Chromatography in P7 Science

In Science Primary 7 have been looking at methods of separation.  They looked at distillation and filtration as ways of separating some materials and were set a challenge to separate ink particles using chromatography.

They learned that the ink separates through water at different speeds due to having different weights – this is how the patterns are created.

Their challenge was to guess the black pen I used out of 4.  Most groups solved the puzzle correctly 🙂 Well done.


P7 News and Homework 25.9.17

There is a meeting tonight for Camp – Burnbrae Primary – 7pm.

If you are unable to attend do not worry as I can issue any relevant info missed.

CROSS COUNTRY – For those who are going then it is tomorrow and Vogrie have recommended wellies to go and runners to change in to.

GIRLS FOOTBALL – This Thurs, please return your slip asap.

HOMEWORK (for Fri) – Pupils have been given out a dictionary worksheet as well as a maths revision of Volume worksheet,  we have also been looking at prime numbers and square numbers (e.g 3² = 9) and pupils MUST be revising their multiplication up to 12x.

Homework (side 1)

Homework (side 2)

Maths (see below)




P7 – 19th September

Primary 7 have been working on the order of operations (BOMDAS) in Maths and they have enjoyed the challenge of these more complex sums.  They have homework to do on this – which can be found here bodmas_revision_p7-2ck1qh0

We are doing a lot of fast paced mental maths with a focus on the Big Maths Learn-its – the expectation by P6 is that pupils know all their times tables (fast recall with associated division knowledge) ALL P7 pupils need to work on this. (click here for Learn Its progression)

I am still assessing some spelling patterns and we are currently working on a whole class novel study so there is no reading books at present.  I would suggest making use of the fabulous new library and reading for enjoyment – at least 30 minutes a night.  Also reading suitable newspaper articles (such as First News) and reports will really benefit pupils in our next literacy unit on report writing.

Pupils should be well into our 30 days of kindness challenge – 30 challenges to do out of school. (see last week’s post)


P7 30 days of kindness grid…

Below is the grid that out P7 pupils have challenged themselves to complete.  We are choosing kind and trying to be a kindness classroom which is part of our “Wonder” novel study.

I typed this when pupils worked in groups to create the grids so initially there was some typos – that will teach me to proof read!  🙂

I have hopefully edited it so here is a copy.  We will reflect on these on the 10th of October!

30 days of kindness challenge

High School information for P7

It is hard to believe that this time next year you will be in S1 at your chosen High School.  Both Beeslack and Lasswade have open evenings coming up which all P7 parents are invited to.  The information is below

Lasswade: There is a current S1 Information Evening planned for Thursday 7 September .  There is also an S1 Parents’ Family Learning Evening on Tuesday 3 October and on Wednesday 1 November, there is a P7 Information Evening.  Parents’ Evenings generally commence at 5.00 pm- this would be the most beneficial one to attend.


Open evening – The evening includes a tour of the school, an opportunity to meet teachers and for current pupils to share with you some of their learning experiences. The evening is generally well attended and visitors chave commented on the wecoming atmosphere and the strong realtionships evident between pupils and staff.

Our next open evening is on Thursday the 12th of October 2017 from 6.30-8.30pm (LOANHEAD PARENTS CONSULTATION).  They have also recently updated their website with some great info about transition, travel and school handbook

Welcome to P7 – Some quick information

Welcome back Primary 7!

You all looked so smart in your red hoodies today, what a fabulous start to, what I am sure will be, an amazing year for you all.

As discussed, there is no homework this week other than house captain speeches which we will begin to write in class at the end of this week. These will be due in at the end of next week.

When you enter our classroom you will intermediately notice that it is like no other because it was designed, after a lot of research, by P7 last year.  It promotes high level learning, rich collaboration, student centered and active learning. This fortnight we are trying out different learning areas to suit learning styles and hopefully you will learn more and more about how your learning environment can help or hinder learning. Today we worked outside, on the floor, in groups, in ICT and in the noisy hall today and you were all able to reflect on these environments really well.  The respect that you showed to some of the “funky furniture” was great – well done! We will begin to explore all the flexible seating options every day, please trust and bear with me because I know you will not only love your new space, but overtime you will also understand why it is how it is and be able to change things and make adaptations.

I put together a Welcome back newsletter HERE in a PDF for you to have a look at and once I have edited your DAY 1 PHOTOS i will put them below 🙂

Mrs Hinton (

Farewell P7 :( A note from Mrs H x

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our Awards assembly yesterday.  The children did really well and I am so proud of each and every one.

I cannot believe that the year is almost at an end, it has already been such an emotional week.  I want to thank you all for your support, gifts and kind words and I wish you all health and happiness in the future.  Please say Hi when you see me around Loanhead.  Here are some photos and a video of our recent topic to share with you.


Mrs Hinton

Primary 7 Information

So much to fit in…so little time!

The letter from Mrs Wyllie has been sent home – this details all the information about the day and night for P7 in the last week of term – thanks to all the parents who took time to be part of the organisation.  If the letter has been misplaced then here it is P7 LETTER

There is no homework other than reading and any maths goals pupils have set themselves after their transition days.

Invites for our P7 leavers assembly will be coming out this week.  It is on the 28th of June in the afternoon and is very much a red carpet event so please dust off your diamonds and top hat 😉

We are still looking for anyone who may be able to take photographs of the P7 during their assembly and after and would be able to edit and share the link that week (our very own Paparazzi) .  We are also hunting for a piper to pipe as the P7s leave from about 11.50-12.20 on the last day of term – 30th of June,

Please email me if you can help