P3 home learning and news WB 23/01/17




Just a little reminder. We will be reciting our Scottish poems on Monday (23rd). Two children will be chosen to recite their poems to the whole school on Weekday (25th).

Scottish afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon (25th) the lower atrium (P1-4) will be having a Scottish afternoon. We will be celebrating with food, music and dancing. Your child is more that welcome to wear something ‘Scottish’ if they wish.


Sorry I did not collect the homework in on Friday. I will collect it in on Monday and send the new homework grid out on Tuesday. In class, we will be focusing on poetry and also reading comprehension this week. Therefore, for this week’s reading homework I will send a comprehension task instead of reading book. Some children may come home with a book so please check reading folders.

Any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Miss Prior : )

P2 Homework and Events W/B 23.1.17

Events this week:

Poetry Recital and Lower Atrium Scots Afternoon– To celebrate Burns Day on the 25th, all pupils have chosen a Scottish poem to read and recite. Children will be invited to recite/read their chosen poem to the class on Monday (23rd). Two children will then be chosen to recite/read their poem to the whole school on Wednesday morning, along with two children from each class.

In the afternoon of Wednesday (25th) our Lower Atrium (P1-4) will have a Scots afternoon, involving dancing, singing and of course, some snacks!  If your child has anything ‘Scottish’ to wear to this event, they are welcome to wear it. We realise this is short notice so we don’t want anyone going to any trouble to source anything for this – it’s not a prerequisite and we hope the children will simply enjoy the experience of an informal wee ceilidh.

Spelling – There is a new spelling list for the next 6 weeks coming home on Monday (though some children have other specified spelling home). So, it’s List 19 ‘ay’. Children can be reminded that this is a ‘long a’ sound; one of the long vowel sounds alongside ai and a-e. I will also send home a sheet with squared grids on so that children can practise their spelling using Criss Cross or make a Wordsearch for someone at home to solve! Children have tried this in class so should be familiar with this. It’s just another way to try to learn spellings. See examples below using ‘wh’ words.

Reading – will continue as normal.

Maths – Sumdog Challenge‘P2 Days, Months, Clocks’ continues our theme on time. 75 coins to collect – give it a go P2!

TopicElectricity continues. Last week, children were given the challenge of creating simple circuits and had actual ‘lightbulb’ moments!! I’m going to create a separate post about this next week with pictures, to show the process of discovery children experienced when asked to solve problems! Safe to say they loved this!

Miss Brunt




P7 Camp Information

Not long to go now 🙂 Please note pupils can never have enough gloves or socks 🙂

TUESDAY DROP OFF. Pupils will be getting ready to leave at 10am.  A letter has been sent home which says that you are welcome to come into school at 8.50 but pupils and all their belongings must meet in the large hall where you are welcome to wait.  Please do not come to school any later than 9.45.

Below is some information that has already been given to pupils but can be accessed here if needed.

Parent Meeting Presentation 2017-28svzh3


Please note from the Kit list and expectations that pupils should bring no electrical equipment, phones or snacks/sweets.

Pupils will meet their groups at Bonnyrigg Primary next Friday morning and will find out their dorms nearer the time.


MED 1 – form

MED 2 – form

Primary 6 Homework 20/1/17

Groups reading Street Child and Mr Stink have homework for Tuesday 24/1/17. Please encourage pupils to bring their reading book and reading bookmark for the date the reading is due. Thank you.

All pupils have maths worksheet for Friday 27/1/17

All pupils to learn a poem by Robert Burns for Tuesday 24/1/17.

P4 Homework 18.1.17

Homework 18/01/17

Homework should have been distributed as normal yesterday despite my absence.

Please note there is a special activity at the bottom of the post.

Spelling– Week 2) o-e and ew

Gorillas (ew) sound like in day or pay

Pandas (o-e) sound

Wolves (o-e) sound

(magic e makes the vowel sound like it’s name e.g bon  bone)

Word Detective and Skimming and Scanning

Write a sentence with each word from your spelling list.

Reading- Homework should have been distributed as normal yesterday despite my absence.

Pink – See bookmark

Orange – See bookmark

Yellow- No reading, but see poetry competition at bottom.

Blue – Meeting Cezanne by Michael Morpugo Read to the end for Tuesday 24th January

Green –  See bookmark

*NEW*   Numeracy- Keep going with your Learnits and  I have begun a competition this week on Sumdog. The children are very keen to participate in this but please remind them that it is for fun and not to feel bad if they aren’t able to spend as much time as others on the computer.

Learnits- The Rules…

The children are asked the question on the learnits card on several occasions and if they answer correctly,  within about two seconds, they can have a tick. Once they have ten ticks they can throw the learnit away. Once the envelope is empty they can have some new learnits. You can keep the envelope at home until it needs refilled.

Don’t feel you have to do all of them at once. A few at a time is sufficient.

Poetry Recital Competition for Scottish Month.

The children have been given the opportunity to read, learn and recite a poem for a recital competition that the school are hosting on Wednesday 25th January.

The children may have brought home more than one poem to read but they should only learn one if they wish to take part.

On Monday 23rd of January we will be holding an audition in the afternoon to see who will be put through for Wednesday’s final!

P3 Poetry

I have sent home three Scots poems today. Could you please choose one with your child and help them learn it for Monday. On Monday we will have a class recital competition and the two winners will be chosen to go forward to the whole school competition on Wednesday 25th.

I have printed the poems out and have attached a copy if anybody needs it.

P3 Scots poems-2gr8vrx

If anybody knows of anyone who plays the bagpipes or does Scottish dancing could you please contact me. I have a little favour to ask!

Miss Prior


P7 information etc.

FOR 22/1/17 – Learn and recite (with expression) Tam O’Shanter.  We have been working on this in class, have translated it and watched a video.  Some pupils are trying to learn it all but others are choosing at least 15 lines to recite for the competition next week.

Primary 7 have been working on long multiplication (e.g. 367×45) using the vertical sum method and have also been revising short division.  They should be able to show you what we have been doing and explain how they would “work the sums out”.  I have been encouraging pupils to work as fast as possible with accuracy and to finish work in the set times as this is very much a high school expectation – If work is unfinished it will be sent home – thank you for your support.  There is a real need for pupils to learn their times tables and how these times tables fit with division (e.g. 6×6=36 so 36 divided by 6 is 6) Pupils know their own individual targets for times tables (they all have them) and are taking responsibility to learn these.

We are doing a lot of reading comprehension and inferential questioning and will be breaking out into “reading groups” after camp.  Pupils should always have a silent reading book and are encouraged to read a book until the end in order to be reflective.

Please can pupils bring a homework diary because pupils will have individual homework activities that they should record.

I set weekly sumdog challenges and I encourage pupils to try some brain teasing exercises and problem solving like these, should they wish



We are also working hard on our STEM challenges with VEX robotics and pupils have been using “hour of code” and can do so at home.





Primary 5 homework for week starting 16/01/17


Write all word 3 times each in neat columns. Learn your words, then ask someone at home to test you on them.

P5 Spelling words for week starting 16-2jgbsb2

Scottish Poetry

As part of our Scottish focus in January, all children are being asked to learn and recite a Scottish Poem.  Primary 5 can choose from the 3 poems given.  They will all be given the opportunity to recite these in class, next week.

The Auld Broon Troot-1qkucth