P6 Easter maths hunt

On Monday P6 were set off on an Easter maths hunt in the playgroup where 12 maths problems were hidden. Miss Longford was extremely impressed with how well everyone cooperated and their were some excellent discussions about how to solve the problems – all in the beautiful spring sunshine too!





P6 homework (Miss Prior) Due 23.03.16

Article from Newsround

Secondary schools in England could have longer school days due to new government plans.

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is responsible for setting out how the government plans to spend its money each year in his budget.

In a speech yesterday he announced that he wants to allow head teachers of English secondary schools to scrap traditional “home time” and instead decide themselves what time the school day will end.

This means that school days could be longer.

The Chancellor says his plans will mean “every child gets the best start in life”. But some teachers say it’s more complicated, and that they’re already offering after school activities.


You are going to form an argument for and against having longer school days in Scotland.

Please write:

  • 1 paragraph on why it would be beneficial to have a longer school day.
  • 1 paragraph against having a longer school day.
  • Then as a conclusion write your own opinion on the subject.
  • Please write this as a personal piece in first person.

P6 homework

All groups have an extra week to practise their spelling spelling words but don’t have to complete another activity for the same words. Choose two more words to learn this week that you think you need or want to learn.

Also, this week listen to a piece of music that isn’t what you would normally listen to and compare it to your favorite song right now. Write your opinion of the piece – remember AND WHY?! Due Monday 21st March 2016

P6 homework (Miss Prior) due 16.03.16

This week’s homework will be a book review on a favorite book or a recent book you have read. The information I would like you to included:

  1. A summery of what happens in the book.
  2. A brief description of the characters.
  3. Your opinion of the book (if you would recommend it and why)
  4. A star rating out of 5
  5. An illustration

Please set this out anyway you wish. We have discussed this in class.

There are some examples of book reviews on this website


Any questions please ask.

Miss Prior 🙂


P6 homework

All students have spelling homework.

Please research either Vincent Van Gogh and Frank Cotrell Boyce and write five open (or fat) questions about what you find. e.g. How would you feel if… What do you think about… Why…

Not questions with one word answers. Due: Monday 14th March

P6 Home Learning Miss Prior (09.03.16)

This weeks literacy homework will be to read the news article and then use this knowledge to complete the crossword. Highlight or underline the word in the story. Detailed explanation on the sheet.

I will also send home a 2D shape worksheet. Pupils can either cut and stick shapes on or draw them if preferred. There will also be a shape revision sheet to look over as some are finding it hard to remember the names of shapes

Homework due on Wednesday 9th March. Homework will now be collected each Wednesday so I have time to mark.

Happy world book week!

Any questions, please ask.

Miss Prior : )

P6 Home learning Miss Prior (due 03.02.16)

On a Thursday’s we are starting to move on to non-fiction reading work. Today we have been reading newspapers and writing questions for each other to answer.

This week’s homework is a comprehension sheet on a current news story. Please answer this in your jotter in full sentences. Look at the types of questions asked. This will help you in class when you are writing your own questions.

Keep up with 20 minutes of reading every night!

Any questions please ask.

Miss Prior

P6 Homework for Miss Longford

All students have spelling words, you should write your words around the edge of shapes as demonstrated in class.

Also write a short summary of the last book you read at home.

Due Mon 29th Feb