School Uniform – P1 19/20 Fashion Show for P1 20/21

Hi all,

As some of you may or may not know each year as part of transition the current primary one put on a school uniform fashion show for nursery children and parents entering into primary one the follow term. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to do this before school closures. However p1 19/20 wouldn’t let that stop them and donned their school uniforms once again to put a virtual fashion show on just for you! We hope this is helpful and we hope you enjoy it.

We can’t wait to see you all soon,

Miss Ramsay and Primary 1 19/20

Aliens love Underpants

Good afternoon.
Here is our story of the week.
A funny story the children will all be familiar with from nursery.
Click on the link below to enjoy listening to the story. There are some activities and ideas linked to the curriculum to keep children busy.
Enjoy 😊

07Aliens Love UnderpantsEYT

Letters from P1 19/20 to P1 20/21

Hello Future P1 parents and children,

All of us at Loanhead appreciate how unsettling it must be thinking about sending your little ones to school at the moment therefore we felt you may appreciate some words of wisdom from some of our youngest. P1 have thinking back over the year about their initial nerves and fears as well as all the things they love about being part of our school. Hopefully this helps you and your child begin to get excited about joining us in August as our whole team are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the Loanhead Primary School.

Handa’s Hen

Good afternoon,

Here is a lovely story to follow on from Handa’s suprise from the other week.  It tells the story of Handa’s Grandmas hen ‘Mondi’ who Handa is very fond of. One morning the hen goes missing and Handa and her friend go on the hunt to find Mondi.

There are lots of opportunities to count and recognise animals throughout the story.

Below is a link to the story and activities.


04Handa’s Hen (2) 


Play on Pedals

Hi everyone,

Hope we are all well and enjoying the sunshine we have been having recently.

As you may know when we were last at nursery the children were really enjoying having access to some pedal and balance bikes we had on loan. This was part of the “Play on Pedals” programme run by Cycling Scotland. We have noticed due to the current situation a lot of children have been out on their bikes even more and learning to pedal without stabilisers which is great.

Cycling Scotland have a Youtube channel where there are videos which have elements of the Play on Pedals programme. These videos have different games you can play on your bikes which can help children with steering, balance, control and much more. Here is a link to their Youtube page

They have also released a Bike Scavenger Hunt you can do while out on your bike. There are items on this hunt that you can look out for while cycling and if you see any you can ring the bell on your bike if you have one. Here is a copy of the scavenger hunt:

We hope you enjoy these tips for Cycling and please remember if you are out on your bike to wear a helmet and stay safe! Please send us any photos of your children out and about on their bikes or doing any of the activities above.

Stay safe everyone.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

A nursery favourite by Michael Rosen –

Follow and join in the family’s excitement as they push through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise the family get when they stumble across a dark, gloomy cave …

Below is a link to a resource which has lots of ideas on how to explore the story. There are also links to the story on YouTube and how the story can support learning and holistic development.