School catchment review

Dear parents and carers,

Two S1 pupils from Beeslack and Penicuik High, Hannah and Emily, visited Newbattle Community High School recently to speak to S6 pupils, Craig and Erin, about the world-class learning environment and its Digital Centre of Excellence. It has been captured  on film to give you more information about plans for education in the Penicuik and surrounding areas. Proposals include a replacement for Beeslack built along the A701 corridor with a Centre of Excellence in STEM subjects and a potential refurbishment of Penicuik High.

•         Watch the video<>

Please remember to come to one of two drop-in sessions about the plans. These are on:

•         Tuesday 12 November:  1pm – 7pm at Penicuik Library in the Penicuik Centre.

•         Thursday 14 November: 1pm – 7pm Loanhead Library in the Loanhead Centre

For more information email:


P4 Homework w/b 4.11.19


  • Spelling:Pupils will write their spelling words on a new page of their jotter on Wednesday each week. At home they should use:


    Write out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory.

  • Numeracy & Maths: there will be a Number Triangles activity sheet to complete this week to reinforce classroom learning
  • Reading: most pupils will take reading books home to continue reading from class and this should be returned by Thursday 7th November

Additional Information

  • Friday 9th November 2019 P7 Remembrance Service 11:00am all welcome
  • Friday 15th November 2019 Parents/carers are invited to our P4 Viking Assembly at 12:00pm (see slip handed out 06.11.19 with homework)
  • Friday 15th November 2019 Children In Need, crazy hair or hat optional, please bring in a donation

Many thanks,


Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy

P4 Homework w/b 28.10.19

We are back to a full week and the following homework:

Spelling Homework

New spelling patterns are written up in individual homework jotters and taken home on a Wednesday afternoon to be returned the following Tuesday morning. This must be checked and initialled by an adult.

At home they should use:


Write out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory.

Reading Homework

Reading will consist of a variety of activities including Literacy Circles, Novel Studies and individual reading tasks. A library novel will also be chosen by your child.

This week individual reading books will go home on Tuesday and returned on Thursday 31st October to be read again in class. Please check your child’s bookmark to note pages to be covered and ensure that you initial to show that an adult has heard reading at least once per week. Your child will read to an adult between two and three times per week in class. It is extremely important that you take the time to listen, encourage and correct any sounds that your child is reading incorrectly. Thank you for your support with developing your child’s love of reading.

Maths & Numeracy Homework

Maths/Numeracy homework will be given out on a regular basis to tie in with what has been taught in class. This will be handed out on Wednesday to be returned the following Tuesday morning.

This week P4 will be reinforcing their work on number-bonds through addition and subtraction. Remember to also practise your child’s chosen times-table target noted during our Learning Trio meeting.

Topic Homework

There will be occasional homework for topic which may include individual research and class talks.

This week’s topic question is:

What material are the Lewis Chessmen pieces carved from?

Additional Information

  • The Hallowe’en disco will be held on Thursday 31st October, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Dunedin Consort will be in school working with P3 and P4 on Thursdays from October to December
  • Rugby will begin a 6 week block starting on Thursday, 31st October, 1:45pm – 2:30pm
  • Flu vaccinations will take place on Monday 4th November

Please note that on Thursday 31st October children should come to school dressed in their PE kit as they have a number of activities going on that day and this will save time changing throughout the day.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy




P4 Homework w/b 23.10.19

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely October holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for this next term.

As we have such a short week this week, there is only spelling homework to complete at home and returned by Tuesday 29th October.


  • Spelling:Pupils have written their new spelling words in their jotter today. At home they should use:


    to write out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete a green activity card which will earn pupils 2 credit card points. An optional red activity may be completed for extra practice (and 1 credit card point) but is not mandatory.

Reading and maths work will continue in class and homework will start up again next week.

Additional Information

The Viking Quest activity is not compulsory and is only a suggestion of a game to try. As some people cannot access this at home then we will get the opportunity to play in school during ICT time.

Our Viking topic has got off to a great start and we are building up our learning to be showcased in our P4 Viking Assembly (date/time to be confirmed). If you have any cardboard that is to be recycled then please send into school to help us build our Viking shields. Finished cereal boxes would be great.

Friday 25th October 2019 Dress down day

If possible please bring in a tombola prize appropriate for a child to win as a prize


PE – every Tuesday and Thursday with a 6 week block of Rugby starting on Thursday 31st October, 1:45 – 2:30pm (please ensure PE kit comes back into school)

Swimming – meet at your usual place, either at the bottom of the safe route or at the pool itsel,f and we will be having our 9th session on Friday 25th October!

Many thanks,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy



People Who Help Us Topic – p1 need your help

Primary One have started their second topic of the year. We are going to be learning about all of the people in our community who help keep us healthy and safe. We would absolutely love if any parents or family members who work in any of these roles could come in and talk to us about your job and the role you play in our lives.

We already have a visit from the local community police officers booked in for the 31st of October. If you or any of your family work as part of the emergency services, part of a dental practice or veterinary practice or any other role relevant to our topic we would love you to join us at a time suitable for you.

If you are interested could you send me an email at and we can arrange a time to pop in.

Thanks in advance,

Miss Ramsay

*Halloween Disco and Dress down day*

DRESS DOWN DAY ON FRIDAY 25TH OF OCTOBER – Pupils should dress down for school on this day and bring in a tombola prize for the Halloween disco (e.g. Halloween sweets or small Halloween toy, cup, craft activity etc).

HALLOWEEN DISCO – Thursday 31st October.  6.30pm – 7.30 pm

Judging will be at 6.30pm prompt in the small hall. On the night there will be Pumpkin lantern displays and prizes, tattoos, tombola and lots of fun and dancing.

Big Maths and Learn-its number progression across all stages


BIG Maths is a teaching approach that makes progress in maths easy and fun. BIG Maths has been extremely successful both nationally and internationally with thousands of children learning through daily BIG Maths ‘CLIC’ sessions and the weekly ‘Beat That!’ challenges.

Big Maths firstly answers the question, ‘How do we get children properly numerate as they journey through school?’ It provides us with an accurate and simple, but highly effective, framework that guarantees numeracy progress. This framework is known as CLIC (Counting, Learn Its, It’s Nothing New and Calculation) and is characterised by accurate steps of progression (known as Progress Drives) that make new learning easy and obvious to children by cashing in on the timeless natural laws of Maths.
BIG Maths is therefore a rigorous, systematic and structured approach that provides children with a fun and lively experience as they learn through jingles, songs, games and the BIG Maths characters.

Big Maths puts the child at the
heart of the learning experience.

Don’t be surprised if your children come home talking about Clic, Pom, Pim, Squigglesworth or Count Fourways.


Big Maths helps children to understand the links between core numeracy (the basic principles that underly all maths) and outer numeracy which is the application of these core principles.

C L I C Sessions

CLIC stands for ‘Counting’, ‘Learn Its’, ‘It’s Nothing New’ and ‘Calculation’. Maths lessons contain each of these elements.



Children will count forwards and backwards in all kinds of steps depending on their level e.g. in 1s, 2s, 3s, 6s or even 25s! When practising counting at home with your child, make sure you go forwards and backwards. Don’t always start at 0 – make sure they can count on from 75 to 106 for example.


‘Learn Its’:

‘Learn Its’ are addition facts and times tables facts. There are 72 Learns Its in total; 36 addition Learn Its and 36 multiplication Learn Its. These are facts that children need to learn off by heart, so when they are asked ‘What is 6+4 ?’ they are able to give the answer as quickly as they would be able to tell you their name. As soon as they know 3×5=15 they also know 5×3=15 (This is known as a ‘Switcher’).  It is expected that Pupils will know all their times tables by the end of P5 so we need your help with this!  HAVE A LOOK AT OUR LEARN – ITS PROGRESSION TO SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP AT HOME.


It’s Nothing New:

This is the most important aspect of CLIC. It is the way children become successful andproperly numerate. The idea that 5-things and 3-things are always 8-things is a fundamental concept. Once children understand this concept, we can change the ‘thing’ to other units, e.g. ‘tens’, so that 5 tens + 3 tens = 8 tens. Children begin to learn the concept by counting random unit e.g. bananas, aliens, cats etc. It then becomes much easier to use standard

measures such as ml, m, cm, kg, whilst understanding the underlying number concepts.


Strange phrases such as ‘Jigsaw Numbers’, ‘Smile Multiplication’ and ‘Where’s Mully?’ are all part of this section of Big Maths.


This aspect of CLIC is when the teacher will focus on developing the children’s understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Big Maths maps out which steps children should do in a clear order and helps teachers to identify where to go back to if a child needs extra support.

Let’s meet some of the
BIG Maths Characters!








Big Maths Beat That is a weekly timed test of your child’s Learn Its. The aim is to improve their individual score each time!

Here is an example:



P4 Homework w/b 07.10.19


  • Spelling: there will be no spelling homework sent home this week due to the October holiday
  • Numeracy & Maths: there will be an adding activity sheet to complete this week to reinforce classroom learning
  • Readingmost groups will take reading books home to continue reading from class and this should be returned by Thursday 10th October

Additional Information

Thursday 10th October 2019 Learning Trios 3:45pm to 7.15pm

Please ensure your child accompanies you to this meeting as targets can only be set with all present (teacher, pupil and parent/carer)

Friday 11th October 2019 Break-up for October Holiday 12:30pm

Enjoy this holiday and we look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 23rd October

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Many thanks,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy