P2 Homework W/B 26.9.16

Homework this week:

Spelling– List 5 ‘qu’.

Reading – Ongoing. Remember the book bags should be brought to school daily, even if it’s not your child’s reading day. Thanks.

Numeracy – Continue to practice ‘LearnIts’

Topic- New topic…to be revealed…watch this space!!

Show and Tell – back to Week One of the rota. Well done to all those who had something prepared to say about their item.

PE – Tuesday and Thursday


Miss Brunt

Primary 6 Notice and Homework 23/9/16

Please note that it has come to my attention that a number of pupils may have accessed and shared film trailers for films that are certified for an older age group via their mobile phones before school. To address this we have invited the Community Police Officer to speak to pupils about accessing the internet and the dangers of sharing via social media. If you wish to talk to me further about this please do not hesitate to contact me. Mrs. Hunter


All pupils have a reading task and numeracy worksheet for Friday 30/9/16.

Pupils who are reading Football Ghosts have reading for Tuesday 27/9/16.

Please ensure that pupils are keeping their personal reading record


P2 Homework W/B Tuesday 20th September 2016

**Reminder** School Photographer Tuesday 20th September

  • PE – Tuesday and Thursday
  • Please make sure your child has their reading folder with them daily.
  • Important – if you are picking your child up early from school for an appointment, can you please let either the office or myself know first thing in the morning so we can have your child ready in time. Also, please let me or office know if the end-of-day pick up arrangement changes. Thank you.

Homework this week

Spelling – List 4

Reading – ongoing

Numeracy – continue ‘LearnIt’ cards.

Topic– Finishing off harvest and starting to look at autumn.

Show and Tell – Week 2 of the rota ( Monday’s pair can show their items on Tuesday 20th)

Thanks for your support,

Miss Brunt

P3 home learning due 30.09.16

HomeworkImage result for homework

A homework grid has been stuck into homework jotters.This homework is due 30.09.16. Here is a copy if needed- p3-hw-30-09-16

Reading will be written on reading bookmarks. Please try to do as much reading as possible. Working on expression and fluency.

Any questions about homework, please just ask.

Miss Prior

Extra Info

  • P.E will on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Miss Longford will be returning to school this week so will be taking the class on Thursdays.
  • Miss Prior will be off school on Friday 30th. I get my cast off! 🙂


P4 Homework 13/09/16

P4 Homework 13/09/16

Please Note: Due to the September holiday homework is due in on Tuesday 20th September.

Spelling- Week 1) ae-e and or

We will focus on the same sound for two weeks- additional words will be added next week.

Gorillas  ( ae-e ) sound

Pandas (or) sound

Wolves (or) sound

All Groups:

Words in jotters

  1. Write words three times and repeat them, noticing the tricky words and how they sound different. All groups have * tricky * words.
  2. Write a silly story with the words.
  3. Complete one Spell Well activity.


Purple and Orange – See new books and bookmark daily.

Red Yellow and Green- Comprehension worksheet “RAINY DAY JEWELLERY” – to be completed for Tuesday 20th September.


Primary 5 Homework Week starting 12/09/16


1.Write words 3 times in neat columns using Look,say, cover, write and check.

2.Pick 5 words and write a separate sentence using each.  As we have been revising verbs, underline the verb in each sentence.



Choose and do one of the following tasks:

A – House Prices

Find different house prices from adverts in a newspaper, ESPC or the Internet.  List up to 10 prices you can find.  Underline one digit of each house price and identify the value of it using words or figures.

e.g. £984 000

If you underline the 8 it is eighty thousand pounds or £80 000.


B- Space Hopping

Research the distance from the Earth to the Moon and other planets e.g. It is about 384 403km to the moon.

Record your information in digits and in words and write the distances in order.


Chain Text Challenge shall be sent home on Tuesday.


Spelling P6 12.9.16

Spelling homework.

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK all words twice.

Complete 1 activity from sheet in front of jotter.

BLUE – please complete sheet 2. short vowel sounds

RED – please complete sheet 2b and 2c

For Monday 26th Sept