P3 Homework W/B: 27.9.21

Hi everyone,


  • This week is Maths week AND Bike week in Loanhead.

BIKE WEEK – Children are encouraged (weather permitting) to cycle to school to raise awareness of this as a healthy alternative way to travel.  Any child who participate will be given a ticket and will be entered into the raffle to win a prize! We also have ‘Bling your Bike’ taking place on Wednesday so get creative and get decorating!


We are also taking part in national Maths week . We will be taking part in different maths challenges both indoor and outdoors. The theme this year is maths in real life so if you wanted to support this you could discuss how you use maths and numeracy in your everyday life and why it is important. Take the opportunity when you are out and about to point out how maths is used everywhere from bus timetables to speed limit signs, shops to cooking.  Another great opportunity to highlight the importance of maths in the real world  is the maths week trail being hosted by the national museum which can be picked up from the museum or downloaded here:

Museum trails (nms.ac.uk)

This could be a fun day out and supports what we are highlighting in school this week.

The children have also been entered into a SUMDOG contest this week that is lots of fun and Sumdog is excellent for just general practise as well as allow me to set targetted tasks for each child/group. The Sumdog passwords will go out on Tuesday and all children will have practised logging on by themselves on Tuesday morning so will know what to do.



The Lie Detector

Tuesday -Chapter One and Two

Wednesday- Chapter Three and Four

Thursday– Chapter Five and Six

Extension- ICT -Ask children to use a search engine to find out more about the author Susan Gates. Ensure that the
children only have access to child-friendly sites.
• Prompt the children to find out what a polygraph, or lie detector, really looks like on the internet


Princess Pips Holiday

Tuesday -Chapter 1

Wednesday – Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Extension- Further Reading

•Find the word ‘sprouts’ on page 10. Ask the children to work in pairs to list more words they know
beginning with ‘spr’, using a dictionary to find more.
• Ask the children, in pairs, to scan the story for everything that Princess Pip found boring. Ask each pair
to make a list of the events in order.


Egyptian Adventure

Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The Laughing Princess

Tuesday– p1 –12

Wednesday- p12 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


Rotten Apples

Tuesday- p1 – 8

Wednesday- p8-16

Thursday- p17 – 24


Spelling is as it was last week using the attached spelling menu.


Have a fab week everyone!

Miss Ramsay


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