Equipped for learning information

As part of Midlothian Council’s Equipped for Learning programme, a digital device for learning is being provided to every child of school age. This is to ensure that all young people have access to the technology they need for learning, both at school and at home.

For further information on the programme, and to fill out the parental agreement form please see the links below.  The devices will not be allocated for full use until the agreements are filled out.  This is an online form.

Equipped for Learning Information



Parental Acknowledgement Form (must be completed ASAP).


🌟SCHOOL TEA TOWELS – Parent Council Fundraiser 🌟

This information will be sent home in paper form on Wednesday 12th of November.  We appreciate the tight timing but for Christmas orders this is the deadline.

Payment and order forms should be returned to teachers or office by Wednesday 17th November, in a sealed and labelled envelope.

You can always print the form below and hand into the office with payment and in a sealed envelope.



Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the Parent Council’s fundraising this term, the children are designing brilliant tea towels showing a collage of self-portraits. It will make a great present for family and friends or for you to hold on to as a keepsake!  Due to numbers, there will be a choice to order an upper atrium towel (P5-7 children) or a lower atrium one (P1-4).

The product is 45% cotton and 55% linen and is high quality. The cost of each tea towel is £5. As the towels will be printed to order, please complete the order form below and hand it in to the office with your payment in cash (exact change), and in a clearly labelled, sealed envelope, by Wednesday 17th of November to ensure that we beat the Christmas rush!

Thanks very much and we hope you like them!

The Parent Council

✏️P1 News and information wk beg: 8/11/21📗

😃Home Learning

📗Some parents requested homework over the weekend so I am trialling TUES-MON homework.  Pupils should bring their yellow diary, book and book bag every day, especially Mondays.  Children should do 10-15 minutes each night to help consolidate learning in class and to enable them to progress.

Sample of activities:  But work this around your lifestyle.

Day 1 – Look at the pictures and discuss what is happening, help them to read the words for first half.  Play a 2 dice board game.

Day 2 – Reading whole book plus key words (It is important this is done as much as possible throughout the week)

Day 3 – Read book with pictures covered plus trying to make sentences with key words. Play dominoes.

Other: Read every night to your child, identify key words they spot in the story. Number bonds orally or apps like Teach your monster to read, phonics match or similar.”


SEESAW – I realise the letters home about the Seesaw class app never went home while I was off so I will send these out this week so children can complete tasks at home.

🌹Notes: Can bring £1 donation for a poppy to class.  In school we are designing atrium Tea towels, these are not Christmas themed but we hope for them to be ordered in time for Christmas.  Payment for these needs to be in by the £17th.

Maths: In class we have been learning to read numbers, count and add to 13.  E.g. in the sum 2+7 we are encouraging children to start at the bigger number and “jump up 2”

👮🏾‍♀️-We are beginning our topic “people who help us”  If you are available to visit us and talk about your job then please get in touch.

🍱-Next week we will begin eating in the dinner hall. Same menu as before, if you wish to make changes to the menu choice please let us know.

✨P1 News and information 1/11/21 🍁

This week on Monday we have the flu nasal vaccine.

✨In the topic of world religions we will be learning about Diwali which is Thursday.

We will also be focussing on firework safety and our buddies are doing and assembly about it for us on Friday. 🎆

🧮Numeracy: We are looking at adding within 10 using various strategies.  We are also learning to recognise a number as its numeral, name and amount of dots on a ten frame.

✏️Phonics: Our sound this week is “e” like elephant.  We now know s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k,e and are learning to make CVC words with these (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g. Pen) Practising this at home would be beneficial.

Home learning:  Not many people accessed the seesaw activity, this can be found on the seesaw class app.  The seesaw family app is the learning journal.  Reading books will go home on Tuesday.  I have assessed children’s key words for stage 1 and 2 and these will also go home to practise.

📗I know children are keen to learn, it is amazing that they are keen to read but please do not purchase the ORT books we read in school as the children memorise these by picture and are not progressing through the scheme by learning key words etc.  I have assessed key words and I am sending home new stage 1 and 2 flashcards and a copy of the assessments so you know which to work on with your child.  The flashcards etc do not need to come into school each day.

Learning trios/ Parent consultations are Wednesday and Friday, unless otherwise arranged.  Please contact me if you cannot make your time and we can arrange for another day.  Your child is expected to attend with ONE ADULT ONLY.  This is due to COVID restrictions.

💚 P1 News and Information. WEEK BEG: 25.10.21

I hope you have all had an enjoyable holiday week and a day off and are all relaxed and ready to learn.

This week is health week, we are encouraging a healthy morning and afternoon snack to be brought in each day.🥝

🥪Lunches:  This week is the start of pupils having pre chosen lunches.  We are on week 3 currently and the menu can be found on the Midlothian school website if you never had a chance to take a copy of the order form.

Friday:  Dress in a happy outfit. This is not a Halloween dress down day. no props or accessories please.

Homework:  There are some SEESAW activities and children should be practising key words a few times a week. There are no reading books this week but I have asked the children to play a board game with 2 dice so they can add the 2 numbers together.  This supplements work done in school.

Our phonic sounds are c/k this week.

Please can you return you treasure hunts and parents night slips by Friday.  Flu Vaccines are on Monday 1st Nov.


🌟 P1 News and Info 11.10.21

🍎School Lunches:

Your child will come home with a school lunch order form this week.  This is a 3 weekly rotating menu.  Due to Natasha’s law, Midlothian council would like parents to choose their child’s lunch in advance.  These menus run up until Christmas.

Please discuss lunch choices with your child, fill in the forms and return by WEDNESDAY 13th OCTOBER.  Lunches will be made to these forms so please ensure you choose something your child will at.  NOTE: You may still provide a home packed lunch if you prefer.

🌽Harvest: Please see previous post about Harvest donations for Woman’s Aid and bring in donations this week.

🎄Christmas cards:  Please can the card order form on the back of the design be returned to school with correct payment by Friday 15th October.  Even if paying by Parent Pay please return the order form to school.

📸Class Photos: Class photos will be taken on Wednesday/Thursday.  Children should wear school uniform or a school jumper at lease on these days.  Even if it is a PE day.


You should have received a SeeSaw login code last week.  I am pleased to see most families have accessed it.  There will be no set homework this week  but I will set key words activities, sounds activities and number activities through seesaw.


📗literacy – Making words using s,a,t,i,p,n and knowing these sounds. Key words stage 1 (and 2 for some)

🧮Numeracy – Knowing 0-10, 10-0, numbers before, after and in between to 10.  Some children confidently know this and are trying  numbers to15 with the same skills.

💻Digital activities:

I highly recommend the website “teach your monster to read” this is free.  The app is paid for but often goes free and I suggest getting it when it does because it is very beneficial.

We use topmarks games like these below, if you have time to explore these with your child I am sure they would really enjoy it:



Mrs H


Harvest Collection

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Next week we are beginning to collect donations for our Harvest collection. All donations will be for Women’s Aid, based here in Loanhead. Below is a list of examples of items which could be donated, please note they are only accepting non-perishable items and toiletries. Please can all donations be brought to school by Friday 15th October.

  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash 
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste 
  • Sanitary products 
  • Tins of soup, sauces etc. 
  • Packaged and long-life items (for example, pasta)

Thank you.

primary 1 News and Information 4/10/21

This week your child will come home with a reading book on Monday.  These books will vary in length and words.  Please do not worry.  We run homework from Monday-Friday.

We are also consolidating addition in 10 so there is a numeracy sheet for this week as well.

Suggested home learning:

Monday: First half of the book – reading the pictures to tell an extended story.  Asking some questions to check understanding on each page.  Go over key words

Tuesday: Second half of book and Key words

Wednesday – Key words and number sheet

Thursday  – Whole book and a game of dominos or some mental maths (5 minutes)

(We are moving onto stage 2 key words)

Please return SeeSaw permission slips so I can get the log in details out this week.

It is really helpful for pupils to have book bags.  Key words and books should go home every night and be in school each day Monday-fri

Currently I am trying to post info on the website (loanhead.mgfl.net under P1) please check there for info about what we are up to J



Mrs H