P7 Information

This week there is reading homework only.  Pupils are having a week of testing and assessments throughout the curriculum and are already embracing these so please spend the evenings outdoors and relaxing…Help cook dinner, make something for someone or help around the house.

VEX Birmingham people- info packs will be coming your way tomorrow.  Please discuss the event with pupils because they will be expected to speak about their experiences, robot design choices etc to the assessors.


School Newsletter (March)

P1 Homework 6/3/17

We are continuing with our Fairy Tale topic which the children seem to be really enjoying.

Gymnastics on Monday is being thoroughly embraced by all. They are all having a go at the trickier things which is good to see.

French is on Thursday with Margaux.


Reading: See book bags for relevant reading and key words for their reading book. I am continuing to send home a small list of the common words for them to learn to read and write.

Numeracy: We have started learning about the number names – how to read them and write them. Homework sheet in their book bags.

Sounds: We are continuing with the consonant blends.

We will have PE again on Thursday morning.

Date for your diary!

P1 and P2 hope to share some of their learning with you, the parents, on the afternoon of Thursday 30th March. Time TBC but will most likely be from 2pm onwards.

Primary 6 Homework 3/3/17

All pupils have reading homework. Pupils have noted the pages to be read on their reading bookmark.

We are working on division at the moment and about to start fractions. All pupils should practise times tables.

P5 HomeworkWeek starting 06/03/17

Spelling Homework

Write words out 3 times each, in neat columns.

Write 3 sentences with a different spelling word in each.  As we have been working on commas, try to use a comma in each sentence.

Spelling words-2iof8gy


We have been working on Money and Finance in maths over the past few weeks. This week’s task is to help gain an understanding of budgeting and an awareness of costs.

Design your ideal Bedroom  

You have an imaginary £800 to spend to design your ideal bedroom.  Write a list of all the items you would buy with your £800. Write the price of each item beside it.  You should use the Internet or shopping catalogues(e.g Next, Argos) to find actual costs. At the end, work out the total amount you have spent and how much you have left from your initial budget.

Optional – You may wish to draw a picture of your dream bedroom showing the items you purchased.

P3 Home Learning WB 06/03/17


Topic-The children are really enjoying studying ancient Egypt. We will be sharing our learning with the rest of the school on Friday 17th March during assembly. I will sent home letters about costumes and also scripts for those who have talking parts. I will also put on the letter a date for parents to come see our performance.


Homework will be a little different for the next two weeks.

Personal Project-Attached is information on an Egyptian personal project. This will be the main homework for the next two weeks. If you have any questions at all please contact me. personal project p3-q3jg9w

Reading- We are continuing novel study on ‘The Twits’ in class. Please continue to read for enjoyment each night.

Spelling- Spelling words in jotter for the next two weeks. Please look, cover, write and check three times. Plus over the next two weeks do two other spelling tasks of your choice from tasks we have done in the past. Or think of your own. Be creative as you like. Please hand spelling in on 17/03/17

Maths-There will be no formal maths homework. However, if you wish to do any extra at home please revise:

  • Telling the time (o’clock, half past, quarter past and to).
  • 5 and 10 times table-if solid with these then move onto 2
  • Money (find the total of sets of coins and change from £1)


Thank you

Miss Prior 🙂

P2 News and Homework W/B 6.3.17


Last week P1 and P2 started in earnest to rebuild Fairyland for the sad dragon. The beanstalk was ‘re-grown’ and work started on building castles. Letters were written to the dragon and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk was sequenced.

Success brings smiles!

Look at the concentration! All pupils absorbed in what they’re doing and brilliant team work happening very naturally.

3D castles……simples! 

Next week, we’ll finish Jack and the Beanstalk ( Margaux, our French teacher will read this in French!).The children will decide which fairy tale to rebuild next…and of course, the dragon will have something to say about all of this!

**Date for your diary**

P1 and P2 hope to share some of their learning with you, the parents, on the afternoon of Thursday 30th March. Time TBC but will most likely be from 2pm onwards.

Reading for Book Week – the children really seemed to enjoy reading when the bell rang. It was great to see everyone reading for enjoyment.

Homework –

Spelling – List 24 – ‘ew’ This tends to be quite a tricky sound blend to learn because phonetically, it doesn’t make sense! I have fun with the kids saying this is a ‘stinky’ sound as it makes me go ‘ew’!

Reading – as normal. If your child finishes a book at home and grows tired of the story, please encourage him/her to read something else meantime.  Thanks.

Numeracy – Last week, we practised add 3/take 3.  Wording these sums in various ways is very helpful eg. 2+32 PLUS 3What is 2 MORE than 3?Add 3 to 2

Then 7-3 as 7 MINUS 3… 7 SUBTRACT 3… 7 TAKE AWAY 3… Take 3 from 7…What is 3 less than 7? …and so on.

On Wednesday this week, I’ll send home the next sheet to be cut up into cards ( +4 / -4)

Fractions – From now on, we’re going to have weekly Fraction Friday lessons ( in addition to Money Monday) to regularly practise the concept of fractions. We’re currently looking at halves and quarters.

**LIBRARY** is on Friday 10th March so children should start to return their books.

PE – Monday (gymnastics) and Thursday.

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt