P7 News W/B Monday 6th September ’21

Hi all,

🎽 PE  – Monday and Wednesday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors. Remember to bring a water bottle for hydration. 

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling –  Please hand in completed work on Friday. Please ensure all writing is neat.

🏠 House Captain Speech – Candidates for the P7 House Captain roles will deliver their speeches to their house teams on Monday 13th September ( outdoors). However, I would like everyone to complete the House Captain home task sheet, even if a pupil has no intention of becoming a house captain.

  • No Maths homework this week!

🏌️‍♂️ Monday 6th September – We have a workshop today to learn about a former Scottish golfing champion, Tommy Morris.

💷 Enterprise – As part of ongoing financial education, P7 were given an enterprise task last week- each child was given £20 in plastic  money, a budgeting account sheet and time to make a business plan.

Children have been very industrious and extremely enthusiastic  making small craft items with selected materials they bought from the class ‘shop’. Children also got paid for doing jobs, such as working in the shop and the bank!

We open the market place (covid aware!) this week so that trading can begin in earnest. Watch this space as they say…who could be the next Apprentice?


That’s all for now,

Thank you,

Miss Brunt

P7 Info W/B 30th August 2021

Hi all,

🎽 PE  – Monday and Wednesday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors. Remember to bring a water bottle for hydration. 

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling –  Please hand in completed work on Friday.

➕Maths –  a worksheet will be sent home on Wednesday.

👋Meet the Teacher – Tuesday 31st August 3:20 – 3:50pm  This is an opportunity to have a quick catch up with me if you so wish. It will be an outdoor meeting ( come to the P7 external door) and only if it’s dry. Thank you.

🌸P7 Poppy Bus ( due to come to school) has been postponed until November.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt

P7 Info W/B Monday 23rd August 2021

Hi all,

The first few days of P7 went very well; children returned with smiles and enthusiasm, wearing their new P7 red hoodies with pride.

🎽 PE  – Monday and Wednesday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors.

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling – This will continue from where we left off in P6. Please hand in completed work on Friday.

➕Maths – Finance Education – a worksheet will be sent home on Wednesday.

🥛Milk – Milk letters were given out on Thursday. Please sign and pay as soon as you can if you would  like to order milk for this term or the whole year.

Thank you,

Miss Brunt


P7 News 18th August 2021

Welcome back P7!

I hope you all had a super summer break and are looking forward to returning to school. This post is just a brief update about what to expect this week.

⏰Please arrive on time for 08:50 and make your way to the P7 external door.

📴All mobiles should be switched off and handed in at the start of the day.

🎽PE – PE will return to two separate slots this term but for this week only, P7 have PE on Wednesday (18th Aug) and so should come dressed for PE ( no changing at school allowed yet)

🍱Packed Lunch – Pupils should bring a snack, water bottle and a packed lunch. The dining hall is not open to serve food yet and pupils will still eat in classrooms for the time being. The break times have changed slightly and children will have more freedom in the playground 😊

That’s all for now. Please check this webpage each Monday for news about the week ahead, including information about homework issued. No homework this week.

Thank you,

Miss S Brunt


P7 Homework Assignment – Personal Profiles

Dear Parents and P7 pupils,

As part of transition from P7 to High school, the teachers at your new school are excited to find out more about you!

One way of sharing this information is to complete a personal profile about your personality, your favourite subjects and hobbies / interests.

I have attached on Google Classroom, the two templates for you to use.
One is for Lasswade High School and one is for Beeslack.
– Please select the template to complete for the secondary school you will be attending.

I have also attached two past examples of completed profiles to give you an idea of what you are expected to write. The profiles can vary, so do not feel that you have to fill all the space in the boxes.
I highly recommend you try completing this with a family member at home. Even if it is only to check your spelling and grammar.

Once you save and turn in your completed profile, these can be checked over once more by me, printed and passed onto your new school. (If you find it easier, please feel free to email your profile directly to me. Please see my email below.)

These profiles are collected by your new school, so the sooner we complete them and have them double checked, the better. I would greatly appreciate if these can be finished by Friday 21st May so that I can check them over.

Any pupil not attending either of these schools next year, please do not worry, you can simply edit the document for the school you are attending.

Thanks for your support,

Mr Nelson

P7 Info – Week Beg: 26th April


Welcome back P7 for term 3!

It has been a busy first week back for P7. They have enjoyed being able to catch up with friends after the holidays!

Homework to be set on Monday 26th April.

  • Reading – (This book will be brought home to read during the week.)
  • Spellings – (Access on Google Classroom.)
  • Maths worksheet
  • Revise for Fraction Friday with Mrs Caldwell.

Complete and return by Friday 30th April.


Additional Information

  • Yearbook photographs – (See the letter handed out to pupils on creating a year book, as further details are available.) This info should be collected and brought into school as soon as possible.
  • If you can bring the photographs and information in on your memory stick or keep it all together in a poly pocket that would be much appreciated. All photos will be scanned and then returned to the pupil. It is estimated to cost around £10.
  • P7 Football Club – Starts Monday 26th April (3:15pm – 4pm.)

Thank you for your support,

Mr Nelson

📗World Book Day 2021 – Digital book token 📚

📚  As part of World Book Day, the children always love to be given their book token in school.  This year I have been given a digital book token for parents/carers to save onto their phones and use in participating stores.  The children can get one of the £1 books using this token or they can get money off the other World Book Day books.  This can be used until March 28th.

Enjoy 🙂 and remember to send in your extreme reading photos


Mrs Hinton