p3 Homework week 29/04/2019


This weeks spelling sounds are  ‘-are’ as in ‘care’ and ‘share’ found on list 22 of the spelling sheet . As usual can you write the words out in your choice of format and then write three sentences for three of your spelling words.

In addition to this I am going to send home a common words work book which we will be working through one page a week for the rest of term. This is due to recent a assessment highlighted that a lot of children are still finding these challenging so this will be a big focus for us over the final weeks in p3… final weeks in p3, can you believe it?!


HedgehogsThe Night of the Ticklers

Tuesday – Chapter 2 and 3

Wednesday – Chapter 4 and 5

Thursday –Chapter 6 and 7

Friday – Chapter 8 and 9

Pandas – Dangerous Trainers

Tuesday –p1-8

Wednesday –p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24-32

utans – The Great Spaghetti Suit

Tuesday –Chapter 1

Wednesday –Chapter 2

Thursday- Chapter 3

Tigers – What Was It Like?

Tuesday –p1-8

Wednesday –p8-16

Thursday- p16-24

Friday – p24-32

Polar Bears – Red Planet

Tuesday – p1-8

Wednesday – p8-16

Thursday- p17-24

Friday – p25-32

Miss Ramsay and Miss Dickson

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