get a reading comprehension task related to Tim’s spacewalk, with questions to answer. Check green homework bags.

For extra reading practice, check out Newsround on the CBBC website for updates on Tim’s progress. I am also hoping to link in to his Twitter feed in class.

Spelling: The focus sound this week is ea. A cursive handwriting sheet with ea words on will be sent home.

Maths: We are doing some information handling this week so I have set another challenge on Sumdog, this time to do with graphs. Starts Monday morning. Only 25 questions to answer this time.

Events this week:

Thursday and Friday PE

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 11.1.16

This week, the whole school is having a focus on finance. Following the success of our ‘Christmas Bank’ in December, where children had their own bank account and had to pay for activities, I will once again give each child £1 in plastic money to spend in the class shop and to pay for special activities. Children may also earn money for doing special jobs in class.  Other activities this week include:

  • Role play in the class shop ( as customer and as cashier)
  • Money Match challenges against the clock (on computers)
  • A Sumdog Challenge (Money to 20p)
  • Money problem solving tasks in pairs
  • Money worksheets

Growth Mindset and Learning Powers

We have been ‘learning about learning’ and have been discussing ways to improve our learning capacity by changing the way  we think about learning.

We have been using ” Instead of saying (something negative)…..try saying.(something positive)” See the picture below of our wall display.

  • WP_005216

We have also been discussing ‘Learning Powers’ ; each one has a cartoon character to illustrate it and the children have made a little story to accompany each one. The ‘Learning Powers’ are:

  • Concentrate
  • Don’t give up
  • Co-operate
  • Be curious
  • Have a go
  • Be imaginative
  • Keep improving
  • Enjoy learning

Learning powers will make children more resilient, less worried about making mistakes and more able to become independent learners.

Homework this week:

Spelling – the focus sound is ‘ay’. As we are learning cursive writing now, I am sending home a cursive writing sheet with some ‘ay’ words on to practise. This may be challenging but am encouraging the children to think positively….


Reading homework as normal – check green homework bags (Mon or Tues)

Numeracy – A money problem sheet to complete

– A Sumdog challenge ‘P2 Money to 20p’ (this task is optional)

Events this week:

TuesdayAfrican Drumming session 1

Thursday and FridayPE

Thank you,

Miss Brunt




P2 Homework and Events List Wed. 6.1.16

A very Happy New Year to you all!

As this week is short, we will resume our normal homework routine next week. However, I would like the children to learn the calendar months in order so if they could practise reciting this, that would be very helpful.

Over the next few weeks, we will focus on money ( Finance Week starts on 11.1.16); we will have a ‘Scottish Week’ ( 25.1.16) and a focus on ‘Chinese New Year’ (8.2.16).

Please also note:

  • PE days will be on Thursday and Friday as usual.
  • Everyone should have a pair of indoor shoes to change into.


Miss Brunt