P3 Homework from 12th December

Primary 3 Homework – Week from 12th December

Thanks for all your support with the amazing tombs. I have put a short video on the school website which shows these off a bit!

There are lots of exciting things going on this week with the pantomime and getting ready for our Christmas Concert. There will still be time for writing and maths amongst it all though!

Best wishes,

Mr Buchan



This week we are hoping to consolidate addition with two digit numbers. Please could you ask the children to show you solutions using our empty number line strategy? (There’s no need to do all of these. Please just pick three at a suitable level.)

20 + 17 =

34 + 25 =

38 + 44 =

132 + 24 =

247 + 36 =

173 + 237 =



Pages to read at home will be written down in the grids as usual.



Spelling words to practice this week are:

boat                 coat

road                 groan

loaf                  float

toast                soap

just                  used

Please could everyone do the usual look, say cover, write and check (twice through the list) and then write sentences using as many of the words as possible.


Christmas Jokes

We thought it would be fun for everyone in P3 to find or make up a Christmas joke. The children can then practice telling their jokes to an audience.

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