Primary 2 Homework 22.3.22


The reading homework and spelling words have gone home in reading bags today. Our sound of the week is ‘ow’ as in ‘snow’.

I have created a sumdog challenge based on what we have been covering in class with the 2, 5 and 10 times table. Good luck Primary 2!

On Wednesday the chrome-books will be going home along with chargers and a copy of the pupils passcodes. We have been discussing how carefully we treat our chrome-books in class and how to continue to do so at home. There is a school wide expectation that the chrome-books are brought into school every day with enough charge, the office will be in contact if a pupil has forgotten theirs one morning. Chargers may stay at home.

In class we have been working on independent logging in, using the keyboard and how to access a few useful learning websites. After the Easter holidays homework will be posted onto google classroom and I will work in class with the children on how to access their homework tasks independently. I know they are very excited to bring the chrome-books home!

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 15.3.22


The reading homework and spelling words went home today.

Our sound of the week is ‘y’ as in ‘sky’ and the spelling words are:

win     sit     stop     fry     dry

crying     sky     more     before     myself

Numeracy: The class have entered the Midlothian sum-dog challenge, every correct answer counts! See how many correct answers you can get on sum-dog to add to our class tally.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Lynch

Primary 2 Homework 8.3.22


Reading homework has gone home in reading bags today, alongside this weeks spelling list.

Our sound this week is ‘igh’. Please practise the following words at home:

lip     his     went

night     high     might     light

any     many     frightening

We have been looking at how we can work out how we can count groups of objects. For example: 6 pairs of gloves- how many gloves would that be? We can count in 2s to find the answer more quickly:

2+2+2+2+2+2=12 gloves    OR 6 groups of 2 could be written as

6 x 2=12 gloves (6 lots of 2 making 12). Try the hit the button game on topmarks to practise the 2 times table. (link below)

Many thanks,

Mrs Lynch


Our school community have been desperate to do something to help Ukraine. 🇺🇦.

We have decided to have a dress down day on Friday and ask everyone to wear something blue and yellow if possible. We ask that everyone brings a cash donation too. We are donating money to a charity that matches your donations, so anything we raise will be doblubled. More info will be given when donations are in.

Thanks for your support