Primary 3 Homework – Week from 13th February

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 13th February

Our homework will be a bit different this week because of the half-term days off. I hope everybody has a good break.

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan


Temperatures Around the World

In class we have been talking about the temperature each day, linking to our topic on the north and south poles. We have also been making globes to help us investigate why temperatures vary in different places and at different times of the year.

Please could you help the children to find out the temperature in some different places around the world? This information can be found online (e.g. BBC Weather) or in most newspapers.

In class we have talked about the seven continents. We have also considered how places are usually warmer if they are near the equator. We are starting to talk about “north” and “south”.

What I have in mind is a list of about 5 places with:

– the daytime temperature in oC

– which continent the place is in

– if the place is near the equator or north / south

E.g. Cairo (Egypt), Africa, 19oC, north of equator but quite near

It might be best to start with places the children have already heard of. Otherwise capital cities would be good to use.



I will not set a new Sum Dog challenge, but the children can still get good practice on this if they would like.

Aside from this, it is always helpful to practise our Learnits for Big Maths. If anybody needs replacement flashcards then please let me know.



We won’t have new class reading books this week.



I have picked out some words that lots of people in the class have been struggling with recently.

staying                        suddenly

dream                         doing

going                           thought


Please could we practise them using our usual look, say, cover, write and check method and then write sentences using them?

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