P7 Info – Week Beg: 26th April


Welcome back P7 for term 3!

It has been a busy first week back for P7. They have enjoyed being able to catch up with friends after the holidays!

Homework to be set on Monday 26th April.

  • Reading – (This book will be brought home to read during the week.)
  • Spellings – (Access on Google Classroom.)
  • Maths worksheet
  • Revise for Fraction Friday with Mrs Caldwell.

Complete and return by Friday 30th April.


Additional Information

  • Yearbook photographs – (See the letter handed out to pupils on creating a year book, as further details are available.) This info should be collected and brought into school as soon as possible.
  • If you can bring the photographs and information in on your memory stick or keep it all together in a poly pocket that would be much appreciated. All photos will be scanned and then returned to the pupil. It is estimated to cost around £10.
  • P7 Football Club – Starts Monday 26th April (3:15pm – 4pm.)

Thank you for your support,

Mr Nelson

📗World Book Day 2021 – Digital book token 📚

📚  As part of World Book Day, the children always love to be given their book token in school.  This year I have been given a digital book token for parents/carers to save onto their phones and use in participating stores.  The children can get one of the £1 books using this token or they can get money off the other World Book Day books.  This can be used until March 28th.

Enjoy 🙂 and remember to send in your extreme reading photos


Mrs Hinton

P7 – Home Learning Information

Home Learning Announcement

Dear Parents,

I hope you are keeping safe and you had a restful Christmas Holiday.

As we begin our second stint with Home Learning, I wanted to provide you with further details on the weekly plan and where to access resources.

I will be attaching a weekly plan for you to see an overview of the weekly activities.
This will be provided on a Sunday, before the start of the new Home Learning week. I hope this will allow parents and pupils to organise their week in advance if need be due to work commitments etc. I have attached the weekly plan below and these plans will be found in the Home Learning topic folder for each week.

All activities for this coming week will be uploaded under the topic folder, Home Learning: 11th – 15th January. Each new week will have its own folder, similar to last time.

There will be a separate folder called, Additional Home Learning Activities.
This will have further resources for pupils to access such as, Sumdog, Education City, Hour of Code and more to follow.

The next couple of weeks will have a Scottish theme in several of the HL activities.

If any of you need support to access Google Classroom through your Glow account or have any general queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
You can reach me on my work email: c.nelson@mgfl.net

I will be working in school this Monday, so apologies in advance if I do not respond to your emails as quickly as I like to.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy your weekend,

C. Nelson

P7 – Home Learning

Dear P7 and Parents,

A quick note on Home Learning.
Home Learning is from 11th – 18th January. I will provide a weekly plan with all activities on Google Classroom.
It will follow a similar routine as the last time with some changes based on the previous experience. I will try to keep it simple for you to follow along at home.

Remember that guidance and decisions are subject to change so this information is accurate as of 22nd December.

If you have any issues accessing Google Classroom or you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
You can contact me by email.

I want to say that I have really enjoyed teaching P7 this term. Coming into school everyday with each one of you full of energy with your usual good humour and positivity has made me smile throughout the term. You are all awesome!
I know it has been a challenging year at times with the rules and regulations, preventing us from doing everything a P7 class normally gets to do, but we keep moving forward and do our best. Remember to think back on our work this term on growth mindset. That’s all we can do!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Mr. Nelson

P7 Information – Week Beg: 14th December

Hi P7,


There will be no homework for the last full week of term.


Monday – PE and Football Club after school (3:15pm – 4pm)

Wednesday – Christmas Celebration Afternoon in class. Please bring your Christmas jumper to wear as your outfit. £2 for donations.


Additional dates for your diary

Monday 30th November 2020 – Friday 11th December, Christmas gift drop off

Monday 30th November 2020 – Thursday 17th December, school Christmas post box

Tuesday 22nd December 2020 – Tuesday 5th January 2021, Christmas Holiday

Wednesday 6th January 2021 – Pupils return


Thanks for your support,

C. Nelson

P7 Info & Homework – Week Beg: 7th December

Hi P7,

Information Week Beg: Monday 7th December

Monday – PE – Football Club (3:15 – 4pm)

Thursday – Rapunzel, our online Pantomine will be viewed in the classroom.

Reminder: P7’s Christmas Celebration afternoon will be on Wednesday 16th December and the school have asked if everyone can give £2, which will be donated.

Please note that pupils are being asked to wear their Christmas jumpers as their outfit.

Due to restrictions and rules in place by Midlothian Council, our celebration must take place in our own classroom and not in the large hall. Therefore it will be Christmas activities in class and we will discuss this further together this week.


Your homework for this week is as follows.

1. Reading Books.

Please check your group number and read the following pages / chapter(s) for Thursday 10th December.

Group 1 – pp. 136 – 152.
Group 2 – pp. 72 – 82.
Group 3 – pp. 74 – 82.
Group 4 – Chapters, ‘Dirty Beards’ and ‘Mrs. Twit.’

2. Maths

Revise the updated Fraction Friday worksheet that is being handed out on Monday morning. This will have the decimals added.

This will be tested on Friday 11th December by Mrs Caldwell.

We have saw improvement each week so let’s make a big push to revise our fractions, decimals and percentages before the holidays!

Note: Spellings homework will continue after the holidays.

Thanks for your support,

C. Nelson

P7 Homework – Week Beg: 30th November

Hi P7,

Your homework this week includes,

1. Create an Ideas list on job roles for House Captains around the school.
As part of P7, we normally would have House captains elected for Dryden, Gladhouse and Edgelaw. Due to Covid-19 this has not happened yet. Can you come up with ideas for jobs that the pupils could do in school that still adheres to government guidelines?

2. Learn your spelling words and complete the tasks.

3. Maths Activity 1 – Fractions Friday. Learn the revision sheet given to you on converting fractions into decimals and percentages. (10 minutes would be the minimum I recommend on learning your fractions each week.)

4. Maths Activity 2 – Complete the Money activity on Jobs and Salaries. You can complete this on the Google document.
Alternatively, you can also create a new google doc and type the answers there to turn in.

5. Continue working on your pupil talk, if you have not finished it!

NOTE: I will be providing paper copies for pupils who are still having issues with accessing Google Classroom. Please let me know on Monday 30th November if you require a paper copy.

Fractions Friday
The work to be learnt this week as your task will be tested on Friday 4th December by Mrs Caldwell.


Mr Nelson