P6 homework

All students have spelling homework.

Please research either Vincent Van Gogh and Frank Cotrell Boyce and write five open (or fat) questions about what you find. e.g. How would you feel if… What do you think about… Why…

Not questions with one word answers. Due: Monday 14th March

P7 Spelling 7.3.16

Spelling homework.  Please Read, cover, write and check all 10 words at least once.  Complete sheet 16 and choose one activity to complete in your jotter. For Monday 14th March.

P1 Homework- 7.3.16


Writing homework– New writing sheets have been added to children’s writing jotters. This is due for Friday.

Phonics homework– This week we are practicing the ‘ee’ and ‘or’ sounds. A worksheet with these words will be sent home- please help your child read these words by sounding them out. These sheets should be kept inside the sounds folder.

Please continue to practise previous sounds at home especially the trickier ones.

Reading homework– Please make sure that children have their reading books and markers with them everyday. Please check your child’s reading marker for reading homework. Continue to practise new and old key words.

Maths homework- A fruit subtraction sheet will be sent home today this is due for Friday.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.

Children will attend a drumming workshop today.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.


Writing homework jotters will be collected today.

Maths homework will be collected today.

Thanks for your support

Miss Conway

P3 and P4 Book Scavenger Hunt 2016

Primary 3 and 4 took part in a World Book Day scavenger hunt this morning. They had to work with a partner and look for clues in books. They worked so hard in their pairs and were totally engaged with reading and cooperation! Well done to both classes! Take a look at our photos and see their amazing efforts!

World Book Day in P4

P4 have had a great morning at the end of World Book Week! Here are selection of some photos of the amazing costumes. Well done everyone for taking part! Mrs Trunchbull is pleased! A whole class photo will be going up shortly for those not in the selection.

P6 Home Learning Miss Prior (09.03.16)

This weeks literacy homework will be to read the news article and then use this knowledge to complete the crossword. Highlight or underline the word in the story. Detailed explanation on the sheet.

I will also send home a 2D shape worksheet. Pupils can either cut and stick shapes on or draw them if preferred. There will also be a shape revision sheet to look over as some are finding it hard to remember the names of shapes

Homework due on Wednesday 9th March. Homework will now be collected each Wednesday so I have time to mark.

Happy world book week!

Any questions, please ask.

Miss Prior : )

P4 Homework 01/03/16

Homework 01/03/16


Please continue with your learnits at home.

This term we are focusing on the 4 x table, if you could practise this new table as well as the 3x table that would be much appreciated. Remember that the children should know the answers as fast as the learn-its.

If there are any children who need their learn-its updated please let me know.

Sum Dog– I am not setting a specific challenge this week, but if you can, please play!

Fractions ( topic focus)

http://www.mathplayground.com/index_fractions.html this is a good website for fractions games. If anyone would prefer a worksheet please let me know.


See spelling jotters for last weeks spelling sound. Supplementary activity… write a silly story using all your words and try to think of a few more for your sound pattern.


Red- New book- The Great Spaghetti Suit- Read pages 18-23 for homework.

Pink 1- Dragon Tree- see reading diary

Pink 2- See reading diary

Orange- New book- Dexter’s dinosaurs- Read chapter 3 and 4 for homework and worksheet.

Blue and Yellow-  Peach comprehension sheet for homework

Purple- . Read pages 23-40 for homework write a summary of the main characters and illustrate your favourite chapter so far.

Green- New book- The Revenge of Captain Blood- Read chapter 2 for homework ‘There’s a job to do.’


P3 Homework W/B 29.02.16


1.Write words out 3 times using look ,say, cover, write, check. (Friday)

2. Spelling Activity card in homework jotter to complete.(Friday)

Spelling WB 29th


  1. Worksheet (for Friday, will be handed out on Tuesday)
  2. Continue using sumdog.


Reading homework will be on reading cards. Miss Prior has changed to using cards because the folders and paper are getting tatty. Please pop cards inside reading books as it will protect them a little.


Any questions please ask.

Mrs Roy and Miss Prior : )