P4 Homework Week Beginning 12/1/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we are focusing on the 4 x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 3x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learnits updated please let me know.



There will be no spelling this week while we take part in some assessment.



Red Group- Jungle Shorts- Chapter 1 for Thursday and Question 2 and 3 on sheet.

Pink- See bookmark

Blue and Yellow (12/1/17 and 19/1/17)- Poem by J.K Annad- Read and learn plus word detective sheet 12/1/17.

Orange Group – The Boss Dog- Chapter 2 and Comprehension Sheet 2

Green Group- Blue Shoes Ch 2 and Comprehension sheet 2

Purple Group- The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me- Pages 10 -17



We have started our new Vikings topic and need any card or plastic pizza bases, margarine tubs and petit filous yogurt pots that you can spare!

If the children have any books or resources for an information table they want to bring in that would also be very useful. Thank you to Amber who has already helped with this.


Mandarin Song

We are learning a new Mandarin Song, if anyone wishes to practise,   visit

Mo li hua        Jasmine Flower


hǎo yī duǒ mĕi lì de mò li huā
hǎo yī duǒ mĕi lì de mò li huā
fēn fāng měi lì mǎn zhī yā
yòu xiāng yòu bái rén rén kuā
ràng wǒ lái jiāng nǐ zhāi xià
sòng gěi bié rén jiā
mò li huā ya mò li huā


MO LI HUA (Translation)


What a jasmine flower!
When jasmine blooms.
Not even snow is whiter.
I want to pluck one and wear it
But I’m afraid those around me would mock me.

What a jasmine flower!