P4 Homework 01/03/16

Homework 01/03/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we are focusing on the 4 x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 3x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learn-its updated please let me know.

Sum Dog– I am not setting a specific challenge this week, but if you can, please play!

Fractions ( topic focus)

http://www.mathplayground.com/index_fractions.html this is a good website for fractions games. If anyone would prefer a worksheet please let me know.


See spelling jotters for last weeks spelling sound. Supplementary activity… write a silly story using all your words and try to think of a few more for your sound pattern.


Red- New book- The Great Spaghetti Suit- Read pages 18-23 for homework.

Pink 1- Dragon Tree- see reading diary

Pink 2- See reading diary

Orange- New book- Dexter’s dinosaurs- Read chapter 3 and 4 for homework and worksheet.

Blue and Yellow-  Peach comprehension sheet for homework

Purple- . Read pages 23-40 for homework write a summary of the main characters and illustrate your favourite chapter so far.

Green- New book- The Revenge of Captain Blood- Read chapter 2 for homework ‘There’s a job to do.’


P5 Titanic homework for TUES

Pupils have all been given a Titanic passenger to research and have a sheet to take notes on.  Those finished work in class have already made a start.  Pupils have all agreed to completing as much of this as possible tonight to enable them to do the associated written task tomorrow.  If the form has been lost or the name forgotten, please click this link titanic passanger homework

*P5 Scottish week Homework*

Scottish week spelling words scottish spelling p5  – write three times, put in sentences and complete the wordsearch sheet using ten of the spelling words and at least 3 new Scottish words of your own.

Pupils have shortened versions of Burns poems which they are challenging themselves to learn for Friday. scottish poems p5


*Maths,  Pupils should still be focusing on their 7 times table and previous tables as well as thinking about change from £1/

P6 Homework for Miss Longford

Compare Scotland with at least three different countries, at least one in Europe and at least one out of Europe. Research history, climate,  culture: food, daily routines, art/dance. Present what you find in a table/chart in your homework jotter or on a separate piece of paper. 

All groups have spelling homework.

Due: Monday 1st February

P2 Homework W/B 25.1.16

Scottish Week is here! This week, we will be reading about Katie Morag, reading, writing and learning short Scottish poems, learning some Scots vocabulary and songs, finding out a wee bit about Edinburgh Castle and trying some Scottish Country Dancing in PE.


Tuesday – Drumming on a ‘cajon’ box ( pronounced ca-hon)

cajon drum

Thursday and FridayPE as usual

Homework: Given out Monday or Tuesday as normal

Reading – all pupils will get a new book this week and a Scots poem home to read. Thanks to all who completed the reading task about Tim Peake last week. We will continue to talk about the ISS this week and maybe even ‘tweet’ Tim some of our work!

Spelling/Handwriting -the focus sound is igh. There are not many igh words on the handwriting sheet so we will work on more igh words in class.

Numeracy: an addition sheet will be sent home. Strategies to try are:

  • Count on from the biggest number first so with 4+8, try 8+4 instead. Use a number line or even fingers if needed!
  • Use ‘Learn its’ knowledge to answer sums eg. 6+7 is the same as        6 + 6 + 1

Sumdog Challenge: this week is a P2 Fractions Challenge. I’ve limited the target to just 30 questions. I will go over this task in class as the questions may prove challenging! Still, with our ‘have a go’ attitude, we can encourage the children to participate and hopefully learn lots more about the concept of fractions.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt



Players required for youth football team!

Loanhead Miners Youth Football Club are looking for new players for their team

Required age group: Born in 2006

Training venue: Burghlee Park, Loanhead, Midlothian

Times: Monday 6-7pm, Wednesday 7-8pm (subject to change)

Contact for enquiry: Kent McKenna (Head Coach) 07852 417333