P3 Home Learning due 16/09/16


WB 5/09/2016


Thursday-P.E. We also have our dictation so please look at spelling words before then.

Friday-beat that test.


A homework grid has been stuck into homework jotters.This homework is due 16.09.16. Here is a copy if needed- P3 HW 16.09.16

Many of the active spelling tasks that will be in future homework will be explained in this document-active spelling guide

Reading will be written on reading bookmarks.I will also pop a copy of P3’s learnits for this year. We will have a beat that test on a Friday.

Any questions about homework, please just ask.

Miss Prior 🙂



Primary 3 Homework 16/05/16


1.Write words in 3 neat columns using Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check.

2 Write a letter to your teacher and try to include as many of your spelling words as possible.


Letters have an address at the top right hand side.

Letters have the date underneath the address.

Have Dear… on the left.

Write From… at the end of your letter.

Spelling Week beginning 16.5.16



The children have all learnt the 3 x table in class.  Please help them to practise it and ask them questions from it. Maybe you could play Buzz with the 3 x table in the car!


This will be our last week of non-fiction reading books. Children will receive their books today or tomorrow and it will have a worksheet to go with it. If they could keep this with their book and we will go over it next Tue or Wed.




Primary 5 Homework 09/05/16


Task 1

Write spelling words 3 times in neat columns using Look,Say, Cover, Write, Check.

Task 2

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been learning about letter writing.

Practise writing your full name and address.  Ask your parent to check it.


Maths Worksheet



P3 Homework WB 02/05/16

We hope you had a lovely long weekend!

Homework this week:

Reading- Children should have a letter in their bag about our non-fiction focus for the next three weeks. I will not set reading pages but please read the whole book over the week and complete the worksheet for next Monday. If anybody does not have the letter find it attached. ( due Monday)

non fiction reading block

Maths- Change worksheet (due Friday)

As an extra you can ask your child to buy some items you have around the house. For example, these beans are 35p and you have £1, how much change will you get? If you have some change for them to work with, even better!

Spelling- Nothing this week.

Please ask your child about the secret friend mission. You could think of some things together they could do for their secret friend.

P3 Homework 25/4/16

Spelling Homework


Write your words out in 3 neat columns using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.

Task 2:

We have been working on proper nouns in class. Names of people, places, days and Months are proper nouns. All proper nouns are given a capital letter.

Write 3 sentences,  with one of your spelling words and a proper noun in each.

spelling WB 25th April

Numeracy Homework

Task 1: Continue to work with your ‘learn it’ cards.

Task 2: 2 x table worksheet.  This will come home in jotters.



P3 Homework 18/04/16

Spelling Homework

Write your spelling words 3 times each in neat columns using Look ,Say, Cover, Write and Check.

Spelling Words for week starting 18

VCOP Homework

(V-Vocabulary,C-Connectives, O-Openers, P-Punctuation)

Choose a book from home and write as many ‘Wow’ words as you can find.  Try to find at least 10. Pick one  of these words and write a sentence with it in.

Remember a ‘wow’ word is good vocabulary. It is basically a word that is used to make your writing more interesting.

Numeracy Homework

Task 1

All children have been given a zip bag today with the Primary 3 ‘Learn it’ facts we have  covered in Primary 3. The idea is that children should learn these and be able to answer them quickly.  Therefore if you give them a set time, e.g. 2 minutes and then see how many they can get right in that time. Your child will keep these for the rest of the term and hopefully will gain quick recall of their ‘learn it’ facts. Every Friday the children complete a ‘Beat That’ activity with a different set of learn it facts that they have to answer in a set time and are trying to improve their own score each week.

Task 2

2 x Table Worksheet. Every child was given a worksheet.


P3 Homework 11/04/16

P3 were very excited to be back today and enjoyed telling all their holiday stories.  Well done to those who did the optional holiday homework and brought photos in of the different types of eggs that they cooked. They looked great!

Spelling for Friday

  1. Write your words 3 times each in neat columns using Look, say, cover, write, check.
  2. Write three sentences using one of your spelling words in each sentence. As we have been working on ‘good openers’, make sure each sentence starts with a good opener.

Money Worksheet for Friday

Money worksheets will come home today.

Primary 3 Homework 14/03/16

Sorry – Tried to put homework up on Monday but hadn’t realized it had not published! Therefore homework can be handed in on Monday instead of Friday.

Spelling Homework

Task 1: Write spelling words out 3 times in columns using look,say, cover, write and check. Please make an effort to use neat handwriting.

Task 2: Please complete the task on your spelling activity card that has been put in your homework jotter.

Spelling words for week starting 14

Maths Homework

Maths worksheet to complete.

Truly Terrific Project

Please check when it is your turn on the rota.