P3 Homework – 15/3/22

Hi everyone,


Learning Trios

Having finally caught up with all my remain learning trios I can finally go about updating each of the target sheets. These will appear in children’s bags on Monday 21st March.

Chromebooks –

Children will sign their contract this week and the chromebooks will be sent home on Thursday if both parent and child have signed the agreement. These are a key tool for your child’s learning therefore the expectation is it will come to school every day and be charged every night. If a chromebook is forgotten a call will go home to ensure it returns to school.

Can you please discuss sensible usage with your children. Remind them these are heavily monitored for your child’s safety so children should consider if they are using it appropriately. Even simple terms such as ‘gun’ being used in a story or searched online as part of a video game will be flagged.

Homework –

Homework will go out on a Tuesday and be returned the following Monday. This is to accommodate families who have parents working long hours and children with extracurricular activities. If you wish to still hand in Friday that isn’t a problem.


Spelling words have been glued into the children’s jotters. Please remember to practise the words AND write the sentences unless this has been discussed with me previously. Remember the third column is optional.

Spelling focus for each group:

Ravenclaw – long a –  ai and ay and a_e revision

eg – strain, clay and stage

Gryffindors: compound words

eg – football, handbag and rainbow
Slytherin and Hufflepuff: the -all word family


eg- call, ball, fall

Dragons : Petey

Tuesday– p11-20

Wednesday – p21-30

Thursday- p31-40

Fri/Weekend  p41-62


Nessies: Grace the Pirate

Tuesday– Chpt 1-2

Wednesday – Chpt 3 – 4

Thursday- Chpt 5 – 6

Fri/Weekend  chpt 7 – Historical Note


Unicorns – Cool Clive and the little pest

Tuesday –  Chpt 1 + 2

Wednesday –  Chpt 3 + 4

Thursday- Chpt 5 + 6

Friday/Weekend –  Chpt 7


Kelpies – Purple Buttons

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- Chpt 17-31

Fri/Weekend – Activity – Design your own costume using buttons. What would it look like, would the buttons be decorative or functional?


Selkies – Save Floppy!

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End


Mermaids – The Kidnappers (cont)

It seemed many of the kids had not finished this book so we are keeping this for a final week.

Tuesday– p1-8

Wednesday- p9-16

Thursday- p17-24

Fri/Weekend – p25 – End

Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay


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