P2 Homework w.b. 7.1.19

Hi all,

Happy New Year to you all!! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday, it sounds like the children have had so much fun over the Christmas period.

We are just easing ourselves back in this week by recapping phonics and numeracy before starting new sounds and topics next week. Therefore, there is no homework this week and it will resume next Tuesday.

This week is Scottish Week, so we have lots of fun things planned – today we read Katie Morag and spoke about the differences between the Isle of Struay (where she lives) and Loanhead.

Wednesday – We are looking at different places we can go and visit in Scotland.

Thursday – Edinburgh Castle

Friday – Scottish songs

For the assembly on Friday, the children will be learning two songs this week; Auld Lang Syne and Flower of Scotland. We will be practising them during class time but do feel free to sing them at home too!

On Friday the lower atrium (P1-4) will be having a Scottish themed party. If your child has any tartan clothing then they can wear this on Friday. If not, then school uniform should be worn as normal.

Have a fabulous week and I’m looking forward to working with you all again this term,

Miss Lauren Waller


P2 Homework w.b. 10.12.18

Only two weeks left! I can’t quite believe just how quickly this term has gone.

Just a gentle reminder that children should bring in the payment of £2 in a named envelope for their Christmas party as soon as possible, please. Can children also bring back their school library books before the holidays too, please.

Another reminder of a few things that are happening over the last 2 weeks..

Monday 10th December – P1/2 Nativity for Parents @ 2pm.

Wednesday 12th December – Campus Christmas Lunch, Christmas Jumper Day and P2 Carol Singing at Local Care Home. (If you wish you can bring a donation for Radio Forth – Mission Christmas for wearing a Christmas Jumper). 

Wednesday 19th December – P1/2 Christmas Party (Children can bring a change of party clothes to change into at lunchtime if they wish). Mr Claus is visiting the children around 2:30pm and you are more than welcome to come and join us for a wonderful photo opportunity!

Friday 21st December – Christmas Service at the Church in the morning and last day of term. Finish @ 12pm.

If anyone would like to join us on the walk down to the church and for the service, then please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated.

This is the final week for homework this week.

Reading: Continues as normal, check your child’s reading record for the pages. This week we are talking about the reading skill of predicting. When reading encourage your child to try and predict what will happen in the story.

Spelling: We are starting to learn about magic ‘e’ this week and will be looking at ‘a_e’ (magic e changing the sound of a). Spelling lists this week will contain words with the magic ‘e’ and tricky words.

Have a lovely week,

Miss Lauren Waller

P2 Homework w.b 3.12.18

Hi all,

Just a reminder that Panto is tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 5th) and its Beauty and the Beast! In addition to this, the P1/P2 children have been invited to watch St Margaret’s Nativity tomorrow morning too, so a lovely treat for us.

Just another reminder about a few dates to remember..

Monday 10th December – P1/2 Nativity at 2pm.

Wednesday 12th December – Christmas campus lunch, Christmas jumper day and carol singing at the local care home.

Wednesday 19th December – P1/2 Christmas Party (Children can bring a change of clothes to change into at lunchtime)

Friday 21st December – Last day of term

Homework for this week.

Reading – Continues as normal, check your child’s reading record for the pages to be read on that day.

Spelling – This week we are revising short and long vowels. The spelling list is titled ‘colours’, this is the one to practise this week.

Children also received a letter about the lunch choices for the campus Christmas lunch next week, please can you ensure that this is filled in and returned by Friday 7th December so the kitchen staff have plenty of notice.

The lower atrium love to get crafty and make many things so we would love if anyone has any clean and empty boxes/containers that the children could use for junk modelling. Please note for any packaging that may have contained nuts.

Hope you have a great week,

Miss Lauren Waller


P2 Homework w.b. 26.11.18

Hi all,

We had such a blast at Deep Sea World last week! I can’t believe we even got to meet a starfish, bearded dragon and a snake!! I will upload photos of our day when I find some time in between Nativity practice!

Children who have a speaking part in the Nativity have been given laminated lines to take home to learn and a few have been given a letter regarding some clothing that they need to complete their outfit.

Just a few dates for your diary: 

Friday 30th November – Christmas Fair from 12:30pm (The Lower Atrium is creating a Christmas Eve Hamper so donations towards this would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, P1 and P2 are collecting used toys in a good condition for the ‘Nearly New Toys’ stall). Donations can be handed in to P1, P2 or the school office.

Monday 10th December – P1/2 Nativity @ 2pm 

Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Jumper Day, Campus Christmas Lunch and P2 Carol Singing. (P2 are going to the local care home in the afternoon to do some carol singing for the residents, there will be a letter in their bag explaining more on this).

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages they should be reading on that date. Some groups will also have small lists of key words to learn alongside their books.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ck’ sound (for example, duck and rocket). The children will have a list of words containing this sound and tricky words to practise.

Numeracy: Apologies for the late distribution of the numeracy homework last week, had a few photocopying issues. This week it will be out on Tuesday for the children to complete for Friday.

Hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you on Friday at the fair,

Miss Lauren Waller

P2 Homework w.b. 19.11.18


******TRIP REMINDER*******

P2 are going to Deep Sea World tomorrow (Monday 19th November), all children who did not circle for a school packed lunch for the trip must remember to bring their own! Please ensure your child also has a snack, as we will be having this before we start our tour. If children are bringing money to spend in the gift shop can it please be put inside a clearly labelled wallet/purse. We are leaving school at 9:15am and will be arriving back for around 3pm. It’s going to be a really fun day!

This week is also Book Week, if your child has a book at home that they are enjoying, they can bring this in for the school’s DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) sessions that will be happening multiple times a day. If not, then we have a wide variety of books in our class library that they can pick from.

On Thursday 22nd November, it is ‘dress up as a character day’! Children are encouraged to come to school dressed up as their favourite book character. I can’t wait to see what they all dress up as – I’m still in the middle of making mine!

At the end of the week, a letter was put into your child’s bookbag about Nativity. It detailed who got what parts and asks if anyone could spare any help with costumes!

A week on Friday (Friday 30th November), it will be the Christmas Fair and P1/2 are looking for donations of any unwanted toys that are in good condition for the toy stall.

We also have the library on Friday, so just a gentle reminder that all school library books should be returned this week!


Spelling: There will be no spelling homework this week as we will be having a revision week of the sounds we have learned so far.

Reading: Please check your child’s reading record for the pages that have to be read on that date. Spots will be given a worksheet to complete alongside their non-fiction book ‘Romans’.

Numeracy: Children will be given another BIG Maths numeracy worksheet to complete this week.

If you have any questions about anything happening this week then please don’t hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or drop me an email.

Thank you for all your support,

Miss Lauren Waller

P2 Homework w.b 12.11.18

Hi all,

P2 are going on a trip to Deep Sea World on Monday 19th November, please complete and bring back the permission letter as soon as possible this week. It is going to be a really fun trip and a great way to end our Seashore Topic! Mrs Wallace, Mrs Tobyn and I are going with the children. There is a gift shop there and children can bring money to spend there if they wish – if so can it be put into a named wallet/purse please. If you have questions about the trip then please don’t hesitate to catch me at the end of the day or email; L.Waller@mgfl.net 

In addition to the children having P.E on a Tuesday and Thursday, they are going to have a 4 week block of athletics on a Monday afternoon. This is running from Monday 12th November until Monday 3rd December. Please ensure that your child has their full P.E kit so they can take part!

Well done to all the children in their fantastic auditions for the Nativity! All speaking parts have been allocated and these children have taken home their lines to learn, please support your child in learning these lines.

Last week, P2 started learning about money with Mrs Wallace so we have created a shop area in the atrium for them to explore this through play. In addition, please encourage the exposure to money at home, maybe through buying something at the shop or counting coins at home.


Reading: Check your child’s green reading record for the pages to be read each day. Alongside this, please encourage your child to read a variety of other books to help their reading become stronger. Some groups will have non-fiction books starting this week, they will also have a worksheet to complete alongside it.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ss/zz’ sound. Therefore their spelling list will contain these sounds and tricky words.

Numeracy: There will be another numeracy worksheet for the children to complete, it will be the same layout as the one last week, including a variety of questions.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Miss Lauren Waller

P2 Homework w.b 5.11.18


The children have their flu vaccinations tomorrow, Monday 5th November.

Also, Nativity will kickstart tomorrow with some auditions! The children will have the opportunity to audition for a speaking part in the Nativity. We will also begin learning the songs this week, too.

Homework for this week:

Reading: Please check your child’s green reading record for the pages.

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ll’ sound, therefore the spelling list will contain words with this sound.

Numeracy: Please complete the BIG Maths worksheet that is in your child’s bookbag. It contains a variety of numeracy questions (halving, addition, and subtraction).

Thank you,

Miss Lauren Waller


P2 Homework w.b 29.10.18

Hi all,

Just a gentle reminder that your child should be bringing their book bag to school every day so they have their reading books, and we can put any letters etc in them.

This week I will be going over the children’s keywords for their reading stage (these were the words that were sent home last week). Therefore, children may come home with a new stage book next week.

Homework for this week:

Spelling: This week we are learning the ‘ff’ sound, therefore their spelling list will have words containing this sound. Please support your child in learning these by writing them into their spelling jotter and practising other activities that are suggested in their jotter.

Reading: Reading pages will be written into their reading records. I will also be putting in a reading strategy bookmark into the children’s book bags. We have tried most of these strategies during our reading groups, so children should be familiar with them. These strategies can be used when the children are stuck with a word in their book. (For example, Chunky Monkey – split the word into manageable chunks and then blend together, flat –  fl-at).

From next week onwards, the children will also be given a numeracy task to complete each week.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Miss Lauren Waller