P7 – 19th September

Primary 7 have been working on the order of operations (BOMDAS) in Maths and they have enjoyed the challenge of these more complex sums.  They have homework to do on this – which can be found here bodmas_revision_p7-2ck1qh0

We are doing a lot of fast paced mental maths with a focus on the Big Maths Learn-its – the expectation by P6 is that pupils know all their times tables (fast recall with associated division knowledge) ALL P7 pupils need to work on this. (click here for Learn Its progression)

I am still assessing some spelling patterns and we are currently working on a whole class novel study so there is no reading books at present.  I would suggest making use of the fabulous new library and reading for enjoyment – at least 30 minutes a night.  Also reading suitable newspaper articles (such as First News) and reports will really benefit pupils in our next literacy unit on report writing.

Pupils should be well into our 30 days of kindness challenge – 30 challenges to do out of school. (see last week’s post)


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