Primary 5 Homework Week starting 12/09/16


1.Write words 3 times in neat columns using Look,say, cover, write and check.

2.Pick 5 words and write a separate sentence using each.  As we have been revising verbs, underline the verb in each sentence.



Choose and do one of the following tasks:

A – House Prices

Find different house prices from adverts in a newspaper, ESPC or the Internet.  List up to 10 prices you can find.  Underline one digit of each house price and identify the value of it using words or figures.

e.g. £984 000

If you underline the 8 it is eighty thousand pounds or £80 000.


B- Space Hopping

Research the distance from the Earth to the Moon and other planets e.g. It is about 384 403km to the moon.

Record your information in digits and in words and write the distances in order.


Chain Text Challenge shall be sent home on Tuesday.


P6 Spelling Homework 5.9.16

Spelling Homework – for next Monday 12.9.16

Please READ, COVER, WRITE, CHECK each word twice.  Then complete 1 activity from the bank of activities and do this in your jotter.  Finally complete the sheet handed out for your group.

Blue group – sheet 1 short vowel sounds – please answer 1b and 1f in your homework jotter.  Do the rest on the sheet.

Red groupmissing words and crossword – please complete on sheet.

Any Questions please ask.

Welcome Back!

A warm welcome back to all our pupils, parents and staff and a very big welcome to all our new Primary 1 pupils and parents. We have had a very positive start to the new school term with the children and staff all looking refreshed and ready to learn!

Please remember that our school website aims to keep you informed about all of our school news and evens and as well as homework, our monthly newsletters are published here.  This year, we begin by piloting a page for every class which we hope will be easier to locate specific news and events.



Another Summer Fair Success

A big thanks to the Parent Council who raised over £1 500.00 at our summer fair last week. This was a super achievement and was down to all their hard work.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parent council for their organising of events and support to the school throughout the year, we really appreciate all you do for our children.
If you are interested in coming along to join the parent council or help at events please contact the school office for details of our chairperson. Or, alternatively, come along to one of the meetings which are held in school throughout the year, everyone is welcome!
Diane Donnelly

How to help your child with phonics.

Here is a video that should help with the correct pronunciation of the sounds when learning to read. It explains why it is important to say the sounds correctly and explains how each sound should be pronounced.

Hope this helps.
Jacqueline Aitken

P4 Homework 26/04/16

Homework 26/04/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we will soon be focusing on the 9x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 4x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learn-its updated please let me know. Some of the children have now begun to do subtraction and multiplication learn-its in class. If your child feels they are ready for this, please let me know.

Sum Dog– I am not setting a specific challenge this week, but if you can, please play!


See spelling worksheets (2) in school bags.

Reading– All children have new books.

Red/ Orange Group- Chapter 1 of HEDGEHOG GIRL

Blue Group- Chapter 6 of AKIMBO AND THE BABOONS

Purple Group- Chapter 6 of AKIMBO AND THE SNAKE

Yellow Group- Chapter 6 of DOUBLE ACT

Green Group- Chapter 6 of ARISTOTLE

Pink- See reading diaries/folders