P3 Homework – 15/3/22

Hi everyone,


Learning Trios

Having finally caught up with all my remain learning trios I can finally go about updating each of the target sheets. These will appear in children’s bags on Monday 21st March.

Chromebooks –

Children will sign their contract this week and the chromebooks will be sent home on Thursday if both parent and child have signed the agreement. These are a key tool for your child’s learning therefore the expectation is it will come to school every day and be charged every night. If a chromebook is forgotten a call will go home to ensure it returns to school.

Can you please discuss sensible usage with your children. Remind them these are heavily monitored for your child’s safety so children should consider if they are using it appropriately. Even simple terms such as ‘gun’ being used in a story or searched online as part of a video game will be flagged.

Homework –

Homework will go out on a Tuesday and be returned the following Monday. This is to accommodate families who have parents working long hours and children with extracurricular activities. If you wish to still hand in Friday that isn’t a problem.


Spelling words have been glued into the children’s jotters. Please remember to practise the words AND write the sentences unless this has been discussed with me previously. Remember the third column is optional.

Spelling focus for each group:

Ravenclaw – long a –  ai and ay and a_e revision

eg – strain, clay and stage

Gryffindors: compound words

eg – football, handbag and rainbow
Slytherin and Hufflepuff: the -all word family


eg- call, ball, fall

Dragons : Petey

Tuesday– p11-20

Wednesday – p21-30

Thursday- p31-40

Fri/Weekend  p41-62


Nessies: Grace the Pirate

Tuesday– Chpt 1-2

Wednesday – Chpt 3 – 4

Thursday- Chpt 5 – 6

Fri/Weekend  chpt 7 – Historical Note


Unicorns – Cool Clive and the little pest

Tuesday –  Chpt 1 + 2

Wednesday –  Chpt 3 + 4

Thursday- Chpt 5 + 6

Friday/Weekend –  Chpt 7


Kelpies – Purple Buttons

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- Chpt 17-31

Fri/Weekend – Activity – Design your own costume using buttons. What would it look like, would the buttons be decorative or functional?


Selkies – Save Floppy!

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End


Mermaids – The Kidnappers (cont)

It seemed many of the kids had not finished this book so we are keeping this for a final week.

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay


Primary 2 Homework 15.3.22


The reading homework and spelling words went home today.

Our sound of the week is ‘y’ as in ‘sky’ and the spelling words are:

win     sit     stop     fry     dry

crying     sky     more     before     myself

Numeracy: The class have entered the Midlothian sum-dog challenge, every correct answer counts! See how many correct answers you can get on sum-dog to add to our class tally.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Lynch

P5 Week Beginning 14/03/22

Dear Parents and Carers.

Thank you all for your contributions for the Ukraine collection. We will know the final amount later this week but on Friday at assembly it was just over £5oo – a wonderful amount to raise!

Last week we enjoyed learning about the skeleton, the brain and the lungs. This was delivered live from the Glasgow Science Centre. The children were all practising their new skill of ‘sketchnoting’ whilst watching these live sessions. Sketchnoting is a method of drawing and writing to take notes to help with learning.

Homework: Reading and spelling please see reading books and homework jotter. Also please continue to work on times tables with your child.

Now that Chromebooks are coming home can I please ask you to remind your child to charge it when necessary and to ensure that they are brought to school every day. All children have been given guidance about transporting their Chromebooks.

Bike Workshop

On Friday 18th March (12.00pm – 2.00pm)   all children can bring their bikes to school and have them checked over for safety and possibly some minor repairs undertaken.


On Monday 21st and Monday 28th March P5 will be doing outdoor learning led by Miss Simpson. a letter has been sent home today about this. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and has wellington boots on. Also please send a change of clothes.

As always, if you have any questions then please get in touch.

Kind regards,

Lisa Cumming                                                     l.cumming@midlothian.education

P6 Week Beginning 14.3.22


It was such a wonderful sight on Friday to see so many children dressed in blue and yellow! Thank you SO much to everyone for your generous donations, we will have the final total of how much we raised later on in the week!

It is Ms Gault’s final week and she will be missed lots by us all! The children have really enjoyed her lessons over the past six weeks and we wish her all the best with the future.

The children took their Chrome-books home last week and they must bring them to school everyday. If they do not, then the office will phone home to ensure it is dropped off, so the children do not miss out on any learning. It is important that the children charge it at home and take care of it.

This week:

P.E: Tuesday and Thursday – please come dressed for P.E and bring a water bottle for hydration.

Mandarin on Wednesday with Ms Sun.

Friday 18thBike Workshop – 12 -2pm  Bring bikes to be checked over and minor repairs done if possible.

On Wednesday some of the children will be involved in some gardening in the school grounds under the guidance of some parent helpers.


Spelling: Words should be written three times in neat, cursive handwriting in their jotter, and then there is a task to complete on Google Classroom.

Numeracy: There is a revision task of multiples and factors on Google Classroom.

ALL children can complete their homework as they are now taking their chrome books home, and homework is due in on FRIDAY each week. 

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller




P7 Info W/B 14th March 2022

Hi all,

🎽 PE  – Tuesday and Thursday – please come to school dressed for PE outdoors. Remember to bring a water bottle for hydration. 

🏑HOCKEY –Well done to both teams- we came 2nd and 3rd in our group. Exemplary behaviour and sportsmanship shown from our P7s on this first post-Covid outing. Photos are in Google Classroom.

📚Reading – ‘Reading Challenge’ – to encourage pupils to read for pleasure more, I issued the First Minister’s Reading Challenge last week. Children received a ‘passport’ where they record what they have read and can share this with the class, if they so wish. Children can borrow  books from our school library.

💬 Debates – We are embarking on 3 rounds of debates over 3 weeks. We have randomly selected 6 teams. Round Two debates went very well last week. Round Three starts this week with new teams. Details are on the Debates jamboard in Google Classroom.


🚲Friday 18thBike Workshop – 12 -2pm  Bring bikes to be checked over and minor repairs done if possible.

🏠Homework :

📝Spelling –  Please hand in completed work on Friday. Please ensure all writing is neat.

🧮 Maths/Numeracy – A task will be set in Google Classroom on Monday 14th. We have been doing general revision recently but will be focusing on measure for the next week or two.

That’s all for now,

Thank you,

Miss Brunt

💐P4 Homework & Update – March 2022

💐 March 2022 💐

Many thanks to all who have managed to meet with us to update progress on targets during Learning Trio sessions. It has been fabulous seeing how many pupils have achieved their targets and are confident setting next steps. There are only a few outstanding phone calls to take place.


  • 🔡Spelling: homework tasks consist of pupils writing new spelling words in their homework jotter on Wednesday each week. At home they should use:

                    LOOK   THINK/SAY  COVER   WRITE   CHECK

  • 🔤 writing out their new spelling words three times in neat columns. They should also complete an activity card which will earn pupils credit card points. Completed spelling homework should be returned the following Monday to be marked and the next spelling pattern will be given for homework on Wednesday each week. All activities are discussed in class so your child should be able to complete these tasks independently or with minimal adult support.
  • 🔢Numeracy & Maths: each week an activity sheet will be given to practise work which has been taught in class. Pupils can write straight onto this sheet so no need to copy into their jotters and this can be returned in their folder on Monday of the following week.
  • 📚Reading: all pupils have been allocated a reading book which goes home once or twice per week to be read with an adult. It is extremely important that this activity is done at home as only through regular reading practice, will children improve this valuable life skill! Please ensure your child’s reading book is returned to school on the date written on the bookmark. It would also be helpful if you could initial this when you have heard your child read.
  • 👟PE/Health & Wellbeing: this will be a mix of indoor and outdoor activities where possible and to that end, can children please come dressed for outdoor PE on Monday and Wednesday each week.  An outdoor kit will consist of trainers, shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings, t-shirt, fleece and outdoor showerproof jacket. We still don’t have a changing area at present so children will wear their kit for the day. Additionally, please ensure pupils bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

Additional Information

🧑‍🏫Student Teacher – I am sure we can all join together in thanking Mr Ferguson for his time spent with us and the enjoyable lessons the pupils have experienced with him. He will be missed when his placement finishes on Thursday 17.3.22 but I am sure we will see him again when he pops in for a visit.

🧧Mandarin – P4 will continue to take part in weekly, half hour Mandarin lessons every Wednesday morning.

💻Digital Devices – All pupils have had time to experience their new Chromebooks which will be going home for the first time w/b 14.3.22.  As the devices will follow pupils through their schooling, it is extremely important that they are taken care of and we ask that you ensure that pupils pack their device every morning for use in school. If they are forgotten then the office will phone home and request that it is dropped at school to ensure valuable learning is not missed.

👟Indoor Shoes –  All pupils have been requested to bring a pair of indoor shoes, suitable for PE, to school. This is to protect the school carpets which cost a great deal to clean.

🏫Whole School Assembly – We are delighted to be back together in the hall as a whole school to take part in weekly assemblies.

🌲Outdoor Learning – Pupils have been enjoying working on outdoor learning on Mondays with Miss Simpson. P4 have a two week slot in March and we then hope to make this a regular feature of our programme for pupils.

🚲Bicycle Pop Up Tent – On Friday 18th March 12pm – 2pm Midlothian Council youth workers will have the bicycle pop up tent in the playground. Pupils, parents and school staff will be able to have their bikes and scooters checked, serviced and any basic repairs done free of charge. Please bring bikes or scooters along and have them checked!

📅 Diary dates:

Wednesday 9th March 2022 – Usher Hall visit to take part in the Royal Scottish National Orchestra play, Gaspard’s Foxtrot, return 3pm

Friday 11th March 2022 – Dress down day in aid of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Children can wear blue and/or yellow to show support for Ukraine and make a monetary donation IF THEY SO WISH.  This is entirely optional.

Friday 18th March 2022 – Pop up bike tent, 12 – 2pm

If you have any queries regarding homework or wish to discuss another aspect of your child’s education please contact Mrs Roy or myself by email on our new address:



Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy