Welcome back P4 and Homework 12.04.16

P4 were happy to be back yesterday and were telling all their holiday stories. Well done to those who had a go on Sumdog over the holidays! Though it is hard when you are so busy.

Homework 12th April 2016


Reading– All children have new books.

Red/ Orange Group- Chapter 2 “Not very clever” of FLANS ACROSS THE RIVER

Blue Group- Chapter 2 “Into the bush” of AKIMBO AND THE BABOONS

Purple Group- Chapter 2 “Milking Time” of AKIMBO AND THE SNAKES

Yellow Group- Chapter 2 of DOUBLE ACT

Green Group- Chapter 2 of ARISTOTLE

Pink- See reading diaries


See spelling jotters for new word lists:

  1. Complete a Spell Well Activity  2. Write a silly story with the words and if there are any you still don’t know the meaning of check with a dictionary.


In a few weeks we are going to be performing in our Assembly about the Vikings. The children are keen to dress up as vikings for this and will be coming home with some costume ideas. Over this week we will be looking at images of vikings and thinking about the kinds of things we could wear. I will send a list home of suggested items we may need but if you have any ideas in the meantime please feel free to decide for yourselves.

Some of the children are also keen to make axes and helmets- we will have time to do this in class but if anyone wishes to take this project on at home feel free. The deadline is Friday 22nd April!

Press Release: School Buildings Update

Official Council Statement:

We anticipate that parents, carers and local residents will be aware that some Edinburgh schools are currently closed while structural investigations are carried out. We confirm that none of our school buildings were built by the same contractor responsible for the Edinburgh PPI schools in question and we would like to take the opportunity to stress our continued commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone using school buildings in Midlothian.
Maintenance building inspections of all our schools are carried out on an ongoing basis.  A full survey of our school estate was completed after the tragic incident at Liberton High School in Edinburgh.  No structural issues were identified.  We have had two independent condition surveys carried out at our PPP1 schools (Dalkeith Schools Community Campus) in the last three years and annual independent condition surveys are carried out at our PPP2 schools (8 primary schools).  In addition to this, Midlothian Council and PPP Facilities Management staff have an ongoing monitoring regime in place to ensure that any defects are identified and addressed. This includes inspections and monthly meetings with senior school staff and our PPP contractors.
Further inspections of our own estate also started in March 2016, in response to the situation in Edinburgh, and are due to finish on Tuesday 12 April.  A formal process is in place which allows immediate repairs to a school building, including isolating the area if there are health and safety concerns.

The safety of our pupils, staff and building users are our highest priority and if anyone has any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact

communications@midlothian.gov.uk or call 0131 271 3294.

P3 Homework 11/04/16

P3 were very excited to be back today and enjoyed telling all their holiday stories.  Well done to those who did the optional holiday homework and brought photos in of the different types of eggs that they cooked. They looked great!

Spelling for Friday

  1. Write your words 3 times each in neat columns using Look, say, cover, write, check.
  2. Write three sentences using one of your spelling words in each sentence. As we have been working on ‘good openers’, make sure each sentence starts with a good opener.

Money Worksheet for Friday

Money worksheets will come home today.

P1 Homework- 11.4.16

Hello and welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

Primary one will be doing a mini topic on Great Granny’s attic for the next three weeks. We will be exploring how people lived in the past and the differences between the past and nowadays. Children are asked if possible to speak to their grandparents about their childhood and are encouraged to share any stories, photos or items with the rest of the class next Monday 18th April.


Spelling homework– Children will be given out a list of spelling words this week to practise and learn at home. We will have a small spelling test on Friday.

Phonics homework– Please continue to practise previous sounds at home especially the trickier ones.

Reading homework– New reading books will be handed out today. Please check reading marker for information. Please ensure your child has their reading book with them everyday.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.

We will be visiting the school library today. Please make sure that library books are returned no later than today. If books are not returned children will be unable to borrow another book. Books borrowed today will be due back on Tuesday 3rd May.



P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.


Spelling test

Dress down day!! Bring £1 to raise money for dystonia and come to school dressed down and with ‘crazy hair'(spikes, glitter hairspray etc.)

Thanks for your support

Miss Conway

P6 Homework

Welcome back to the new term, I hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday.

All groups have spelling words to learn for next week’s dictation.

Everyone needs to bring in a picture of a person either from a magazine or photo which they will be able to use to talk about their clothes in French. We will be learning the vocabulary in French to help but if you want to look extra words up to help you that’s great.

All due Monday 18th April

P2 Summer Term

Welcome back to all, hope the Easter break was relaxing and fun. I’m looking forward to the summer term and hopefully, lots of decent weather to get us out and about.

This week, we will finish up our Electricity project with investigations into conducting and insulating materials. I am going to post a collage of photos of our activities once the topic is finished.

The next topic is going to be a Local Study and will involve using/making maps, finding out lots about Loanhead and hopefully culminate in a wee exhibition of our work. If you or anyone in your family have lived for a long time in Loanhead and would like to come in and share your memories of ‘Old Loanhead’ with us, please let me know. We will also take a look at the mining history of the town. I will keep you posted with more information as the topic unfolds.

Homework – I have decided to issue everyone’s homework on Tuesdays from now on as this term sees two Monday holidays. So, homework will generally run Tuesday to Tuesday. This week, the spelling focus is ‘er’ as in number, letter, offer and so on. See reading folders from Tuesday for updates. Maths/numeracy homework will start next week.

‘Ten minute tootle’We are going to trial a daily 5-10 minute run/power walk outdoors unless the weather is extremely inclement. The aim is to build up stamina and also provide a ‘brain break’ from tasks.

Outdoor learning – I am really keen for the children to learn outdoors when feasible. For example, one maths focus this term will be measuring and doing this outdoors is ideal. It might be an idea for children to have sun protection, especially on forecasted hot days ( hats, light long sleeved tops, sun cream they can apply themselves etc).

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt