Primary 5 homework and information 25th February

This week we have PE Monday and Tuesday and we have a block of Rugby on Thursday too.

Pupils also have daily reading homework which should be part read aloud for most children and discussed with parents.  All groups also have spelling words and are required to write each word 3 times and then write them in sentences/story/funny paragraph/letter – to show they understand the word in context.

Pupils also have Week 1 of their Alien literacy homework due for Friday, each child has a copy of the 6 week homework block but you can also Click here for more info .  This can be done in  jotters, on a computer and emailed to or pupils can share with me on GLOW -Pupils all have passwords to access this at home.

MATHS – Pupils all  have goals in numeracy – they will have specific learn its or times tables to learn and are required to practise these at home regularly.  Try also counting up in 6’s, 7’s and 8’s starting from random numbers e.g. 17 and see how fast they can do it forwards and backwards.

Pupil Presentations – Presentations will take place between 11th March and the end of term.  Pupils have sheets home to create a “big question” – see my example below.  For Friday they should bring their big question to discuss with me and then they will choose their date.  This is part of our literacy curriculum and is a requirement to pass First level and beyond.  All pupils will be supported to present to their peers as this ensures consistency, fairness and learning.

Dolphin presentation example (1) Mrs Hinton


Loanhead’s got talent is on Friday – £3.50 a ticket, please come along and support the children and raise money for the Parent Council funds.


Primary 5 week beginning 3rd Feb 2020

This week is Miss Clements last week in Primary 5, we are all sad to see her go but wish her all the best in the nursery and primary 2.  Miss Clements will be teaching this week and pupils are learning about the layers of the ocean, note taking and Henri Rousseau.

WRITING -Last week we did some digital literacy on the music video for Titanium, and as a result the writing which came from it is excellent.  Pupils had homework to take this home and edit it – make changes in order to up level it.  Changes should be made in green and their work should have lots of green changes visible – this is an important step in the writing process before publishing.  ALL pupils have this to share with you and I have asked for a parent signature to show that they have discussed this with you.

READING – DAILY home reading for every pupil

SPELLING – Write words 3 times and write 10 sentences to include the words.

MATHS – Pupils have Sumdog challenges and maths targets to work on and if they forget, they should ensure knowledge of all the Learn its – please click the link to see the LearnIts-progresion fromP1-P7. 

LEARNING TRIOS – Take place on Thursday and Friday this week – please email or call if you cannot make your allocated time (

Have a restful and fun holiday! We return back on Feb 17th and the first week back is our health week on substance misuse and emotional wellbeing.


Mrs Hinton and Mrs Cumming

P5 week beginning 27/01/20

Firstly we would like to say a well done to our 2 pupils who competed in the Scots Poetry Recital on Friday…they did extremely well and had clearly worked hard to learn it.

Homework this week:

Spelling: See purple spelling jotter as usual. All groups are to apply their understanding of the pattern and sound and find 5 (3 for Green group) new words that contain the pattern and sound. These should be accompanied with the meaning…please encourage your child to use a dictionary to help build their dictionary skills. All groups are to provide sentences or a paragraph containing their spelling words. FOR FRIDAY PLEASE.

Reading: Please see your child’s reading diary for set pages. We are focussing on prediction this week E.G. ‘What do you think will happen? Why do you think that? How do you know?’

PE is on the usual days of Tuesday and Thursday.

Learning Trio appointments have been sent home. If you need to change the time you have been given please contact the school office.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton

P5 Week beginning 20/01/20

This week homework is as usual:

Spelling: To be handed in on Friday, please see purple homework jotter for the spelling sound/pattern. In addition to their sentences, letter or story containing their spelling words Red and Blue group are to also provide 5 new words that follow the same pattern and sound along with their meanings. Green group should provide 3 words and meanings.

Reading: Please see the reading diary. This week we are working on prediction within our reading.

Scottish Poetry Recital: On Monday all children who wanted to be considered for the school recital competition were heard, 2 pupils were chosen, if your child was chosen please help them rehearse it with expression and actions.

All other children will be heard and assessed for part of their learning within listening and talking.

Parent/Teacher/Pupil Meetings ‘Learning Trios’

The second round of meetings will take place on Thursday and Friday , 6th and 7th February respectively. Appointment forms will be sent out this week.

Thank you,

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton.



P5 week: 13/01/2020

Hi All,

This week is a normal week:

Reading homework: please see reading diaries as usual.

Spelling: Words are in the purple jotter. Your child can make up a wee story, write a letter, illustrate their story/letter etc. or do sentences with their spelling words. Red and Blue group must also write 5 new words (with the same spelling pattern and sound) with the meanings. HOMEWORK IS DUE IN ON FRIDAY.

Scottish Poetry Recital: Children should be learning their poems at home to read aloud in class. Every child will be expected to do this.

PE: Tuesday and Thursday.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming and Karen Hinton.

Primary 5 new year information 6.1.20

Happy New year everyone!

We hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable break ready for the new year ahead.  This week we will be reflecting and target setting in preparation for learning trios next month.

Homework – There will be spelling and reading homework this week and pupils have a choice of 3 Scots poems to learn – perform and recite on 22nd January.  All pupils are expected to use these 3 weeks to learn their poem to recite for their classmates.  This is not intended to be stressful and if all pupils try then this is an equally daunting achievement for them all which will help develop their presentation skills.

see here for the choice of Scots Poems

PE – is Tuesday and Thursday again this term and we have Music on a Monday

In Maths we will be revising skills from last year as well as beginning to look at shape and fractions.  Please continue to support your child with their mental maths at home to develop more speed and accuracy.

*Foodbank donations for our Friday church service*

After the success of our donations to the food bank last year for the church service, we have decided to organise the same again this year.  We ask that pupils bring a non perishable item for The Food Bank (January) with them to carry down to church on the last day of term.  Items in demand include:

Primary 5 news and Information

I cannot believe how close the end of term is looming.  We have lots on this week (see below)

This will also be the last week of homework.  There will be the usual spelling words to be written 3 times and then written in sentences or a story.  There is nightly reading and a Maths revision sheet too.  The class are doing well at learning their times tables but it is CRUCIAL that work continues on this at home too. Their SUMDOG is used regularly in school and does update to get harder as they get more correct, I have set a multiplication challenge on SUMDOG this week.

Maths revision

For Monday – Resilience poster (for Mrs Donnelly) as part of the work that pupils are doing in assembly.  Parent sheet and info sheet has been handed out.


Dress Rehearsal – Please can pupils bring their costumes (boys- black shorts or trousers, long socks and white shirt, girls – long white sock, black skirt, white shirt)

CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY – Cash donations being collected for the 2 third world children we sponsor.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH – Treated like a normal school dinner, payment on parent pay (Turkey or Macaroni)


Pantomime – late arrival home approx 4.30

Thursday and Friday

School Show (see additional newsletters and separate letter to request tickets – first come first served)


Many thanks for your support and patience over this really busy time

Mrs Hinton