P5 Reading books

This week all children in Primary 5 have a reading book which they will take home and read the next chapter so that they are ready to study and discuss it in class next Tuesday and Wednesday.


Primary 5 Homework week starting 03/10/16


Task 1: Write words out 3 times in neat columns using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check


Task 2: Write 5 sentences, each with a spelling word and an adverb.

Remember an adverb is a word which gives more meaning to a verb.  Many adverbs tell us how something happened. Many adverbs end in ly e.g. quietly, quickly, smartly


Task 1: Write out and learn the 6 x table. Ask someone at home to test you on it. Try to recite it in order but then answer questions on it, out of sequence.

Reading Challenge

Complete task 3

P5 Homework Week starting 26/09/16


Complete task from spelling Activity card using this week’s words. All children have a separate card.  Cards will be swapped over, each time they are handed out.



Complete task 2 from Reading Challenge.

Well done on your first task.  Some excellent work produced.  We are looking forward to sharing these in our book clubs.


Multiplication and division facts Worksheet


Primary 5 Homework Week starting 12/09/16


1.Write words 3 times in neat columns using Look,say, cover, write and check.

2.Pick 5 words and write a separate sentence using each.  As we have been revising verbs, underline the verb in each sentence.



Choose and do one of the following tasks:

A – House Prices

Find different house prices from adverts in a newspaper, ESPC or the Internet.  List up to 10 prices you can find.  Underline one digit of each house price and identify the value of it using words or figures.

e.g. £984 000

If you underline the 8 it is eighty thousand pounds or £80 000.


B- Space Hopping

Research the distance from the Earth to the Moon and other planets e.g. It is about 384 403km to the moon.

Record your information in digits and in words and write the distances in order.


Chain Text Challenge shall be sent home on Tuesday.


Amazing amount raised for MacMillan by Primary 5

Primary 5 would like to thank everyone who has already donated to our Out Run May event last month.  Our total so far (including gift aid) is £970!  This is an incredible amount and a lot more than our initial target of £204.

The class all did really well, running their mile(s) a day in all weather and our best class time was shaved from 11 minutes 90 seconds to an amazing 7 minutes 15 seconds (well done Archie).

We were even featured in the advertiser (is anyone has a spare copy can you let Mrs Hinton have it please?) and on their web page! http://www.midlothianadvertiser.co.uk/news/local-news/loanhead-pupils-keep-on-running-1-4141332

Well done!


P.S It is not too late to donate.  We will have a final total for MacMillan next week when one of their volunteers can hopefully come to visit the class. DONATE NOW