P2 Homework w.b 12.11.18

Hi all,

P2 are going on a trip to Deep Sea World on Monday 19th November, please complete and bring back the permission letter as soon as possible this week. It is going to be a really fun trip and a great way to end our Seashore Topic! Mrs Wallace, Mrs Tobyn and I are going with the children. There is a gift shop there and children can bring money to spend there if they wish – if so can it be put into a named wallet/purse please. If you have questions about the trip then please don’t hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or email; L.Waller@mgfl.net 

In addition to the children having P.E on a Tuesday and Thursday, they are going to have a 4 week block of athletics on a Monday afternoon. This is running from Monday 12th November until Monday 3rd December. Please ensure that your child has their full P.E kit so they can take part!

Well done to all the children in their fantastic auditions for the Nativity! All speaking parts have been allocated and these children have taken home their lines to learn, please support your child in learning these lines.

Last week, P2 started learning about money with Mrs Wallace so we have created a shop area in the atrium for them to explore this through play. In addition, please encourage the exposure to money at home, maybe through buying something at the shop or counting coins at home.


Reading: Check your child’s green reading record for the pages to be read each day. Alongside this, please encourage your child to read a variety of other books to help their reading become stronger. Some groups will have non-fiction books starting this week, they will also have a worksheet to complete alongside it.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ss/zz’ sound. Therefore their spelling list will contain these sounds and tricky words.

Numeracy: There will be another numeracy worksheet for the children to complete, it will be the same layout as the one last week, including a variety of questions.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Miss Lauren Waller

P6 Homework W/B 12th November 2018**UPDATED**

Updated Wed 14.11.18

A few things have cropped up since Sunday when I posted this.

  • Friday 16thChildren in Need – wear PJs to school and bring a small donation.
  • Friday 16thLibrary – please ensure books are returned so new ones can be borrowed.
  • Appeal for any unwanted wrapping paper, wallpaper or newspapers so that P6 can make recycled gift bags and tree decorations for the Christmas Fair. Thanks.
  • Thursday 22nd November – Dress as a book character.
  • Reading homework – Everyone should be starting  Task 3 but have 2 weeks to do this as some of the questions chosen by children may involve more work.
  • Congratulations to our P6/7 basketball team who won all their matches today at a tournament in Gorebridge. Well done to LM, WL, LR, LCh and ZM!


Hi all,

Homework this week:

Spelling as usual; a new list will be copied down on Monday; tasks to be completed and handed back the following Monday.

Reading  Thanks to all who completed Task One of the Reading Journal last week. Children should be working on Task Two for this week, based on the next few chapters in each novel. This is quite a simple task and won’t take long.

Numeracy/Maths  Thanks to all who completed the task about time. This week, I have set a division challenge on Sumdog to try at home.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – continuing our block on decision making through netball.



Miss S Brunt

P3 Homework w/b 12.11.18

Homework Spelling

This week our sound of the week is ‘wa’ (wo)  as in was, water and swan. Please use the spelling menu as last week but could you also encourage your child to write three sentences in their jotter using one of their spelling sound as before as this is good practice of writing and sentence structure. We will also be looking at adjectives in class as part of our grammar lessons so this may be something you wish to discuss at home orally.


In addition to their usual PE slots on a Wednesday and Thursday p3 will be also taking part in a 4 week block of athletics from Monday the 12th of November until Monday the 3rd of December. Please make sure your child has all the necessary PE kit to take part as it the programme really does look like it will be loads of fun!

Miss Ramsay


Hedgehogs – Non Fiction

Burps, Scabs and Smells

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-24 for Thursday

Non-Fiction Response sheet for Friday

Pandas – Non Fiction

Big Ears and Sticky Fingers

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-24 for Thursday

Non-Fiction Response sheet for Friday

Orangutans – Non Fiction

Pick Your Queen 

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-24 for Thursday

Non-Fiction Response sheet for Friday

Tigers – Non Fiction

Deep Down Weird 

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-16 for Thursday

Non-Fiction Response sheet for Friday

Polar Bears

Noah’s Ark Adventure

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-16 for Thursday

p17-End for Friday

5/11/18 – P1 homework for this week

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please see the blue reading record book and continue to help your child learn the words in their word box. It is really important that the children learn these words so that they can begin to feel that they are successfully reading their book.

Phonics: We are not learning any new sounds this week but we are recapping the ones we have learned so far. To help with this we will be sending home the following worksheets:

Tuesday: Can you find Tom?

Wednesday: Carl the cat

Thursday: Pink butterfly

Please offer your child support to complete these by Friday.

Christmas Cards: A small reminder that the order forms and money for your child’s christmas card design must be returned by this Wednesday 7th November. 

Both the P1 and P2 children who wanted speaking parts in the Christmas Nativity had their auditions today. Everybody did fantastically well and we will let you know the cast list and further details about the nativity soon.

Miss Maley and Mrs Cumming




P3 Update and Homework w/c 5.11.18

Hi all,

Homework Schedule

Up until now we have been operating on homework being distributed on Tuesday and being due on the Friday however quite a few of the kids have been concerned that they didn’t have enough time to get everything done due to out of school commitments. Therefore Spelling homework will now be handed out on Tuesday and be due in the following Monday so everyone has equal opportunity to do it.

This week our sound is soft g as in giant, magic and gym and understanding that just as soft c’s ”best friends” ( letters that must follow to soften then sound are i, e and y so too are soft g’s. We are also working on proper nouns. Whilst there are no specific homework dedicated to this I would encourage you to challenge the children to find them in stories or in the environment around them.


Just so you are aware p7 will be selling poppies throughout the week should your child want to purchase one with the suggested donation being £1. Also our Remembrance service lead by p7 is this Friday at 10:55am.

NSPCA Online safety for parents/carers

We are lucky enough this week to have people in school from th NSPCA running a course on online safety for parents and carers in the community rooms on Friday the 9th of November at 9:30-10:30.  You are all welcome to come along if you are free to join.

November Newsletter

A copy of this has gone home today with children however I do appear to have a large amount left over. This is a handy thing to have as it has all the dates for your diary so if you do find you need a copy of this just let me know and I will pass it along. Also you will find that Christmas Fair Friday is down for Friday the 30th of December. This is a misprint as we will all be off enjoying our winter holidays by then! The date of the fair is in fact November 30th. 



Cool Clive and the Little Pest

Whilst I appreciate this does seem like a large amount of reading the chapters in this book are very short.

Chapters 1 and 2 for Wednesday

Chapters 3, 4 and 5 for Thursday

Chapters 6 and 7 for Friday

Polar Bears

Underground Adventure

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


The Outing

p1-8 for Wednesday

p9-18 for Thursday

p19-24 for Friday


Jungle Shorts

Chapter 1 for Wednesday

Chapter 2 for Thursday

Chapter 3 for Friday


What was it like? 

A particularly apt book for this time of year given it discusses war and its impact on children on the home front during WWII. This may be something you wish to discuss with your child when reading as we are in the lead up to our Remembrance assembly.

p1-12 for Wednesday

p13-22 for Thursday

p23-32 for Friday


P5 Homework & update w/c 05.11.18

Dear Parents/Carers,


  • Spelling: everyone now seems familiar with the spelling activity cards with pupils enjoying the variety of activities and option to complete as much as schedules permit. All pupils are aware of the homework expectation but I would remind parents to initial or sign homework jotters to prove that red activities have been complete.
  • Numeracy & Maths: pupils have now moved on to the 7 times table and should practise this whenever possible. We are also learning about money, value and written examples of larger numbers. Homework will consist of a mixture of activities to consolidate learning from class work.
  • Reading: pupils have now learned all 5 Literacy Circle roles; Illustrator, Word Wizard, Question Writer, Summariser and Predictor. They have chosen novels and have completed their first LC homework role at home with follow-up book group in class. I will evaluate one group per week over the course of a 6 week period and slips will be glued into jotters. I would please remind pupils to ensure LC homework is completed at the back of their spelling jotters. Good luck with this, you are already off to a flying start.

Additional Information

Monday 5th November 2018Flu Vaccinations

Tuesday 6th November 2018 Swimming Wk9, 11:00am to 12.30pm

Please ensure pupils bring their full swimming kit and wear weather appropriate jacket and shoes for the walk to the pool. There has been quite a number of children forgetting their kits and having to phone home to have these delivered into school. Please encourage pupils to take responsibility for this and not rely on someone else to organise. Perhaps setting a reminder to save an extra trip to school would help!

PE – Tuesdays will consist of P5 taking part in a block of swimming lessons from 4th Sept to 27th November 2018. The class will walk down to the pool with Mrs Donnelly and will return with Mrs Watts. Mrs Roy will take the class for an hour of PE on Thursdays.

Thursday 8th November 2018 – P4 & P5 music course from Dunedin   Consort (5 weeks)

Friday 16th November 2018Rainforest Assembly

P5 have been working hard throughout their Rainforest topic and would like to show-case their learning to the whole school and after to parents on Friday 16th November. Slips inviting parents/carers to attend on this date at 11:50am for a 20 minute assembly will be sent home this week. Pupils will be able to leave with parents after the assembly but please inform myself before you leave the building.

Friday 23rd November 2018– ‘Sustainable palm oil’ Bake Sale

P5 are in the process of organising a bake sale to raise funds for the adoption of our class Orangutan, Keke and hope to host this to all pupils and teachers during the morning 0f Friday 23rd November. Details to follow.

Many thanks for your support,

Mrs Watts & Mrs Roy



P2 Homework w.b 5.11.18


The children have their flu vaccinations tomorrow, Monday 5th November.

Also, Nativity will kickstart tomorrow with some auditions! The children will have the opportunity to audition for a speaking part in the Nativity. We will also begin learning the songs this week, too.

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ll’ sound, therefore the spelling list will contain words with this sound.

Numeracy: Please complete the BIG Maths worksheet that is in your child’s bookbag. It contains a variety of numeracy questions (halving, addition, and subtraction).

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller


P6 Homework W/B 5th November 2018

Hi all,


Homework this week:

P6 have all received a reading journal (RJ)and we’ve had a good chat about homework being completed to a high standard and delivered in on time. Credits to be earned, P6! The Homework Bank account sheets are ready! Children should have their reading book and RJ in their bags daily.

Reading – Finish Task One from the RJ and start Task Two for next week.

Spelling – new lists will be copied down on Monday.

MathsTime – A time worksheet will be sent home to be completed for next Monday please.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday – continuing on with decision making in sport, through netball.

French and Mandarin – Miss Dickson will begin a block of French revision this term and also, P6 will begin to have  tuition in Mandarin, starting on Wednesday. More info to follow next week.

Science – Last week P6 wrote up a science report detailing how they investigated the absorbency of three materials. They also carried out tests to find the bounciest ball in the PE cupboard! All these experiments are developing the notion of fair test investigations.

P6s Got Talent – Every Friday, after our P6 Meeting ( when we discuss the week that’s gone , the week ahead and AOB. A secretary takes minutes!), we have twenty minutes of talent showcasing. So far, we’ve had singing, tenor horn playing, jokes, magic tricks and funny little comedy sketches. Anyone can perform- it’s great fun and super for developing confidence in a very friendly, supportive and informal setting. So, P6, give it a go!

Thanks for your support,

Miss S Brunt