P3 Homework 25/4/16

Spelling Homework


Write your words out in 3 neat columns using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.

Task 2:

We have been working on proper nouns in class. Names of people, places, days and Months are proper nouns. All proper nouns are given a capital letter.

Write 3 sentences,  with one of your spelling words and a proper noun in each.

spelling WB 25th April

Numeracy Homework

Task 1: Continue to work with your ‘learn it’ cards.

Task 2: 2 x table worksheet.  This will come home in jotters.



P1 Homework- 25.4.16

Thank you to everyone who brought in pictures, items and stories to tell/show to the class for our Great Granny’s attic topic. The children really enjoyed looking at these and finding out about life in the past. Pictures will follow soon.


Spelling homework–  Children will be given a list of new spelling words today. Please practise and learn these at home. We will have a spelling test on Friday.

Phonics homework– Please continue to practise previous sounds at home especially the trickier ones.

Reading homework– New reading books will be handed out today. Please check reading marker for information. Please ensure your child has their reading book with them everyday and continue to practise all key words.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.


P.E. day- please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them.


Spelling test

Spelling homework jotters will be collected today.

Thanks for your support

Miss Conway

P2 Homework W/B 25.4.16

Homework this week: issued on Tuesday.

Spelling/Handwriting – this week the spelling focus is  ‘aw’ as in saw, paw etc.

Reading as normal – check the green homework bags daily.

Numeracy – Fractions Worksheet

No Sumdog challenge this week.

PE is on Thursday and Friday. Children have been running 5-8 minutes daily over the last couple of weeks and already we can see a difference in stamina, technique and agility! Keep it up, P2!


P2 Bright Sparks

We have just come to the end of a topic about electricity. This covered being safe around electricity and making simple circuits. Here follows a few photos of activities we did. The children really seemed to enjoy themselves.

WP_005689Spinning art – a card disc spins on a motor. The girls here use pens to mark the disc as it spins. The fun bit is when the spinning stops and the pattern can be revealed!

WP_005694Testing materials for conductivity and recording findings.

WP_005573Sorting items into groups- does the item only use mains power, or only battery power or can it use both? The hoops were used as sets.


WP_005574Recording thoughts onto a Venn diagram.

WP_005576Look! We can make two bulbs light!

WP_005580I’ll be your fan! Using a motor and propeller to make a working fan.

P4 Homework 19.04.16

Homework 19th April 2016


Reading– All children have new books.

Red/ Orange Group- Chapter 4 “Not very clever” of FLANS ACROSS THE RIVER and Worksheet One

Blue Group- Chapter 4 “Into the bush” of AKIMBO AND THE BABOONS and Chapter Three questions on worksheet

Purple Group- Chapter 4 “Milking Time” of AKIMBO AND THE SNAKES- Answer this question

  1. Read the Introduction by the author. Do you think that Alexander McCall Smith is a nice man? Explain your answer, use evidence from the introduction to form your answer.

Yellow Group- Chapter 4 of DOUBLE ACT AND Chapter two and three questions on worksheet

Green Group- Chapter 4 of ARISTOTLE

Pink- See reading diaries


See spelling jotters for new words for the sound:

  1. Complete a Spell Well Activity


We are going to be performing in our Assembly about the Vikings This Friday. The children are keen to dress up as vikings for this and should have come home with some costume ideas. The children have decided that baggy shirts, jogging bottoms and long dresses would be good things.

If the children could bring some of these items by Wednesday or Thursday it would be appreciated.

Some of the children are also keen to make axes and helmets- we will have time to do this in class but if anyone wishes to take this project on at home feel free. The deadline is Friday 22nd April!

P3 Homework 18/04/16

Spelling Homework

Write your spelling words 3 times each in neat columns using Look ,Say, Cover, Write and Check.

Spelling Words for week starting 18

VCOP Homework

(V-Vocabulary,C-Connectives, O-Openers, P-Punctuation)

Choose a book from home and write as many ‘Wow’ words as you can find.  Try to find at least 10. Pick one  of these words and write a sentence with it in.

Remember a ‘wow’ word is good vocabulary. It is basically a word that is used to make your writing more interesting.

Numeracy Homework

Task 1

All children have been given a zip bag today with the Primary 3 ‘Learn it’ facts we have  covered in Primary 3. The idea is that children should learn these and be able to answer them quickly.  Therefore if you give them a set time, e.g. 2 minutes and then see how many they can get right in that time. Your child will keep these for the rest of the term and hopefully will gain quick recall of their ‘learn it’ facts. Every Friday the children complete a ‘Beat That’ activity with a different set of learn it facts that they have to answer in a set time and are trying to improve their own score each week.

Task 2

2 x Table Worksheet. Every child was given a worksheet.


P6 homework

All groups have spelling words to learn.

Read chapter one of your new group reading book and be ready to discuss it in your literature circles next week. Also think of five open/fat questions (that can’t be answered with one word) about the chapter.

Due Monday 25th April