Primary 3 Homework from 1st May

Primary 3 Homework – 1st May to 8th May

A big thanks to those who helped with our class walk on Wednesday looking at houses in Loanhead. Pupils are now using the photos they took to make Powerpoint presentations.

In maths we are moving on from fractions to look at measure. Having started with a brief recap of time, we will move onto length and then weight.

Please see below for two important notes about SumDog and reading homework.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



Wherever you see an analogue or digital clock, please get the children to say what the time is.

I have also set a measure-themed SumDog challenge. Please note that SumDog adjusts its level of difficulty as individuals play. This can lead to questions getting harder if pupils do well. If the questions get too hard, mistakes will then bring it down.

Measuring lengths – Look around the house and pick things that you estimate are 10cm, 30cm and 1m. Then measure them to see what length they really are. (If anyone needs to borrow a ruler let me know.)  Draw and write to show what you did. For example:

“I thought my mug was 10cm high, but really it was 18cm.”



Reading grids will come home as usual. Again, if children have already read the pages in class it is still very helpful for you to hear them re-read some out loud.

On Thursdays, any literacy quizzes that have not been finished in class will start coming home for completion. These are based on the reading books and work on key skills.

On Mondays I am having to write the next week’s reading homework onto grids. This is a because of a change in our P.E. times for the next few weeks, meaning I don’t have any time out of class to do this on Tuesdays as before. If on a Monday night, therefore, you see a book on the reading grid that your child does not yet have, please don’t worry about this. That will be the new book coming home the following day.


Spelling – Please could we practice the following words and then use them in some sentences:

yesterday        what

with                 when

village             were

cook                 moans

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