P2 Final Week!

The final countdown has begun- we have reached the last week of term before the summer holidays! As such, the only homework this week is to finish the spelling lists (91-100).

  • I will collect all reading books in on Wednesday. Please return any library books too please.
  • Sumdog winners – I have worked out the top 3 players throughout P2 and will present these pupils with a small prize on Wednesday, as I will do to the top 3 players in our current competition. Well done to all who took part and remember, Sumdog should be open over the holidays if children have a spare half hour or so.
  • PE will happen at different times this week due to demands on the large gym hall so please make sure your child has his/her kit with them all week.
  • Sturdy plastic bags- please hand one in on or before Wednesday so your child can empty their work trays and bring art work home.
  • A reminder that school finishes at noon on Friday.

And finally…

I just want to wish everyone a happy and safe summer holiday. I have very much enjoyed teaching this wonderful class and although I am sad to see them go, will look forward to watching their progress in P3 with the lovely Miss P and Miss L. I also want to thank you, the parents, for being so supportive throughout.

Happy summer!

Miss Sara Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 16.5.16

Homework this week:

Spelling – see 100 common words booklet. List 31-40.

Reading as usual – check green homework bags regularly.

Maths – 3D shape – naming shapes. Sheet will be sent home on Tuesday – be a ‘Shape Detective’. Find examples of 3D shapes at home and out and about. See sheet for details.

PE is on Thursday and Friday.

A reminder that next Monday (23rd) is a holiday for pupils.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B 9.5.16

Homework this week:

Spelling Booklet

List 21-30 please

Reading as normal – check the green homework bag for updates. Please remember to send this homework bag daily with the reading book inside.


We have been learning about place value and ‘partitioning’. This means breaking a 2 or 3 digit number down into place value parts. Here are some examples:

24 = 20 + 4

36 = 30 + 6

99 = 90 + 9

145 = 100 + 40 + 5

237 = 200 + 30 + 7

765 = 700 + 60 + 5   and so on…

There are some useful games to play online.

Check out ICT Games – Numeracy- Place Value:

  • any Shark game
  • Arrow cards
  • Dinosaur Place Value
  • Partitioning Numbers.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt

P2 Homework W/B Tuesday 3.5.16

Homework this week:


I will send home a booklet containing 10X10 word lists, covering 100 common words. This week, children should learn the first two lists and one list per week thereafter. The booklet has instructions on the front. Effectively, there are nine weeks worth of spelling homework, which will take us right up to the summer holidays!

Please keep the booklet in the green homework bag.

Reading as usual (though expect this one day later due to the Monday holiday).

Thanks for all the fractions homework over the last two weeks.

Miss Brunt


P2 Homework W/B 25.4.16

Homework this week: issued on Tuesday.

Spelling/Handwriting – this week the spelling focus is  ‘aw’ as in saw, paw etc.

Reading as normal – check the green homework bags daily.

Numeracy – Fractions Worksheet

No Sumdog challenge this week.

PE is on Thursday and Friday. Children have been running 5-8 minutes daily over the last couple of weeks and already we can see a difference in stamina, technique and agility! Keep it up, P2!


P2 Bright Sparks

We have just come to the end of a topic about electricity. This covered being safe around electricity and making simple circuits. Here follows a few photos of activities we did. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves.

WP_005689Spinning art – a card disc spins on a motor. The girls here use pens to mark the disc as it spins. The fun bit is when the spinning stops and the pattern can be revealed!

WP_005694Testing materials for conductivity and recording findings.

WP_005573Sorting items into groups- does the item only use mains power, or only battery power or can it use both? The hoops were used as sets.


WP_005574Recording thoughts onto a Venn diagram.

WP_005576Look! We can make two bulbs light!

WP_005580I’ll be your fan! Using a motor and propeller to make a working fan.

P2 Homework W/B 18.4.16

(Edited post on 18.4.16)

Hello all,

We will be starting a new topic called ‘Local Study’ and over the next few days, will start looking at simple maps and plans, mainly of the school and its grounds to begin with.

Our electricity topic has finished and the children really seemed to enjoy this. Photos to follow later this week.

Homework this week  ( issued Tuesdays to Tuesdays from now on).

Reading – as usual, check the green homework bags for updates.

Spellingau…as in sauce, pause, haunt etc.

NumeracyFractions Worksheet on Tuesday

We are regularly revising our ‘LearnIts’ and are now making links between counting in 1s and 10s, 2s and 20s, 3s and 30s.  Also, doubling, halving, the concept of multiplication  (2x 5x 10x) and fractions.

Sumdog Challenge – Please try ‘P2 Summer Term  Challenge’#1…75 questions to answer. Good luck!

Miss Brunt

P2 Summer Term

Welcome back to all, hope the Easter break was relaxing and fun. I’m looking forward to the summer term and hopefully, lots of decent weather to get us out and about.

This week, we will finish up our Electricity project with investigations into conducting and insulating materials. I am going to post a collage of photos of our activities once the topic is finished.

The next topic is going to be a Local Study and will involve using/making maps, finding out lots about Loanhead and hopefully culminate in a wee exhibition of our work. If you or anyone in your family have lived for a long time in Loanhead and would like to come in and share your memories of ‘Old Loanhead’ with us, please let me know. We will also take a look at the mining history of the town. I will keep you posted with more information as the topic unfolds.

Homework – I have decided to issue everyone’s homework on Tuesdays from now on as this term sees two Monday holidays. So, homework will generally run Tuesday to Tuesday. This week, the spelling focus is ‘er’ as in number, letter, offer and so on. See reading folders from Tuesday for updates. Maths/numeracy homework will start next week.

‘Ten minute tootle’We are going to trial a daily 5-10 minute run/power walk outdoors unless the weather is extremely inclement. The aim is to build up stamina and also provide a ‘brain break’ from tasks.

Outdoor learning – I am really keen for the children to learn outdoors when feasible. For example, one maths focus this term will be measuring and doing this outdoors is ideal. It might be an idea for children to have sun protection, especially on forecasted hot days ( hats, light long sleeved tops, sun cream they can apply themselves etc).

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt