P5 Week Beginning 28/01/22

Dear Parents and Carers,

I wanted to say how impressed I was with the children’s efforts at learning a poem in Scots language. They all did so well and clearly worked hard with it. What was lovely to see was that all the children stood in front of the class and had a go, this is difficult to do and I know some children found it particularly hard. We have been talking about ‘trying new things’ and ‘going out of our comfort zone’ – most of the children were out of their comfort zone this week – they should all be very proud of themselves as I am of them!

This week: READING please see reading books and jotters. I am gradually introducing reading tasks to the groups – these are in their specific reading jotter.

SPELLING: I am changing the day that I hand out spelling – this is because of the change in P.E. day. Homework will come home on a Tuesday now but is not due back until the following Monday. If it is completed then it can be handed in before if they prefer to do it before the weekend. Their spelling dictation will still be on the Friday so they do need to have been learning the words through the week.

P.E. Monday and Wednesday

MANDARIN: Wednesday – the children have been learning about Chinese New Year with Miss Sun. Also learning to write Chinese characters using traditional brush pens and holding them the correct way.

HEALTH WEEK: This is the second of our three health weeks. Our focus this week is on mental health. We will be looking at positive friendships and exploring substance misuse. As a class we have a daily positive affirmation which we discuss and share examples of.  In P.E. Miss Simpson will be doing some yoga at the end of each session.

SCHOOL LUNCHES: This week we will return to eating in the lunch hall. Children will go outside at 12.30pm and be called in by a bell to eat and then be able to go back outside if they have finished by 1.15pm.

Many thanks,

Lisa Cumming   l.cumming@midlothian.education

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