p3 Homework week beginning 30.8.21

Hello all!

I hope everyone has had a fabby start back to LPS. The class have certainly hit the ground running and are really meeting my expectations for P3. They’re such a lovely bunch and so clever.


Usually homework will be handed out on a Monday however due to my absence on Friday that wasn’t possible this week. Apologies!

Coming home with your child today is a reading book, reading record and a homework jotter. Inside the homework jotter you will find spelling words that are allocated to each group . All the children have been sorted into their group of either Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff and they have been made aware of their group in class. I have also included minimum expectations for homework. Priority should be given to reading homework each week. Children will get spelling each week and occasionally numeracy homework if we find a certain concept really challenging in class.

Homework will go out on a Monday and be handed in on a Friday. The Friday hand in is crucial for me to refresh spelling lists for the next week.

I will also be posting homework and announcements weekly on the website for now and eventually this will move over to the new google classroom. I will write home and inform you when that move will take place.



Bertie Wiggins Amazing Ears

Tuesday- Chapter Two

Wednesday- Chapter Three

Thursday- Create and design a new book cover for your book. What did you choose to include in your picture and why?


The Blue Eye

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The Flying Carpet

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The Outing

Tuesday- p8 – 16

Wednesday- p16 – 24

Thursday- p24 – 32


The New Baby

Tuesday- p6 – 12

Wednesday- p13 – 16

Thursday- p17 – 24


In your child’s reading records there are lots of high frequency word lists. Instant recognition of these increases of the fluidity of your child’s reading dramatically so if you are ever looking for extra work at home practice of these words is a fantastic place to start.

Remember if you have any queries or concerns feel free to contact me at:


I will always strive to respond in a timely manner and help whichever way I can.

Kind Regards,

Miss Ramsay


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