P5 Info – 7.9.20

Hi all,

We had a great science lesson with Mrs Cumming on Monday afternoon and we have P.E./HWB with Mrs Duncan tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday). Please remember that children must come in to school on Wednesdays dressed for P.E. outside.

Homework 📝  (Sent out on Monday and to be returned by Friday)

Reading📚 – The pages/chapters to be read that night will be written in your child’s green reading record. Please sign beside this to evidence that homework has been completed. It is essential that children bring their reading book and records in every day as this is needed to participate in their reading group.

Spelling ✏️ – Children copied their new lists down on Monday. Please complete the list in a ‘look, cover, write, check’ format for two rows in cursive, before completing one spelling menu activity. This can be found on Google Classroom.

Maths/Numeracy 🔢 – This week I have uploaded a rounding activity for the class to complete on Google Classroom. If you cannot access Google Classroom then please do get in touch and I will try to sort this out.

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller



P5 Info – 31.8.20 🌟

Hi all,

What another wonderful week we had in Primary 5! We have just started our new topic ‘Victorians’ and I just know we are going to have lots of fun as we learn more about this era.

Just another gentle reminder that children should only bring essentials to school (water bottle, snack and lunch – pencil cases are optional). They should not be bringing any personal items such as Pokemon cards, toys or anything that is not essential for their day at school. Thank you.

We had a great science lesson with Mrs Cumming on Monday afternoon, learning all about germs and I am excited to see what we will learn tomorrow.

Homework 📝  (Sent out on Monday and to be returned by Friday)

Reading 📚- I realised last week that I completely forgot to get the children reading records to note down what pages should be read when. Apologises for this, but this week I have got them sorted. This week your child will come home with their book and a green ‘reading record’ jotter, in this they will write what pages have to be read for homework. Please can you sign beside the date to show that homework has been completed, thank you. Books have to be brought in everyday so children can participate in their reading group. 

Spelling ✏️ – I was very impressed by the effort and care the children took when completing their spelling homework – great work!! The children will copy their new list tomorrow morning and should be completed in the same way. Written twice in cursive and then at least one activity completed from the Spelling Menu, which is on Google Classroom.

Maths/Numeracy 🔢 – I know some children had trouble accessing their GLOW accounts as passwords changed last week. I gave out new passwords last week but if they get lost or there any issues with logging in, then please get in touch. This week I have uploaded a place value homework activity to be completed on Google Classroom.

If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to get in touch – L.Waller@mgfl.net

Miss Lauren Waller


P5 Info – 24.8.20✨

Hi all,

Well what a wonderful first week back! It has been so lovely getting to know the class and they have all settled in so well.

Just a gentle reminder that children should not be bringing anything extra to school with them (toys, notebooks etc.), they only need a water bottle, lunch and snack. Children can bring a pencil case with them if they wish but we have provided every child with their own supplies too.

P.E. is on Wednesday afternoons (12:30 – 3:00) and children should come dressed for outdoor P.E. They should also be bringing a suitable jacket to wear outside for breaks as we will be maximising our time spent outside.

Mrs Cumming will be joining us on a Monday afternoon (1:45 – 3:15) to do science with us every week – how exciting!

Homework 📝

This week is the first week of homework and it will consist of 3 things: reading, spelling and a maths/numeracy task. It will be set on Monday and should be returned on Friday.

Reading📚  – This week the children are being put into their reading groups and will bring their reading book home on a Monday. This should be brought back to school every day so they can participate in their reading during class time.

Spelling✏️ – Every Monday, the children will copy their spelling list for the week into their jotter. Their spelling homework must be completed in cursive handwriting and presented neatly as it is important to take pride in our work in Primary 5. For spelling if the children could write their list twice in cursive and then they can pick one of the following activities to do with their words.


Maths/Numeracy🔢 – We are going to start looking at time this week for our maths topic. I have uploaded a time worksheet for the children to complete on Google Classroom. Please remember to submit this by Friday! If you have trouble accessing this or would rather a paper copy, then please just let me know, that is not a problem.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

Miss Lauren Waller




Hi all,

I am so excited to be the P5 teacher this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 days of getting to know all the pupils. I just wanted to pop on here and let you all know of a few things for the upcoming term.

Just a little reminder that pupils shouldn’t be bringing in extra things in their school bags (notebooks, toys etc.), they only need snack, a water bottle and a packed lunch. They should also bring a suitable jacket/warm clothing as we will be spending lots of time outside in all weathers.

We will be having P.E. in one block on Wednesday afternoons with Mrs Duncan. The children should come to school dressed for P.E. outside (e.g. trainers, a warm jumper etc) every Wednesday and this will be 12:30pm – 3:00pm. I will remind the children every Tuesday to come dressed for P.E the following day. 

Homework will start the week beginning 24th August and it will consist of reading, spelling and a maths/numeracy task. I will send children home with their homework on a Monday and then it should be returned by Friday, if possible. Reading books will be sent home and it is very important that children remember to bring it back everyday as we won’t be sharing books with each other.

I will update the website on a Sunday (starting next weekend) in time for the new week beginning. I will also be using Google classroom to post updates too and I plan on assigning homework to the pupils via Google classroom. They have all worked so hard learning how to access their learning this way and I would love to keep this momentum up.

If there is anything you are ever not sure about or want to ask, then please never hesitate to get in touch. You can call the school or send me an email: L.Waller@mgfl.net 

I cannot wait for the year ahead and I look forward to working with you all,

Miss Lauren Waller


Spring activity ideas for the holidays

Hooray for the holidays! Although it does feel very different.  We all hope that you are staying safe and healthy.   There will be no official classwork set on Google Classrooms, although there may still be the odd fun activity.  We have, however,  put together a whole school Spring learning grid (click the link below) with some ideas to keep your creative juices flowing and for some fun family time if you run out of ideas.

Stay safe

All Loanhead Staff

Loanhead Spring learning grid

Dear Parents…

Dear parents,

You might be inclined to create a minute by minute schedule for your kids. You have high hopes of hours of learning, including online activities, science experiments, and book reports. You’ll limit technology until everything is done! But here’s the thing…

Our kids are just as scared as we are right now. Our kids not only can hear everything that is going on around them, but they feel our constant tension and anxiety. They have never experienced anything like this before. Although the idea of being off of school for weeks sounds awesome, they are probably picturing a fun time like summer break, not the reality of being trapped at home and not seeing their friends.

Over the coming weeks, you will see an increase in behavior issues with your kids. Whether it’s anxiety, or anger, or protest that they can’t do things normally – it will happen. You’ll see more meltdowns, tantrums, and oppositional behavior in the coming weeks. This is normal and expected under these circumstances.

What kids need right now is to feel comforted and loved. To feel like it’s all going to be ok. And that might mean that you tear up your perfect schedule and love on your kids a bit more. Play outside and go on walks. Bake cookies and paint pictures. Play board games and watch movies. Do a science experiment together or find virtual field trips of the zoo. Start a book and read together as a family. Snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing.

Don’t worry about them regressing in school. Every single kid is in this boat and they all will be ok. When we are back in the classroom, we will all course correct and meet them where they are. Teachers are experts at this! Don’t pick fights with your kids because they don’t want to do math. Don’t scream at your kids for not following the schedule. Don’t mandate 2 hours of learning time if they are resisting it.

If I can leave you with one thing, it’s this: at the end of all of this, your kids’ mental health will be more important than their academic skills. And how they felt during this time will stay with them long after the memory of what they did during those weeks is long gone. So keep that in mind, every single day.

Stay safe. x

From all of us in the Loanhead Primary Community

19.3.20 NEW update from Midlothian council regarding school closure

The following statement was sent to schools this evening. At the bottom of the statement are links to parental guidance and advice which will be very useful in this time. We will keep you updated as, and when, we know anything else.

All schools will be closed to Primary Pupils and S1-3 Pupils with the following exceptions:

· Saltersgate School will remain open to support our children with severe and complex needs. The Head Teacher will be in contact with individual families outlining the individual arrangements which will be in place.

· All Secondary Schools will be open to S4-6 Pupils only in order to complete any SQA mandatory coursework and assessments prior to the published deadlines. Please refer to individual High School Websites for further updates. We are planning a phased approach to distance learning however priority will be given to S4-S6 to begin with.

· We are now focussed on planning for the families of staff belonging to the following groups key worker groups: Emergency Services, NHS, Health and Social Care Partnership including Care at Home, Teachers and Council Staff who have requested assistance with Childcare in order to ensure that we deliver critical services. This requested provision will be delivered through 4 secondary and 4 primary schools acting as Hubs. Individual Schools will be in touch with the individual families to alert them to the arrangements which will be put in place.

· Free School Meals: We are currently working with catering services in order to finalise arrangements for the distribution of food for children entitled to free school meals and further information will be communicated as soon as plans have been finalised.

Public health advice and guidance should continue to be followed for staff and pupils with underlying health conditions and self-isolation.

As you will appreciate there is significant planning needed to move this forward and we will continue to update our website to keep you informed.

You can listen to the Deputy First Ministers announcement at this link:

Andrew Sheridan
Schools Group Manager (ASN & Inclusion)

Guidance for parents and carers in the event of school closure due to Coronavirus

A1 – Midlothian SLT Telephone Helpline info 2020