🌟P1-2 Nativity news 🌟

Nativity mania has hit P1 and P2 and we are so excited to invite families in, once again, to see us perform our Nativity.

Children have been working hard to learn songs, lines and dances and have done amazingly well.  Thanks to parents and those at home for helping support learning during this time instead of our usual, traditional, home learning.

Nativity does not come free, unfortunately, so we are asking parents to pay £2 per family to attend the performance.  This will cover the licence, some costumes etc.  Every little helps.

The performance will be on 12th December at 2pm. Please arrive to school no earlier than 1.45pm, 2 people per family only.

We have sent out letter this week to ask families if they are attending, please return this along with your donation by Friday,

Thanks so Much

Mrs Hinton and Miss Waller

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