Happy Tuesday

Good morning 🙂

I hope you are all feeling good today.
During group time at nursery and throughout our nursery day we use our zones of regulations to help us open up and discuss how we are feeling.
This allows children to express their feelings and learn how to self regulate. We use the poster below to identify which zone we are in and discuss strategies that we can use to move zones. You can try using this at home with your child.
This allows children to achieve good self control and emotional regulation.


The Big Garden Bird Watch.

Since we are spending a lot of time at home and outdoors we thought we could do a spot of bird watching as we know this is a huge interest and children love to watch out for what different birds we can spot out in our nursery garden.

We would love to hear about any birds you see in your garden at home or when out on local walks. You can email this to your child’s keyworker.

For more information please follow the link below to RSPB where you can submit your findings. You can also find more fun activities.


Happy Bird watching.

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