Primary 3 Homework 16/05/16


1.Write words in 3 neat columns using Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check.

2 Write a letter to your teacher and try to include as many of your spelling words as possible.


Letters have an address at the top right hand side.

Letters have the date underneath the address.

Have Dear… on the left.

Write From… at the end of your letter.

Spelling Week beginning 16.5.16



The children have all learnt the 3 x table in class.  Please help them to practise it and ask them questions from it. Maybe you could play Buzz with the 3 x table in the car!


This will be our last week of non-fiction reading books. Children will receive their books today or tomorrow and it will have a worksheet to go with it. If they could keep this with their book and we will go over it next Tue or Wed.




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