Chinese New Year

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you are having a good week! Maybe you made pancakes yesterday?  Some of you might have bought them from a shop!  Don’t worry if you didn’t have pancakes because we will be back in nursery very soon and I think we should have them for snack!

Pancake Tuesday is celebrated every February along with Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 12th February. For some people, it is a very important festival where families spend time time together. Celebrations can last more than two weeks!

Each year is represented by a different animal- the story of how this begun can be found here:

Why don’t you find out what animal 2021 is represented by and find out what the animal was the year you were born? 

Here is the Chinese alphabet, can you see the start of your name?  Why don’t you try and copy it? Remember to show us because we would love to see it! 

Image result for a to z chinese alphabet


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