P2 Bright Sparks

We have just come to the end of a topic about electricity. This covered being safe around electricity and making simple circuits. Here follows a few photos of activities we did. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves.

WP_005689Spinning art – a card disc spins on a motor. The girls here use pens to mark the disc as it spins. The fun bit is when the spinning stops and the pattern can be revealed!

WP_005694Testing materials for conductivity and recording findings.

WP_005573Sorting items into groups- does the item only use mains power, or only battery power or can it use both? The hoops were used as sets.


WP_005574Recording thoughts onto a Venn diagram.

WP_005576Look! We can make two bulbs light!

WP_005580I’ll be your fan! Using a motor and propeller to make a working fan.

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