P2 Homework W/B 18.4.16

(Edited post on 18.4.16)

Hello all,

We will be starting a new topic called ‘Local Study’ and over the next few days, will start looking at simple maps and plans, mainly of the school and its grounds to begin with.

Our electricity topic has finished and the children really seemed to enjoy this. Photos to follow later this week.

Homework this week  ( issued Tuesdays to Tuesdays from now on).

Reading – as usual, check the green homework bags for updates.

Spellingau…as in sauce, pause, haunt etc.

NumeracyFractions Worksheet on Tuesday

We are regularly revising our ‘LearnIts’ and are now making links between counting in 1s and 10s, 2s and 20s, 3s and 30s.  Also, doubling, halving, the concept of multiplication  (2x 5x 10x) and fractions.

Sumdog Challenge – Please try ‘P2 Summer Term  Challenge’#1…75 questions to answer. Good luck!

Miss Brunt

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